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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Kan, 7 Mac, 5 Caban - March 30, 2010

Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you! Lately many of our Earth allies are noticing our affect upon the dark cabal. We are pushing for them to relent and let go of those financial resources that they have long coveted. Doing this is no easy matter. Nonetheless, our special cajoling has brought us success! Each one of our protracted sessions with a part of the dark cabal has taught us how similar these denizens of the dark resemble their former compadres on other worlds in distant star nations. We are assembling a standard procedures manual to aid those assigned to this critical task. We have seen that as their numbers dwindle, the dark becomes more pliable to our various demands. Our intent is to have this old and quite formidable set of global financial institutions dismantled in the very near future. Breaking up this set of inter-connected organizations can make it possible for deliveries to be achieved within the timeframe set for us by our first contact command board. Then, the temporary regimes can follow and your new reality can move closer to manifesting.

First contact will introduce you to a new world that most of you do not know how to function in. Our task is to use our expertise to prepare you for our arrival and for your final steps to full consciousness. We are not to be treated with disrespect nor are we to be treated like "gods" who are special souls who have embodied into a physical form. As humans, we possess similar body parts. The only difference is that we are larger and fully conscious. Treat us as you would a favorite teacher or a much beloved older relative. Such people are ones that you turn to for guidance, knowledge and apropos wisdom about life. We see you as having an immense potential that first needs to be drawn out and then manifested to the fullest. We see this in you every day and our dossiers are filled with such comments. When you achieve full consciousness, you are to move immediately from the diamond in the rough to the finished polished jewel. All that we are supplying is the setting so to speak that needs to surround and embellish what you are to become.

Full consciousness is the basis for the current struggle now taking place between the Light and the dark on your world. Everywhere the dark has set up projects to keep you somehow in your present state of amnesia. As you become more aware this amnesia begins to wane. You see how the dark manipulates you and how you can start to counter this. Thus, the dark created a global psychic network as well as a series of "black operations" designed to hinder your movement toward full consciousness. These things have largely failed. Heaven and we are engaged in various counter measures that have prevented any of these heinous plans from achieving any large degree of success. While we have been doing this, our Earth allies have come within a hair's breathe of victory. The remaining tasks are being taken on by our liaisons. These women and men are altering their mission from mere advice to a more active stance. Initial successes as we mentioned previously are growing. Our task is to get you quickly into a position where first contact is feasible.

We constantly mention first contact for one critical reason. It simply changes everything on your world. The environment after first contact is quite different than the one before. Contact questions what you have been told about who you are, where you come from and what is your relation to Mother Earth and indeed, the whole of Creation! In one fell swoop you begin a march toward becoming a galactic human and away from being a limited consciousness human. You start to embrace concepts that before were ludicrous and now swiftly become mainstream. This vast leap in beliefs is something that your secret masters dread. Our allies know this and have been working in tune with us to bring these denizens of the shadows into the Light. Your journey needs to be centered on your internal growth in consciousness and not on how do I survive. In this latter mode, you have looked elsewhere in order to sustain yourself and your growing society. The coming prosperity is meant to alter this and permit you to turn fully inside.

As you do this, you can observe daily how the former leaders of your world are to be held accountable by your new transitional governments. These large and complex trials like Nuremberg are to set the stage clearly for what is criminal and intolerable for the world community. You are entering a realm quite different from the one you reside in. Our task is to oversee all of this and insure that your world is free from the madness that has haunted the halls of government long before the fall of Nazi Germany. Too many leaders have given in to expedience, money and power. By doing this, each of them forged their part in a reality which allowed the new corporate state to form and spread its evil throughout your world. No one nation is entirely to blame. What is to be different is that the old ways are to be made inaccessible. Initially, we are here to help establish some new ethical rules and fashion an atmosphere truly conducive to a new way.

Included in this new way is your deep responsibility to Mother Earth's eco-system. What you need to do first is reestablish your relationship with her. This means reversing a deep belief that you are separate from her. Mother Earth with the help of some now hidden technology possesses enough water, food and shelter for everyone. This can be done without greatly obstructing nature. The next step is to withdraw your presence. The human footprint has stomped all over Mother Earth. This may seem to you at first reading to be some form of dichotomy, let us explain. Your present technology interferes with nature. This needs to be addressed. Then you can easily employ other special technologies that can end farming, lumbering, mining and manufacturing.

As you move away from what your various societies have looked like for centuries, you will adapt new types of societies. As prosperity spreads like wildfire, new institutions need to be formed. These are to be the forerunners for your new galactic society. Humans in this galaxy were given a gift millions of years ago by Heaven. These are the four societal Laws. These sacred sayings are the foundation for our star nations and our societies. We are to impart them fully to you as you begin to transform your many diverse societies. These documents are simple and direct. The most important thing is to go within. Learn from the wisdom of your "I Am Presence" and your heavenly guardians. Let this sacred partnership expand. Together form a "team" whose sole purpose is to teach you about who you are and how to serve Heaven in physicality.

In the immediate present, we are devoted to cleaning out the dark from its various secret liars. Our liaisons have a job to do and our first task is nearly complete. The dark understands that it is really on its last legs. There is a little left to be done. We are working with our Earth allies and with those who share a similar vision. We all realize just how important it is to get the new financial system and the new prosperity in place. This is the step that allows the various transitional governments to assume power. The sooner we achieve this the better! Our fleet is ready to execute a mass landing. We intend to delay this until the new governments are in power. Accordingly, it behooves us to make sure that the dark is no longer in a position of power. The time is swiftly approaching for us to celebrate a great victory for the Light!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. Many exciting events are ready to manifest. Our fleet and our personnel are doing what is necessary and allowed by Heaven. The final stages in this grand set of events are ready to manifest and permit us to carry out a global mass landing! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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