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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Ix, 17 Kumku, 1 Caban - July 18, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return with great things to tell you! Around your world, an unstoppable momentum for reform is blooming even as the forces of chaos rack the planet with death and destruction. This seeming contradiction is intrinsic to the massive shift that is turning your population away from the old ways and toward the new. From your viewpoint, this process of change lacks drama. It is very subtle to start, almost imperceptible, and you need to look beyond the violence to see the whole picture. It moves forward in slow, meaningful steps, building momentum, until wham! Change bursts upon you, seemingly out of nowhere, and there is no going back. That is what is happening here. Furthermore, the forces working for a new reality fully understand how the dark's cronies operate: subterfuge and deceit are the normal modus operandi of the dark, often spilling over into overt violence, which is easily ignited in regions of high volatility. While these tragic acts fill the headlines, dark stratagems behind the scenes are moving to stop the momentum for change; but this time, the usual trickery is not working as planned!

Remember that your reality is transforming at a rapid rate, and the panic among the dark is palpable and growing. Their absurd and disconcerting lashing-out is evidence of their inner turmoil. Around them, a still-invisible noose is quickly tightening, and yet their response is to pursue their original agendas as before. Stoking fear, hatred, and division has always worked wonders in the past to advance their cause, but conditions today are very different. Our Earth allies anticipated the dark's covert moves under cover of the surface violence and are presently neutralizing these dastardly deeds! This counterattack is the start of a plan to release your abundance and drive the present American regime from power. Our role is to assist in this final push as so directed by Heaven. The fall of this last dark cabal is a vital element in the prime scenario to complete this first contact mission. Accordingly, we have dedicated as much time and personnel as needed.

As we mentioned before, this first contact mission is a much more complex process than originally envisioned. In the beginning, we believed that the simple use of our technology coupled with the return of your Ascended Masters was more then sufficient for this purpose. But very quickly, our early experience with your planet showed otherwise. We learned the need to work closely with our Earth-bound supporters and to use this magnificent resource to advance the cause of first contact. What is now taking shape is proof of the wisdom of this approach. We greatly appreciate the resolute actions undertaken by our Earth allies and you. It was critical for you to anchor the energies of our joint intentions for this new reality and for the essential reunion with the peoples of Mother Earth. These celebrations draw closer with each day. The many things happening on your world have produced an energy grid that supports an ever-growing flux of new intentions, which are powerfully manifesting the conditions for completing this first contact mission.

When we look at your world, we see a dichotomy between the Light and the dark. Thirty years ago, this division was most conspicuous. Today, that gap is rapidly closing as the work of Heaven and our Earth allies nears its culmination. This is why we can confidently say that what is secretly happening can unleash your abundance and effect the unseating of the present American regime. A crucial contribution has been the way that those dedicated to freedom and the Constitution have reacted to the corporate-directed policies of the American administration. It is the courage and diligence of these true patriots that can finally bring peace to your troubled world. Once the pressure is off the dollar and a new economic system declared, a new monetary system based on hard metals and real worth is to be formally introduced. This is to inaugurate the open manifestation of your new reality. Global abundance transforms your reality and is a factor in putting to flight many of your deepest fears.

Present conventional wisdom suggests that a true-worth system can cause a massive global deflation as national currency systems realign to the newly set standards. This deflation is to be prevented from instigating an economic downturn by means of enormous amounts of prosperity that wait to be unleashed upon the world. And it is this abundance that greatly worries the present American regime. As part of its control matrix, this regime has prepared a series of draconian rules designed to impede and inspect the flow of funds through one of the planet's primary financial hubs: the major cities of America. They hope to use these devices to prevent these funds from financing a regime change or, indeed, beneficial change of any kind. To their dismay, these efforts have failed to curtail the onward progress of those working for change.

This final secret struggle for control of the American government is crucial in many ways. America is one of the prime keys to reforming the present global monetary system. This system has been in effect since the close of WWII. Most of the global financial community comprehends how unstable the world financial system has become. This is due in part to massive inflation and extensive misuse of financial instruments put into place by the agreements signed in the mid-1940s at Breton Woods. The time has come for a thorough correction. It is the intention of our Earth allies to use these comprehensive readjustments to properly address the need for sweeping international debt forgiveness. These acts can permit your planet to finally move toward true personal and national sovereignty.

Overall, the dark cabal is using its strong power base to guarantee a means for its self-preservation. In today's context, this could only be temporary at best. This aim has caused much grief to many and has led to some very sticky situations for certain elements allied with this cabal. We reiterate, once again, that the relentless headway being made is nearing the moment when a sudden regime change is to hugely alter the power structure of your globe. Too many sections of the world's financial system are on the verge of rebellion; the seams of this 60-year old system are at breaking-point. With the pressure for its demise mounting, the ability of this regime to defend itself dwindles by the day. This alone signals its collapse.

At the start of our discussion today, we noted that global conditions seemed to indicate only increased chaos. We then explained that, on the contrary, the underlying activities point to a swiftly approaching metamorphosis of your world. In short, the present power structure is at loggerheads with your divinely prescribed future and is thus doomed. Our Earth allies have worked tirelessly at solving the serious obstacles that until recently blocked their way. Now that this minefield is cleared, their way forward is much easier. Despite the challenges ahead, the prevailing belief is that these can be surmounted swiftly. From our vantage point, we see that their current actions can stem the tide of the dark's agenda for confusion and thus permit our allies to finish paving the way to first contact.

Today, we talked about recent developments on your world and put them into the context of what is planned for your future. It strongly indicates that first contact is getting very near. We ask you, as always, to remain focused and ready to act when called upon. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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