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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

1 Cimi, 9 Pop, 5 Caban -- August 4, 2009

Selamat Jarin! We come today with many things to discuss with you. The dark cabalists' world continues to deteriorate. All around them they witness the shrinking of their various financial empires. The retrenching of the global financial community is another harbinger of the disaster that awaits them, and panic grips each of the families constituting the inner membership of this diverse dark entity. Yet, even as the dire moment of their destruction looms over them, their malignant scheming slackens not one whit! Each day sees new meetings of their inner circle, in which these dark ones formulate plots they believe can save them from their fate. This belief in their infallibility keeps their irrational self-confidence alive. Our Earth allies are fully determined to smash their bravado and bring these rapscallions to long-overdue account. The world has reached a point where it is necessary to remove these heartless ones from their positions of power and replace them with a leadership founded on Love and a more enlightened worldview.

The plan is to use recently gained advantages to trump the old ways, thereby setting up a new, abundant, and people-friendly financial structure. It is to be a highly transparent structure, which favors a broad-based prosperity that can start to rectify the myriad faults of a limited money system. Your present system is in fact a thinly disguised 'legal' ponzi trick, designed to keep the poor submerged in debt and the wealthy few floating in a vast sea of affluence. It broke down due to the rapacious greed and selfishness of those who ran the system. Another causative factor was the above-mentioned belief in invincibility, fostered in these elites by their dark overlords, the Anunnaki. It is this veritable hubris that ensures their downfall. All around you the horrid results of this out-of-control egotism can be seen. Into this growing power-vacuum flow the solutions proposed by our Earth allies. Recently, the increasing teamwork between certain banks and nations resulted in chances for the Earth allies to fill pivotal positions of influence, and this went unnoticed by the dark cabal until it was too late.

The present period is one in which we are consolidating our gains, preparing for the release of the prosperity funds, and setting up the strategies and the agendas required to thoroughly reform the governance and financial systems that have ruled your world for the last few centuries. Clearly, a primary requirement will be the dissemination of information to the public regarding who-what-why, and why we are suddenly going in a vastly different direction. Hence this operation begins with a series of announcements from the new caretaker regimes. The old ways must be discussed openly, crimes disclosed, and prescribed punishment stated in a clear and objective manner. Then, proper legal process needs to be enacted. It is to be a time for doing the right thing, not for indulging in displays of undisciplined emotion. And once your cupboards are cleaned out, you need to move on and carry out the work of introducing the new technologies and the public disclosure of our benevolent existence. We wish to work alongside you in a manner both therapeutic and uplifting to your very Being.

The latter prospect, we know, is currently heretical to most of you. You have been raised in a very barbaric and cruel culture, one that views 'reality' through a lens of xenophobia. Your media plays on your fears by portraying any 'outsiders' as sinister invaders bent on malicious intent! It is high time you learned of your own extraterrestrial origins and came to grips with a history that is far different from the one taught you in school. The shock to your preconceptions is likely to be great. We have studied you for millennia and know of your deep inner fears and multiple insecurities. It is one thing to imagine our arrival and quite another to actually experience it. We have carried out this experiment on innumerable occasions and observed your distaste for this experience. This is why we have put together a public, government-initiated recognition of our presence. This can then be followed by more open interaction between us.

In the period preceding our arrival, the people of your world can get accustomed to the fact that we are here and that we are benevolent. Then and only then can we gently increase our interaction with you. This time can be used to explore each other's beliefs and correct any common misconceptions. In this atmosphere, the landings can happen easily and without the degree of fear observed in past attempts at interaction. Essentially, first contact is about reuniting families; that is, your space and spiritual families need to reconnect with you and transform your present illusory fears into the Love that truly exists between us. It is also a wholly appropriate precondition for the rapid consciousness change that you are nearly ready to come into contact with. This leap in consciousness is the fundamental reason behind the deep transformations you are now undergoing, and an intrinsic component of this is a mass first contact.

As you work toward raising your consciousness, your body likewise goes through great changes. These include the introduction of new chakras into your body and the reconnection of these to your body's meridians. Within these are the nodes that tie in to your brain's upper and lower parts. You are a creature living in a world of physical feelings that, for the most part, have been of a lower vibration. Now you are being moved into a higher realm which requires your emotional body be reconnected to you in a very different way. This is why some of you are to go through a period of strange headaches, the amount and intensity of which depends upon how long you have been in an awakening state; in other words, those still asleep will have more discomfort. Heaven needs to adjust your body's processes according to the requisites of the next stage of your consciousness development.

It is time for Heaven to accelerate your transformation in order to bring you all up to a minimum baseline in readiness for what is to happen, from just after the announcements to the time when you are to be moved either into your Inner-Earth residences or up to your home-world's mothership. This time is to be a most exciting and joyous one. However, the entire procedure is dependent largely upon how well you adjust to the many changes that are happening to you and to your reality. Remember that your reality reflects the ease or the turmoil being experienced by your collective selves, and so some of you will have a somewhat more challenging time than others. We are prepared for this and are ready to put more effort into those of you who do have a harder time. This does not imply that any of you are not to receive all the help you require!

First contact, by and large, is moving forward swiftly. We watch your rate of change closely and make sure that all of you are ready for what awaits you after the mass landings take place. This operation needs unreserved dedication by our huge staff, and thanks to fluid group dynamics we have kept ourselves ahead of the curve and ready to do whatever is necessary to carry out this mission with success. Heaven supervises our every move, and with Love and grace allows us to prepare and carry out whatever is deemed essential. We monitor the constant rotation of personnel and maintain the high level of professionalism that we are justly proud of. This is not just any reunion; it is also a mission to bring you online so that you can make your wondrous contribution to this galaxy and to all Creation!

Today, we reviewed some of what is happening on your world. We are proud of each and every one of you! We look forward to the actual day of first contact and all that is to be discussed with you then. Just think of the magnificent adventures and experiences that lie ahead of you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Note: For more details on how the metamorphosis chambers will help us transform into Galactic Humans, see Sheldan's new Video "Back to Being Galactic Humans".


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