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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Ix, 0 Uo, 2 Ix August 15, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, after a brief respite. Around you, the dark continues to weave its tapestry of mounting global chaos. Behind the smoke and mayhem, our Earth allies are working steadily to complete their covert undertaking to free you from the grip of this last dark cabal. This process is designed to restore to you the unalienable rights freely conferred upon you by the Creator. Despite their concerted efforts over the ages to permanently enslave you, a few final steps still remain before the dark succeeds in its odious objective. Inspired by Heaven, our Earth allies and we are forging ahead to foil these unconscionable goals and restore to you your God-given freedom and sovereignty. Deep within you, the Light is daily altering your RNA/DNA. Also, the micro-sized mini-tubules that comprise your nervous system are developing new receptors. These, when combined with the reworking and activation of your "minor" charkas, are quickly forming the foundation for your great shift into full consciousness. Furthermore, your brain is starting to develop the beginnings of a multidimensional scalar antenna. All this is making the complex goal of the dark ever harder for them to accomplish.

This physical movement toward full consciousness is decreed by Heaven. Even the dark on your world understands what is occurring here on Earth. A process has been endorsed whose sole purpose is to restore you to your true godly selves. Nothing happening around you can prevent this from taking place. Not even the myriad acts of cruelty perpetrated by this dark cabal can in any way prevent your return to full consciousness! Each day, you are closer to Heaven's decree being manifested. Do not let the events blaring at you from the media sway you one jot from this grand divine Truth! The recent attempts by the dark to delay us are swiftly becoming a sideshow that cannot stop us from achieving your freedom and sovereignty. Stealthy operations are now underway to complete our dual objectives: first, to oust the present illegal American regime from power; and second, to distribute the abundance programs. Shortly, these two things will manifest before you. It is important for you to comprehend how this is being done. Essentially, our Earth allies are using the dark's own weapons of deception against them. The element of surprise is vital to our allies' success as the dark relies heavily on its monitoring of the forces of the Light.

Our forces have witnessed the dark trying every possible means to interfere with your movement toward full consciousness. These actions include psychic networks to manipulate your RNA/DNA; chemical aerosols delivered into the atmosphere designed to physically attack your changing body; and microwave energy to daily irradiate your cells and nervous system. While causing some fatalities and serious illnesses, these strenuous efforts have fallen far short of their objectives. Even the programming of negative thoughts through their global mind control network has been unable to stop the transformations now happening within everyone. These preventive attempts of the dark also involved setting up a massive global catastrophe, which we likewise thwarted. These outrageous operations included a project to attract a large "killer" asteroid and two attempts to cause the sudden eruption of what your geologists call "super volcanoes." At the time, these dark ones thought they still had an escape scenario that we had not yet blocked. This fantasy we soon put to rest, and the dark quickly ceased to pursue these insane schemes!

Your journey out of limited consciousness is not an easy one! Your reality is changing in veritable leaps and bounds. Our personnel monitor you very closely every day. Our medical teams assist you and keep meticulous records of your physical activities. Our specially trained healers and various other specialists make sure that each of you is being prepared in accordance with your life contract and the experiences you agreed to on a Soul level. These records bear witness to how swiftly you are transforming. We emphasize these facts here in order to make a most crucial point: You are moving inexorably toward full consciousness. Despite the best efforts of the dark, this movement is ongoing and is close to reaching its last few stages. This also means the moment of first contact draws ever nearer. We are encouraged by all we see happening on your world. Even the senseless violence is merely a sign to us that the old ways of the dark are breaking down. Your global populace wants peace and desires that the present mindset of "an eye for an eye" be ended. This change in outlook is another sign of what we are talking about.

Your world is filled with individuals and groups working for peace, and that wish for reconciliation among those who seek violent retribution for the "wrongs" committed by their supposed "enemies." Humanity is approaching a point where the weight of public opinion and the actions of the masses in support of peace are able to prevent violence and eventually even avert wars! Common sense is on the rise, globally! The dark fully understands this; and therefore, the recent spate of calamities needs to be viewed from this wider perspective. As we constantly repeat, your society is transforming into a well-connected global community. This community, however, is still in the birthing stage. The institutions that should be reflecting this new momentum are still learning how to operate in this very different environment. The initial examples are coming from individuals and groups in the private, or non-governmental, sectors. These courageous ones comprehend how the world is changing and daily devise the most effective methods to communicate this worldwide.

The intention to truly address the roots of violence, local and regional, is strengthening in every corner of the globe and is proof positive of the deep changes now underway. Nevertheless, this process must result in some overt successes in some degree in order to mature into a formidable driving force. Of primary importance is the requirement to remove from power those most directly responsible for social disruption. Thereupon, the new American regime must emphatically demonstrate to the world that a wholly new chapter has begun, starting with a public declaration of an about-face in foreign policy. The proof of this will be found in the falling levels of global violence. The various Acts that incorporate this new regime's mandate state that a policy of world peace must be pursued, and that reconciliation in all troubled regions is actively encouraged.

The degree of abundance that accompanies the new mandate is intended by our Earth allies to end world debt and secure world peace. Another major intent of this spread of abundance is the ending of sectarian violence by means of the good offices of local personages and groups. Another involves the termination of the global network of "black markets" for arms trafficking. Presently, this is a near impossibility due to the huge revenue this provides for certain major nations, weapons manufacturing corporations, and large-scale arms dealers. This network is run by and constitutes a big source of income for the dark. Once the plans of our Earth allies are implemented, it can be fully dismantled. The dark's creation and control of global violence is another device to keep you in fear and manipulate you into believing their dark concepts of what is real and what is possible. It is these beliefs that have long discouraged you from taking collective action against them.

This present period is about demonstrating the folly of the dark's manner of operations and shedding light on the growing movement for world peace. The true desire of your world's peoples is for peace, prosperity, and education. Everywhere around your planet we hear about the need to end old limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that encourage local peace and provide prosperity and education for all. Limitation in all forms is well past its "sell-by date" on your world, and it is now only the greed and power mongering of a secret elite that have kept you back. Our Earth allies, as well as ourselves, are dedicated to transforming this sorry situation and returning to you your unalienable rights along with much-needed prosperity and debt-forgiveness. These programs can prepare you to take on the responsibilities for rehabilitating your global environment and, finally, for welcoming us as we complete first contact!

Today, we discussed what is occurring on your world and ask that you view it as part of the dark's greater plan to spread chaos and maintain its positions of power. Putting it in context allows you not to become too worried or frustrated by the pictures the media paints for you. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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