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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Eb, 15 Kank'in, 5 Caban - April 27,2010

Selamat Jarin! We come with more information about what is taking place on your world. This final phase of your dark cabal's efforts to forestall the inevitable is concluding. We are busy drawing up the proposals that are to constitute the first agreements between the new caretaker governments and this first contact team, and are selecting the personnel who can best represent us at these initial meetings. We are using the knowledge accumulated from our observations of you over time to put together a three-step move that will allow these new governments to formally acknowledge our presence. Once this is done, we intend to make our own announcements so that you can know directly who we are and why we are here. First contact can then proceed in a more normal fashion. We want to give you a range of technologies that will dovetail easily with the devices to be made public by the caretaker regimes. Under the provisions of an exchange contract, the "black projects" directorates of your secret government received a number of devices from members of the former Anchara Alliance.

These technologies can swiftly transform the way your sciences and their outdated frameworks view the workings of your reality. In fact, your world has been greatly limited by their pronouncements of what is possible and what is not, and these antiquated boundaries need to be expanded to include concepts like dark energy and dark matter, as well as broader notions of what constitutes "physical" and "spiritual." As you begin to integrate these new concepts into your worldview, you become capable of entertaining ideas that had previously seemed fantastic. This is when our technology can begin to make sense to you. We live in a very different realm from yours and would like you to experience some of what our reality is like. This will allow you to compare both worlds and to revel in just how easy it is to adapt to and welcome all we have to offer you. Our technology can form the first support of a bridge between us, and the second support will be your growing consciousness. Consciousness is basic, as our tools are predicated on telepathy and telekinesis and on the mutual interplay this provides between our tools and us.

From our perspective there is no real separation between our technology and us. Whether the device is a ship, a transporter, or a replicator, all are living entities which merge their sentient potential with our own to create something. This something can be a trip through the universe, the invention of a special implement to make life easier, or dinner! The point is to move beyond your present notion that there are living and non-living states. Your planet and your Sun are alive! And as you progress into the sciences of nanotechnology, nanobiology, and artificial intelligence, new definitions of sentiency are sure to come up. What we are doing is jump-starting these concepts and demonstrating their potential. The use of a technology such as ours relies on your as-yet untapped mind-consciousness link, and our purpose is to bring forth this now latent ability in you, as it constitutes one of the stepping-stones on your road back to full consciousness. Then, as you blend your technologies with ours, something wonderful happens.

The activity of practicing how to operate our devices has the effect of strengthening your life force field. Many devices "acquired" and back-engineered by your secret government have a similar effect. As you become proficient in their use, you will become aware that you possess a number of immense hidden talents, which we have been hinting at. These talents are remnants of your former fully conscious self, and once you set foot on this path there will be no avoiding the fact that you are much greater Beings than you presently believe. We have refrained from openly revealing these technologies to you before now because to do so ethically would have required a peaceful and cooperative environment in order for them to be in any way beneficial to you. This is why we are waiting until your new regimes have moved your societies beyond war and aggression. Once global cooperation is set up, we can bring in a whole slosh of technologies which will define the parameters of a new spiritual science for you.

Creating this new science makes it possible for you to perceive your reality in a new light. Spiritual science moves you into a world that leaves behind the differences that surround you. You look anew at the concept of consciousness and your quest for truth takes on a deeper meaning. This sudden expansion of your perception brings you closer to our own, and you begin to understand the importance of your oneness with all Creation and the significance of personal sovereignty. You can also begin to see why first contact plays such a pivotal role in your journey back to full consciousness. We are here to introduce you to mind-boggling possibilities and to assist you to achieve them. Hence, first contact is the catalyst that can permit you to regain your full potential and get your global society into a state of health. From there your world can morph smoothly into a fully functioning galactic society.

Galactic society is a perfect working environment for fully conscious individuals. It provides a support structure that helps you to unfold who you are and to fully develop your talents; it promotes creative solutions to society's challenges and motivates its members to make breakthroughs in achieving their life purpose. It supports meaningful interaction with your planetary guardianship and with your inner spiritual duties. This form of society brings us great personal, creative satisfaction while at the same time supplying the recognition and approval that creates a heart-warming sense of group unity. Galactic society daily celebrates our individuality as well as our duties and responsibilities to physicality, the spiritual realms, and to each other. In this joyous web of mutuality we find our true identities and our unique paths to enlightenment.

Unfolding the truths of each lifetime is the raison d'être of galactic society. Here is found a peace which encourages creativity and promotes vibrant well-being, and you are surrounded by a veritable cornucopia of internal and external supports. We enjoy our rituals and the meaningful time spent with our spiritual and physical counselors. We live long, useful lives of a thousand years or more, and at its end, we depart as Light in a special ceremony with our spiritual counselors. Before we go we review our life many times to understand the way it connects with all our other lives. This reveals whether we need to set up further lives, and if so, where and when. After the passing-ceremony we go to places of Light and take up another set of responsibilities to the Creator and to our selves, and this sets us up for the lives that are to come. For us, childhood is sacred.

We bring our children into a cocoon of support that nurtures them and brings out their talents and uniqueness early on. We subscribe deeply to the power of Love and encouragement, and our children are surrounded by those who understand the power of nurturing. They are bathed in an endless ocean of knowledge and wisdom in which they are encouraged to paddle at will, each according to their inner direction. All talents are approved of and honored by the podlet they reside in, and all members are de facto relatives of each child and gladly work with them when needed. Thus, each child grows up with a healthy drive to express its individuality and to serve its community and the Creator. We are proud and yet humble to proclaim divine service as our greatest joy!

Today, we touched on some aspects of the wondrous nature of galactic society. We come to you in divine service as both mentors and as your loving space family. Heaven and your gracious spiritual family join with us in this, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to the celebrations that our reunion will bring. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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