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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Ahau, 3 Pax, 5 Caban -- May 25, 2010

Selamat Jaram! We welcome you to another discussion of the happenings on your world and in space. Everywhere, Mother Earth is reeling from the bad behavior of your dark cabal. These deplorable manners are indicative of just how desperate these dark ones have become. Despoiling your world is nothing new to them, but what is unusual now is the extent to which they are willing to go. They know their days are numbered, and this compels them to escalate the chaos to such a degree that the resulting havoc is astonishing! Each one of them knows full well how close your world is to toppling over the edge and, like Humpty Dumpty, being unable to be put back together again. This heartlessness is the thin end of the wedge where their intentions for your global society are concerned. Cruelty across the planet is reaching abysmal proportions, and people everywhere watch in disbelief and anguish as seemingly unthinkable events become real. It appears that these dark ones are intent upon invoking Louis XVI's last words: "Après moi, le deluge!" (After me, the deluge!)

The determination to deny you your destiny is typical of the blatant hubris that the dark minions have embraced since their off-world overseers left them suddenly in 1995. In their eyes, this act of abandonment cast them adrift in a fearful world that, on top of it all, appeared to be developing a mind of its own. The minions were divided and at war with each other for nearly a decade, during which time the English-American contingent took full control and during 2002-04 revived the old plans. At the same time, their hitherto unchallenged rule began to feel the effects of the Earth allies' well-formulated counter-plans which were daily being thrust in their faces. Despite an initial series of policy successes, by 2009-10 these advantages were losing ground badly. The time had come to devise a means to prevent total collapse of their world, and this is where the dark minions are now. Their intention is to keep the chaos factor spiraling ever higher while they concoct scheme upon scheme to stall things ad infinitum. We counter this modus operandi by forcing the issues that accelerate their downfall.

The dark cabal is like an old grouch: mean on the outside but vulnerable on the inside. Our job is to appeal to the grouch in a new way. We do not threaten, but lead him down the path that we intend him to take. His delaying tactics merely tighten the noose around him. The many institutions he relies on are failing, and we plan to topple them quite soon. Then our Earth allies can institute their master plan, the first item being to restore basic governmental competence. These new regimes are to end illegal taxation and the daily bilking of the public that the dark's cronies have indulged in since before the American republic was born. Global debt forgiveness and massive tax refunds are only the start. Proper information regarding your true rights is essential. Then, a whole slew of subjects are to be discussed with you for a few weeks, and you are to use this knowledge to change your globe for the better. What we are talking about goes beyond a global ecological clean up, or even the grand trials that must take place; you are being given the means to acquire knowledge that is to take you to the stars!

First contact is all about consciousness, and specifically, about Heaven moving you into full consciousness. We are simply one of the ways to get this done. At present, your world either faces mass extinction, or surges forward to a new conscious reality. The option chosen by Heaven and the divine plan is the latter. The rising chaos is being permitted both to form a smoke screen to befuddle the dark and to bring you to a point that allows an exodus from this outworn reality. Your world is on its last legs and the old ruling elites have maneuvered themselves into a corner. Soon they will face the errors of their ways and this is when our agreements take on reality for them. Once these are signed, their salad days are over and a new era can begin. Our presence, when announced, can at that moment become a true guide that leads you back to full consciousness. We welcome this moment and all our plans are geared to getting this done as swiftly and graciously as possible.

Moving your world out of this disintegrating reality is a special, divine assignment. Look upon what is happening around you as a concerted and powerful attempt to get you to go down the right path. We are greatly motivated by the significance of what we have been given to do. Everywhere, your world is reeling! Everywhere, people are looking for divine relief! Our task is to force the dark to relinquish its dire schemes. It has its limits and we have discovered what they are. Now we are applying our knowledge, and as the dark backs off in the coming time, we all need to move swiftly: set up the new regimes; make the changes that form the preface to our formal arrival; and prepare for the requisites that precede your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light. The Agarthans are ready to help you create new governments and carry out the many acts of recompense so desperately needed by Mother Earth.

The times you are embarking on are only a beginning. Your planet knows very well how damaged she is. The surface realm is being assaulted like never before by the dark cabal, which puts enormous extra pressure on her to begin her massive shift. Your scientists know that a great extinction is underway and has reached the stage where the range of Earth's biodiversity is seriously threatened. The pollution of your water and air now poses a danger to all living things, and the current rate of degradation cannot prevail much longer. Furthermore, the global economy is ready to disintegrate. You have too many people on your world who are in danger of losing everything, which does not bode well for your immediate future. Our intervention in your affairs now requires a series of interlocking events that lead to first contact.

Each day we observe you from our vantage points located throughout the solar system. We see what makes you happy or sad, and what frustrates you. We take careful note of these things and gather additional feedback from our personnel embedded around your planet. We intend to use this data to make it much easier for the transitional governments to implement the many announcements that are to take up their first weeks in office. We want to see you happy, abundant, and gladly willing and able to assist these governments in the nearly overwhelming goals they need to accomplish in such a very short period. We know that you can do this! It is only the plethora of engineered obstructions created by the dark which prevented you from being actively engaged before now. Together, your abilities to change the world for the better are limitless!

These next moments in your history lead to first contact and we wait for the right divine moment. We know how you long to leave behind these conditions of skyrocketing turmoil while the dark works all out to prevent your release. We are ready to go when Heaven gives the sign and Mother Earth's Hierarchy is ready to bring us in. We are ready to receive these instructions and act on them immediately. The final necessary events are now manifesting, and we fully expect your world to carry out a much-needed "quiet revolution" which gives us a formal reason to come down and change your world forever. Until then, hold the intent and desire for first contact, and we shall watch and be at the ready to celebrate a most magnificent change!

Today, we discussed what is happening on your world. We know that first contact is close and that disclosure is even closer. Your world is reaching a point where contact becomes the next move. Be prepared for the fact that disclosure and contact are, unbelievably, about to happen. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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