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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Ik, 10 Moan, 4 Eb --- May 11, 2009

Selamat Jarin! We return to talk about another aspect of your transforming reality. Your world is just beginning to shift its level of consciousness. The first part of this has been the increase in seabed and land volcanism, paralleled with a corresponding upsurge in global seismic activity. The surface of your world needs a massive facelift as well as a new type of bio-magnetic field. This will eventually reset your world's gravitational field and align with similar alterations that are happening to the other members of your solar system, including your Sun. As your planet reaches for the 5th dimension, so too does the rest of your reality require an upgrade. Around your solar system is something your scientists call 'dark matter.' It is the stuff of this Creation and is the medium by which this universe is lifting itself into the 5th dimension and higher. Dark matter acts much like the 'junk DNA' that makes up a lot of your genetic material. This matter is now merging with your limited realities and augmenting their ability to transform into fully conscious ones.

Part of this operation is for the dark matter to begin to encode and transform limited-conscious matter. This is what is causing vast anomalies throughout the near section of intra- and intergalactic space. Your scientists realize just how little they know about what makes physicality work and are questioning present concepts of what gravitation and electromagnetism truly represent. This is leading them toward a number of new theories that are eventually to produce a much-needed paradigm shift. Gravitation is a by-product of interdimensional electromagnetism, which in turn comes from interdimensional Light. All this has a divine purpose. Creation is a sacred plan and these things we have just named are part of a vast tool kit. Your world sits in a reality and this reality is up against a cluster of similar realities. Keep in mind that this is a very conscious universe and as such, has many layers making up its nearly infinite parts. In effect, your solar system and this galaxy exist in multilayered realities. You are simply reconnecting yourselves along with this reality to your other aspects of the whole.

This sentient whole is the sacred cloth that was used to form and manifest all physicality. Each part is interconnected through numerous individual layers to the divine Whole. Physicality has a definite purpose; it is just that at the level where you now exist, it is too limiting to observe exactly how this whole interconnects. When you reach this point of definition, you can easily see how it is all divinely put together. It is then that a sacred science can be reestablished as one of the new canons of your galactic society. Until then you need to view this period as one of many transitions happening on multiple levels simultaneously. Your present perceptions contain some degree of truth but are obscured by your false and rather fuzzy logic. You require a redefinition of the terms 'alive' and 'lifeless.' We see a reality filled with life and overflowing with an abundance of life streams of varying degrees of sentiency. As you begin to look at your reality in this way, many things that now puzzle your scientists will start to make sense.

As we mentioned earlier, your planet and solar system are drifting through a vast sea of dark matter. This matter is unknown to your scientists as it is, as yet, invisible to them. It possesses a great deal of energy and defies what 'matter' is considered to be. This is why earlier theorists saw it as an etheric fluid, which it isn't. This matter is constantly moving from one-dimensional reality to another. Your ascension requires that it begin to interact with your reality in a more direct manner. For this to happen, you need to be physically altered. This applies of course to planets, stars, and galaxies as well as yourselves. This means comprehensive electromagnetic change and a revamping of the relationship between the numerous gravitational fields that compose this sector of physicality. This transformation is underway and has caused the lowering of Earth's gravitational strength and the Sun to engage in two consecutive, rare aspects of its traditional sunspot cycle. The way your solar system relates to its Sun is impressively changing.

This merely hints at what is to come. The movement toward full sentiency means that as you move upward the incredible Light energy stored in the dark matter begins to become more real to you. It is one thing to be in transition and quite another to view the actual vehicle of this operation. You are now close to this revelation. To us, this Universe is full of Light whose magnificent displays are beyond description! We rejoice in these phenomena as it is a constant reminder of the glory of the Creator. We see ourselves as whole, interconnected Beings who have come together to unfold this Creation and carry out the decrees of Lord Surea. The tripartite Godhead is what guides us. You are on the path to this marvelous series of realizations, at the end of which is being able to live in the library of the Akashic and within the sacred walls of this Creation. Here, you are enlivened by the energies of Truth and by the wonders of the divine plan.

Your world is teeming with divine Light. We watch in joyous awe as she changes with each increase in the intensity of this Light. Likewise your own Light is intensifying and its purity radiates from you like a prism. New shades and colors of Light abound. All this is causing your reality to alter her grids and to move in a new direction. You are leaving behind this 3rd dimension as your primary home and are now heading swiftly toward the 5th dimension. But this is only the start of what is happening to you and your reality. You are currently reconnecting fully to the 5th dimension while anchoring a part of you in the 3rd. You are ready to become a supraliminal Being and are returning to full consciousness, a state far above what you consider to be possible. It is this promise that has led us from our distant homes to these shores.

In sum, you are going through the middle stages of a great metamorphosis. This work is making you a physical Angel, which confers great responsibilities upon you. Just think! You are being transformed reality-wide; your 'junk DNA' and the galactic dark matter are acting in similar ways to reconstitute every aspect of your reality. Meanwhile, as you go through this, entire new galaxies, nebulae, and magnificently colored and shaped cosmic dust are to make an appearance in your telescopes and upon the electronic maps of your science! This splendor and beauty cannot fail to transform you utterly! We ourselves never fail to be awestruck time and again by what we observe on our travels, and this is what awaits you! As you return to your multidimensional state you regain your sense of wonder and amazement at the grandeur of it all!

The reality that you are headed for is something you cannot at present grasp. It is brimming with an infinity of colors, shapes, sizes, and sensations that you daily interact with in ways that fill you with a sense of completeness. This puts you in a constant state of bliss, and everything you do contributes to this bliss as it entails endlessly improving the daily life of your reality and your galactic society. You live in an interconnected array of realms and can move with ease between them. And so we come not only to move you into full consciousness but also to enlarge upon and enhance the multitude of realities that we simultaneously inhabit. Soon this too is to be your truth and you are to use these abilities to help another move into the realms of full consciousness.

Today, we added to the information we have been giving you over the past few weeks. It is this glowing future that is the primary reason for first contact. Heaven has decreed that you are to be transformed into fully conscious Beings, and this requires our assistance as well as our mentoring. We look forward to reuniting your branch of the human family with ours! We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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