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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

August 29, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to discuss with you! As you know, much continues to happen behind closed doors. Your realm is in transition, and thus, what appears to be of dire consequence on your world is in fact merely a dismal diversionary tactic paraded before you by the dark. It is vital that you not be distracted from your daily tasks by these occurrences. Our mission includes helping you to become more conscious. True inner awareness begins with the practice of staying in your center and intuitively viewing your world. Rather than being informed by external appearances, listen to your inner awareness, which can discern what is right at every step. As you learn to trust this inner voice, you become more able to perceive what is true and what is not. This also permits you to tap into your reservoir of patience and to not be pulled into your media reports about current situations. We keep reiterating this to you because change is inevitable, and a very different reality than this is just around the corner. The coming shift in expanded consciousness demands a new world that is linked to your spiritual and space families.

This new reality has been approaching you for some decades. In the post-WWII era, this movement toward change brought about the rise of a large family of nations. The former European powers needed to acknowledge the emergence of a new global reality. This rapidly devolved into a sort of incubator of humanitarian needs. These dire conditions produced a number of visionary individuals from these relatively poor new nations who came forward to propose creative solutions to the serious problems confronting this group of nations. The "third world" was the label given to these poorest nations by various international market economists. The proposals of these third world humanitarians are now integrated into the plan of action proposed by our Earth allies. Remember that a central component of personal sovereignty is the ability to respond in a positive way to the most pressing problems in one's community. When acted upon, this ability ripples through the community and creates the conditions for the essential changes to take place. In this case, the change is to occur on a vast scale. It allows for a shift in the global reality that is seen by most "experts" as impossible simply because it has never been tried before!

The truth is that this period in your history is marked with unprecedented events. The ones that we alluded to above are just below the horizon and ready to sweep into view! Our Earth allies have worked hard to get to this point. This success is to be accompanied by a campaign to reconstitute and redistribute the physical wealth of the world. This move is an attempt to fully redress the myriad transgressions of the dark throughout your history. Wealth has been an effective tool for controlling and manipulating you. Now this tool is to be used to support you in your quest to better comprehend the nature of your limited consciousness and to return you to your rightful state of full consciousness. Full consciousness is achieved the moment you understand the workings of the physical realm and equally, how Heaven interacts with it to fulfill the divine plan. This is the goal you have set yourselves. Our role is to help you in this and, at the right divine time, to appear en mass in your skies as a sign of your coming global enlightenment. We therefore view first contact as a divine symbol of your great victory over the dark.

Seen in this light, we can easily adapt our mission to the vicissitudes of present-day human nature. Your global society is growing toward the Light in immense leaps and bounds. The increasing numbers of newly anointed seekers far outstrips those who lapse back into a kind of self-imposed slumber. Even here, it is gratifying to note how these sleepy ones reawaken to return to the fray! All in all, your world, despite the misdirection of your mainstream media, is vigorously pursuing this upward path and putting enormous pressure on your dark "establishment". This pressure has helped us greatly in carrying out our diverse tasks. Our Earth allies are most grateful for your help and wish you to know that some amazing things are very close to happening. Know that a secret timetable is in effect, to be met by all parties directly involved, and that a joint taskforce is presently coordinating this effort. Our aim is to expedite first contact and disassemble the dark power structure that has long controlled your world.

First contact is not merely a coming together with your space family; it signals the moment to begin celebrating the approaching dissolution of your time in limited consciousness. It is also the moment to unveil the suppressed truth about many things: about wondrous technologies, the realities of your planetary circumstances, and about disturbing inhumanities. Through all this runs a common thread: the rise of humanity toward Heaven and the approach of the right moment for a massive disclosure of our presence. You will see that this disclosure results inevitably from the changes in abundance alluded to above. The essence of this message is simply that a consciousness shift of unprecedented magnitude is creating the conditions for a metamorphosis in your reality. This will inevitably throw up a series of startling disclosures, one of which will be our first contact with you. This path of cause and effect that you are on requires our tangential involvement to reach its divinely ordained destination.

Life on your world is made up of degrees of consciousness. These varying degrees of divine awareness are the reason why Heaven permitted this grand experiment to be carried out. But you are by no means simply victims or guinea pigs. You are all willing participants who came from all sections of physical Creation to be a part of this! Humanity is a physical and spiritual conglomerate, with scrambled genetics and an unplugged spiritual connection. And yet this unlikely "minestrone" was cooked up for a purpose: It was to become the groundwork for completing this particular Creation. Your coming together and overcoming such challenging obstacles is proof positive of the validity of this apparently illogical proposition. Now you can see the true meaning behind the present ferment throughout your globe. Out of this stew you can see arising a new global vision, and soon you will have the power and means to bring it forth.

The prime component of any reality is the power of the collective. A reality is forged by consciousness. This collective energy is "set" according to the primary beliefs held by you. You function within it on an individual and a collective basis. But it is the latter that is important. Here, we can usefully apply a principle of quantum mechanics by drawing a parallel between the interrelated actions of electrons over great distances and the similar workings of consciousness. Each unit within the collective is affected by the actions of each other unit, creating an interconnected physical whole: a collective awareness. In a limited consciousness environment, the same forces similarly apply between units of spiritual consciousness. Spiritual and physical consciousness are acutely interconnected. All these mutual interactions weave the tapestry of the given reality.

The beliefs held in common are the crux of the matter. In your case, your shifting beliefs have reached critical mass. Moreover, when dealing with spiritual consciousness, a sort of hundredth monkey syndrome kicks in. These two factors indicate how close you now are to this long-awaited shift. In truth, the human collective already resonates with this shift. All that remain are the resistance factor and the "point" in the divine plan. The plan for the shift of this reality is successfully playing out around you. The resistors are, of course, the dark ones. Their intent, as you know, is to assemble all the like-minded and the doubters, circle their wagons, and stretch out the shift process as long as they can. The result is what you see around you. Only by putting things in the larger context can you clearly see what is truly going on. And always remember: Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we talked about what is very close to happening. We ask you to consider what we have said and to clearly see the big shift in consciousness that is underway. Your world is very close to these great changes. Therefore, we ask you to remain focused upon your victory and to prepare for first contact. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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