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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Chicchan, 13 Zac, 4 Eb -- February 24, 2009

Selamat Jarin! We return with more information about your transforming world. There is also much to be related concerning what the Spiritual Hierarchy is accomplishing at this stage in your spiritual development. At present we have moved closer to the resolution that we seek in the area of the global prosperity deliveries. A number of key strategic moves by our Earth allies have shifted this long-awaited disbursement much closer to kick-off. As always, the main impediment is those who continue to renege on their promises, thus creating situations that make it unsafe to go forward with these deliveries. Nevertheless, each of the delays brings this goal closer to happening. Our Earth allies assure us that their activities are reducing the effectiveness of these delaying tactics. The time for these deliveries draws closer by the day, and with them comes a sequence of actions that will set up the new transitional governments and deliver the many announcements which are to launch the new reality for your world's societies.

This movement toward change is rooted in the sizable groundswell that has emerged around the globe in the last three decades. Added to this is the number of dedicated organizations and political movements that are now transnational in scope. This global orientation is providing the backdrop for what our Earth allies are planning. The concept of, and need for, drastic change is now an accepted part of most nations' political, social, and economic thinking. Because of the urgency of the economic meltdown a majority of the global population now longs for the solutions contained in the programs of our Earth allies. What is needed is to implement these on a massive, global scale. They are to start in North America only because this land is both the source and the solution for what presently ails your world. America was put into this position by the Dumbarton Oaks Treaties executed near the end of WW II and by America's decades of gross negligence in caring for her own grand responsibilities. These facts make her the focal point for the extensive change envisioned by our Earth allies and us.

America, as a concept, was created by the sheer magnificent intent of Count Saint Germaine and by divine providence. These two aspects of the Divine put America as a nation in a very special position from the outset. Because of what she represents, the dark had to work hard and fast to undo as much of this double blessing as possible. Thus the republic was born with a Light as well as a sinister side. These two underlying, opposing forces broke through the surface in the form of the Great War that pitted state against state and family against family. A decade later, the dark began in earnest to reduce America to a mere servant of the dark cabals, which still to some extent run your world today. Yet within America are a heart and a Soul pledged to regaining the full freedoms promised in the Declaration of Independence and the American Bill of Rights. This resolute movement lies at the very core of what our Earth allies are all about. A few in the present government still present obstacles to this noblest of causes, but what they are unaware of is that the legal drive to reestablish an active Constitution is close to implementation.

With this victory secured, the intent is to set up provisional governance that can carry out what we are talking about. The present conditions demand a drastic and thorough recasting of America's government. The dark and its minions established a deliberately non-responsive system that would be unable to address what now faces America and the world. Exhaustive "house-cleaning" is therefore necessary before any attempt can be made to form a responsible and ethically elected new government. A transition period of eight to nine months is anticipated. During this time a large amount of new and currently sequestered technology can be introduced, along with a formal introduction of our presence and mission. Also, the truth and implications of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformations can be fully explained to you. All this is expected to manifest shortly. This pre-first-contact scenario is vital to our plans as we very much wish to come into your reality as safely and easily as possible.

As the various factions of the Light around your world work in unison, they forge the means for our success. The dark ones comprehend the full import of what is underway and also how they have cornered themselves. What they do not have is a viable solution. Here, our Earth allies are pressing home an advantage based on the dark's notorious penchant for avarice, power, and all-out hubris. These predilections are its Achilles heel, and within its defeat are found your path back to the Light and the unfolding of your great destiny! Some bumps in the road remain. But none of these are as serious as they might have been: The past few weeks have seen great progress in knitting the coalition of the Light closer together. The upcoming brief period is intended to consolidate all this and then push on quickly toward victory. While this is happening, Heaven is heading into the next stage of what can be termed your ascension to full consciousness.

Most of you, by now, have experienced some form of physical or spiritual alteration; that is, many more of you are having your bodies unified with your various physical and spiritual energy fields. See yourselves as Light made physical, which is then tied like a giant circuit into your true Spirit/Creator essence. This highly complex operation is controlled by your RNA/DNA. This special organic computer acts as the safety switch in your ascension. Here, included within your genes, is a vast amount of what your geneticists call "junk DNA". As you reach certain levels of ascension, this junk DNA turns on and begins to encode your genes with new messages and programming, thus waking up parts of you that have long been dormant. This is the process that is returning you to full consciousness.

As these new sections of DNA encode your genetics, you awaken to higher and higher levels of consciousness. However, this process is also affected by your internal epigenetics. These compete for new general settings that control important parts of your genome. The contest is won gradually as entire new sections of junk DNA start their encoding procedures, which allow whole new systems of meridians, chakras, and codes within the genome to be altered. In effect, you are changing, chameleon-like, into something quite different. Eventually this process reaches a certain buildup of proteins, peptides, etc., where a stalemate prevails. At this point a special device is needed in order to safely complete this metamorphosis. This is where our metamorphosis chambers come into the picture.

First contact is firstly about getting you to a point where you achieve some degree of knowledge about the true nature of the living Earth and the secret technology you possess. Conditions must also allow the setting up of governance that encourages and supports peace and cooperative endeavors, the most urgent of which is the greening of your world and uniting to solve your pollution crises and unnecessary waste creation. Concurrent with this, basic human rights and personal sovereignty need to be established and nurtured. It is at this point that we can formally be introduced. Then we can transition you to a point where you can accept the special potentials that come with full consciousness. This is why we are here: to mentor you, and teach you those etiquette protocols known and used by all fully conscious Beings of Light.

Today, we reviewed what is close to happening. You are in the final aspects of moving your reality from its present catastrophe scenario to a place where great progress and prosperity become the norm. Here, first contact can take place in a smooth and joyous manner. This time is very close to happening! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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