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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Lamat, 16 Kank'in, 4 Eb -- April 28, 2009

Greetings! We come again with more to say. Inner Earth and its Agarthan nation await you! The Agarthan people have lovingly constructed a whole series of special crystal cities for you to live in just before and after your transformation, which takes place in your individual metamorphosis Light chambers. Here, we would like to give you more details about Agartha and your crystal-city residences. To begin with, Inner Earth is a place filled with wonders. Inside your Earth is a fifth-dimensional realm created with Light technology, which turns Inner Earth into a paradise beyond compare. When you enter, you notice the gentler, diffuse glow of Earth's central sun. Surrounding you are lush fields; great mountains; broad, dense forests; and stunning, luminous crystal cities, radiating with ever-changing colors. These clusters of immense, glowing crystals house a society of fully conscious humans whose customs and ceremonies mirror those of other galactic humans throughout the galaxy. Other things that strike you are the wide-open sky and the wonderfully pure scent of the air.

When you enter a crystal city, you feel great calmness and a sense of coming home. You marvel at the miles-high dome overhead and at the magic of the holography that makes the inside resemble the outside. The people are very friendly and are as curious as children about who you are and are eager to help you. Their homes are at once spacious and intimate due to the same holographic technology that combines their own superb abilities with the capabilities of their unique brand of organic computers. The environment conforms perfectly to the wants and creativity of each inhabitant. Daily ceremonies consist of dance, music, songs, and special chants, and the different colored clothing of each group of participants adds to the overall delight of these special gatherings. Life here is a collage of work, family, and sacred duties, interspersed with daily interaction with Galactic Federation personnel. There can be no doubt that first contact is vitally important to the Agarthans. Everything they do reflects this focus.

An example of their dedication to this cause is the crystal cities that they have built to house you all when the time comes for you to morph, like a butterfly, into a fully conscious human. Alongside your own dwelling is your individual Light chamber, calibrated to your specific needs. To accomplish your metamorphosis the Galactic Federation has asked all its medical teams to compile a meticulous, daily medical dossier on each of you to enable this unbelievably complex process to be carried out with seamless precision. You are all to be changed back into full consciousness at the same time. Normally such a process takes centuries to achieve, but Heaven has decreed that you are to take this final step all together, in one fell swoop, followed by training in full-consciousness etiquette. Earth's surface, too, is to undergo a vast reconfiguration in synchrony with your transformation. Her new biosphere is to resemble that of Inner Earth so that, for the first time since the Lemurian catastrophe, inner and surface Earth can be linked, as they are designed to be.

Naturally, while this is happening you need to be elsewhere: in the safe haven of Inner Earth. At the same time, we will evacuate from the surface all animals and plants which your local Spiritual Hierarchy deem compatible with the new reality. This means no ticks or mosquitoes! Under their direction, a new surface topography is to emerge that strongly resembles the one during the time of Lemuria, and when you awaken from your morphing-slumber this new world will be ready for its new guardians: you! In your fully conscious state the ways of galactic humans quickly become clear to you, including the reasons for living inside the planet, not on her surface. All planets are hollow, and their fully conscious guardians live in the inside. Surface expeditions are undertaken mainly to conduct sacred ceremonies designed to sustain and support the planet and her beautiful, diverse ecology. Mars and Venus, too, will be terraformed and ready to receive those of you who choose to move there.

Among the many changes to Mother Earth will be magnetic and electric ones. This means that electro-magnetic Beings, such as yourselves, will be much more comfortable in Inner Earth where the earth forces are properly aligned with you. All creatures returning to the new surface will need to undergo a divine change that makes it possible for them to exist on the surface, and this will be done when the Earth's flora and fauna is temporarily lifted off the planet during the time of her reconfiguration. Here, it helps to remember that you are originally outsiders to this world. You are invited guests with a special mission to perform. Your task is not to get in the way of the surface ecology but to sustain and foster its well being. As Earth guardians you are here to ensure the thriving health of a most glorious electrogravitic Being, Mother Earth, and this is easily done from the perfectly calibrated Inner Earth realms.

This divinely instigated mission to move you all simultaneously into full consciousness created the need to intervene in your affairs on a truly massive scale. This is the reason for first contact at this time. The logistics of this operation require an unparalleled amount of preparation on many levels, from building the crystal cities to ways of remedying your deeply inculcated fears. Try to imagine the task of preparing a global populace weaned for millennia on ignorance, violence, and poverty, and getting it to the point of accepting in a matter of months a shining future of unknown freedoms and undreamt-of possibilities. This is our challenge with you. We have rehearsed all aspects of this difficult operation many times and we feel that all is going well. After the landings, community seminars will be held to inform you and answer your questions. Then in Inner Earth you will meet your special personal mentor.

The process of transforming you back into full consciousness largely reverses the Atlaneans' genetic intrusions that diminished you. This involves interdimensional Light. Guided by Heaven and under the direct supervision of Lord Surea, this Light created all things in physicality. It then took on multiple realities and almost endless potential, but only a few of these myriad combinations manifested and forged what physicality now is. You too are formed from this Light, but in a particular way, with an immense number of individual combinations. You are in effect an especially encrypted key code, expressed through your genetics and your various chakra encodings. These unique, intertwined frequencies make up the physical you. The encryptions are set up and guided by your I Am Presence.

With the divine help of your I Am Presence, the Light chamber connects swiftly to these myriad codes, transforming your genetics and chakras, and restoring the sequences not used since you were last fully conscious. Over the course of a few days, while you slumber, you regain your True Self. You leave the chamber somewhat vulnerable and overwhelmed, a little bit nauseous, ready to be Loved and cared for. Your own special mentor is waiting to embrace you and carry you off on angelic gossamer wings to begin your days of training. He/she clears up your inner and outer chaos and shows you who you really are and what particular, immense talents you possess. Now you are ready to become something wonderful: a galactic human!

Today, we looked at Inner Earth and some of her many glories and wonders. We talked about the nature of your Light chambers and began to give you details about their role in returning you to full consciousness. Interesting though this is, remember that this journey of yours really takes off once you become a galactic human again. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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