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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Eb, 10 Zip, 2 Ik September 14, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say! As always, events are moving forward at their own unique pace. This operation has been marked from the beginning by sudden, accelerated steps quickly countered by many forced steps backward. This uneven pace can be frustrating to the uninitiated. At present, we are at a stage where progress is being made on numerous fronts. When considering this incredible project, it is necessary to comprehend its vast international scope. As noted in previous messages, the intent is no less than to transform the global financial and banking system. Our Earth allies are saddled with literally well over a hundred countries and a plethora of banks, loan institutions, and similar financial organizations. A great deal of important, personal conferencing; protected, confidential memo-ing; and secured video-conferencing goes on daily between thousands of individuals involved in this procedure. The outcome of all this is a steady rate of progress toward your predestined victory. Let us look at some of the obstacles that have so far been cleared.

The most consequential one to date was achieved in the first two years of this decade. In order to challenge the "Dumbarton Oaks" agreement, it was first necessary to get some of the major central banks of Europe and Asia to decide to work toward creating a new global financial network. This goal was reached when Europe and a few major Asian banks joined together to form a secret task force to forge such a document. This working group swiftly grew in scope and in numbers in the last two years. Your world's financial instability increases by the day, and this factor greatly accelerates the need to produce a new financial prototype. With this new model in mind, our Earth allies were able to make many political alliances. These, in turn, have made it possible for the IMF to declare the prosperity program allied with this monetary shift to be true humanitarian projects. By late 2005, the new financial plan had acquired a large degree of legitimacy, which was further bolstered by a number of conferences convened to address ways to dismiss the humungous third world debt. Everywhere, progress was being made and being made swiftly.

The political agreements are the next most significant of these diverse objectives. Bear in mind that the last cabal has long used its great clout to maintain a position of power. The Bush regime is simply another extension of the age-old strategy. Despite its recent illegitimacy, the present American regime holds an imposing vise on the world's movement of funds. This led a group of sovereign, wealthy Americans to start covert programs to oust this sorry regime from power. Several groups in the government seeking the same outcome quickly joined them. These two groups, in the past year, enlisted a third: a military coalition of senior officers who wish for a rapid transformation of present US global objectives. This faction has many "friends" inside government and even within the exalted halls of the wealthy and influential where US foreign policy is really made! These elements have found many willing and ready to forcibly eject this unconstitutional regime. Nevertheless, this dedicated group of patriots required a friendly foreign element to achieve its goal. This was secured in the document we know as the 1998 agreement.

This foreign element is to be found in a group that has long been part of the European power structure. These lesser "royals," children of the ultra-wealthy and members of powerful political families, have a common goal: to overturn the present global system and replace it with a more equitable one. They form the very core of our Earth allies and in the past year have begun to liaise with their American "cousins." The upshot is a set of new relationships geared to ensuring the success of the rapidly maturing American movement to oust the present US regime. Added to this are a series of agreements that have drawn in the World Court and numbers of other major international organizations. These highly secret negotiations are still ongoing and are one of the major points still delaying implementation of what we are discussing with you. At all times, keep in mind that this momentum for change is like a very complex chess game: Every move has a reason and every stratagem can be altered by the next series of moves.

This movement is fully aware of the political and financial matrix that currently exists. This matrix reaches out everywhere to dominate the many and allow control by a select few. But it is now rapidly approaching its limits. Global warming, economic disharmony, and widespread militarily invoked instability cannot go on much longer. Your planet is reaching a point where the ecosystem needs to redress these imbalances. As you know, Mother Earth wishes your much-needed shift to be as smooth as possible. She has warned us that a more manageable planetary surface is essential to her. Her cry has prompted us to inform you of this and to tell you that this request has heightened the urgency among our Earth allies to complete their objectives. At present, a number of situations are making it possible for this great global shift to take off.

Major events on your world tend to happen suddenly and to come "out of the blue" for most. Such is to be the case here. Yet, you do not abruptly change the course of the world without a comprehensive and meticulously thought-out plan. Remember also that a massive consciousness shift is underway. This shift creates an environment that both senses and wishes for an end to the current inequities and a substitution by a fair and balanced system. And this is indeed next on the agenda. The energy of this discontent is ready to manifest its desires and provide the means to accelerate this process once it starts. Thus your world in many ways resembles France just before the revolution.

The difference here is that this turn of government is to be a bloodless, quiet revolution. The legal precedent for what is to happen in the US and the world has already been covertly set by these major legal organizations that we touched on above. The need for this circumspection lies in the fact that the remaining dark cabal can only be removed by means of great stealth. Despite these strictures, the work progresses and is close to completion. What has been accomplished to date is monumental, and the last parts of this intricate undertaking are in their closing stages. The present final fling for the dark, the powerful, and the greedy on your planet is quickly coming to an end.

This movement toward freedom is inextricably tied to the ending of the UFO cover-up and the actual landings of our personnel on your shores. Over the past few centuries, the dark developed its means to override Heaven's edicts concerning you. It wanted to permanently enslave you and prevent Heaven's plan for your revival. Now its goal is to be dashed due to the marvelous abilities and wise strategies of Heaven and the wonder that is first contact. We look forward to the time ahead. However, we fully understand the eccentricities of the dark. Nevertheless, we confidently expect the time for some truly remarkable announcements to be not far off. What is currently required is simply a source of satisfied patience. That is, a foreknowing of what is to happen, and a willingness to let it happen as divinely planned.

Today, we continued our discussion of what is surreptitiously "going down" on your world. We ask you to stay informed and to be discerning of all that goes on. Rumor, innuendo, misdirection and misinformation abound. So, be prudent, discriminating, and above all, listen to your intuitive inner self. She is the key to unlocking any puzzlement that may unexpectedly come your way. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



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