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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Ix, 17 Uo, 5 Caban -- September 1, 2009

Selamat Balik! We come again to inform you of current events on your world and how your reality is transforming. Everywhere, signs of great change are appearing. Your oceans, atmosphere, and lands are becoming something quite different. The vast increase in energies from the galactic core has begun to affect your Sun as well as each planet's general orbit and composition, including her relationship to the various moons that circle her. This energy influx is re-forming the electromagnetic and electrogravitic grids that bind your solar system together, and is one of the main causes of global warming and the heating-up of the oceans. It is also responsible for the exponential rise over the past two decades of seismic and volcanic activity. All these things affect the Earth by weakening her electromagnetic and gravitational fields, conditions which prefigure a new monopolar, fifth-dimensional world. These transformations also mirror what is happening to all of you: You are becoming multidimensional Beings, with full access to the Creator's magnificent, countless realities!

The global society you currently live in is collapsing around you. The reason for this is that the core philosophies of your societies no longer resonate with the new energies, and a new philosophy is now essential. The axioms of the newly emerging paradigm go far beyond merely 'going green' or reforming the rules that govern corporations or ethical standards in government. A philosophical and humanistic change is taking shape which is to move you, finally, beyond scarcity and limitation into abundance and sovereignty. This mandates a foundational reordering of your society. As your consciousness rises, so too does the need to express those basic emotions that make you quintessentially human. We have watched you become more and more aware of your innate need to care for each other, and of your growing distress at the alienating and degrading social codes under which you live. These unsatisfactory constraints, intrinsic to your society, are beginning to break down, as demonstrated by the recent, ongoing crash of your financial and economic system. The need for something quite new grows more urgent by the day!

The need for a new worldview is reciprocated by a movement on your planet to return to a more connected and humane social order. The nature of this impetus leads naturally to what we call galactic society. The philosophy behind galactic society emphasizes the innate sovereignty of the individual and integrates this with a familial grouping that focuses on nurturing and honoring not just the young but also each person's natural talents and abilities. This translates into a process we call fluid group management. This 'glue' holds our society together and facilitates a technology that serves humanity in a manner that elevates honoring its members to the highest level possible. This naturally 'organic' technology was given to us in its most rudimentary form some 4 million of your years ago. Since then we have perfected it, and would like to gift it to you in turn. As you return to full consciousness you will require all the accoutrements that a fully conscious society entitles you to.

Your industrial society is predicated on ravaging the Earth. The wholesale depredation of your environment has reached the point where it can no longer support your present global society. The avarice and brutality of your society guarantee its impending ruin. The way forward lies not in recoiling into some form of technological primitivism, nor being subsumed by an already looming tyranny which hoards and controls your dwindling global resources. Another option stands on your horizon, one which requires a new understanding of technology. Until now on your planet, technology has been largely a slave to profit rather than a true servant of humanity. Most civilizations in this galaxy, upon reaching this point of no return, either adapt upwards or succumb to chaos and assorted dictatorships, followed by self-destruction. We are here to carry out a special plan that, one way or another, leads you toward Heaven's highest vision for you. This is the reason for this first contact mission.

First contact, now more than ever, is a complex process. We are using our expertise together with the experience of our Inner Earth family to guide you to where you need to go. This is neither an easy, nor a familiar path for you. We fully realize this and have set up parameters for our Earth allies to follow. This they are doing, and we expect the next major markers in your journey to be achieved shortly. Disclosures of many things, including our presence, are in their to-do list directly after the initial prosperity programs are delivered and their major announcements are broadcast throughout the world. We intend to play a key role behind the scenes to ensure that all comes about in a timely manner. Further, our Inner Earth family is closely advising our Earth allies on what the last dark cabal is doing. Thus we intend the next moves to happen swiftly. We are also ready to land at a moment's notice if required.

Our operation is tied into a timetable set by Heaven. We have been informing your world's governments of this since the late 1990s, and since then have regularly revisited them to emphasize that first contact is inevitable. They are also apprised of the divine ban on all nuclear weaponry. Our continuing visits to your governments have two major aims: We want them to be very clear about the fact that we are not going away and that, at an appointed time chosen by Heaven, we are to make ourselves known to you and land on your world in great numbers. We also want them to know that their days as major controllers of the planet are about to end. We are watching and if, by chance, what is planned fails to materialize, we have back-up scenarios to enable us to complete what has been decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

Let us now return to what we touched on in earlier paragraphs. Your world has reached what many call a turning point; in other words, your global society lacks the means to continue forward as it has in centuries past. Wars, as a workable tactic, have run their course. The rationale for your society's existence is beginning to sound like a hollow mockery of past achievements. Your global economy is on life-support and the future is bleak, to put it mildly! The ties binding your society together are unraveling. Your futurists see this clearly and know that your world must graduate from its childish ways or colossal, ungovernable environmental disorder will erupt. Only the politicians and those with deranged levels of obduracy intent on maintaining the status quo against all reason still resist what needs to be done.

Your world cries out for something completely different. A global 'quiet revolution' is imperative. Your social scientists have now come to the conclusion that capitalism, as presently constituted, is not the answer. You require a global move into universal prosperity, followed swiftly by the introduction of now-suppressed technologies. These liberating developments can be instrumental in putting your Earth-centric xenophobia to flight and preparing you to accept the next leaps in your development toward a successful, fully conscious global society. These final, challenging steps require a Loving, fully conscious mentor, and if necessary we are ready to jump-start this remit of ours with a mass landing on your beautiful shores.

Today, we continued our discussion about first contact. Events are close to happening which assure us that these leaps in consciousness can be done easily and without a lot of public sensationalism. And so we stand ready to carry out a first contact with you when Heaven and Lord Surea so decree! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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