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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Ix, 15 Zip, 2 Ik September 19, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more things to discuss with you! In our past few messages, we dealt with some of the financial and political ramifications of the program put together by our Earth allies. We talked about the ultimate importance to you of personal sovereignty and how the ending of global statute or military law is to set you free from the ominous designs of the dark. Let us look at this now in greater depth to understand more about sovereignty. All humans are born free with certain unalienable rights given to them by a gracious and Loving Creator. Among these are the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This phrase given to the writers of the American Declaration of Independence by St. Germaine is not a mere grouping of ideals. Rather, it is the distillation of a greater discourse given by Lord Surea to the Councils of Heaven that deal with the spiritual evolution of humanity on this most luscious gem that you call Mother Earth. Never forget that freedom is the very core of your sovereignty. Freedom defines you and provides the means to sustain you in physicality.

Sovereignty is a direct by-product of freedom. When you are truly free, you are fully responsible for yourself and for your community. This goes hand in hand with your spiritual or consciousness growth. Divine service is to fulfill your community and to creatively use your ability to solve the various problems that daily surround you. You truly understand how connected you are to your fellows. This connection breaths forth a great desire to forge a Loving and sustainable environment for your community. This invites actions that enhance not only your efforts but also those put forth by the spiritual collective that is your community. Sovereignty is the divine and lawful means for carrying out these positive actions. Accordingly, sovereignty has possessed a special lawful status from the very beginning of Human community as initially expressed in Hybornea and later in Lemuria and the first stages of Atlantis. This status gives each Being an equality with each other. Sovereignty is the special foundation that your good works can be built upon. It is the means by which your full creative talents can easily manifest.

Statute Law is a cruel deception put forth by the Anunnaki and their earthly minions to deceive the populace. Since your right to be free and sovereign is God-given and thus unalienable, it cannot ever be diverted from you. Yet, the rulers of this world created an illegal substitute: the sovereign state, i.e. an imaginary entity falsely given these same rights and then placed above you. In this devised condition, the state became your superior. In actual fact, a state only exists with the free consent of the governed who do so only in order to form a more perfect union dedicated to the sovereignty and well-being of the consenting. This Truth is the bane of the dark. Each of you is innately sovereign and thus, outside of the purview of the dark's statute, or "King's law." This reality is what the dark desires to obscure. The powerful know how flimsy is their rule if the masses realize this and then pursue its ramifications to the fullest. Accordingly, they have masterfully orchestrated a series of illegal coups designed to make you believe their falsehoods and trick you into thinking that any alternative can only lead to chaos and disorder.

Natural or common law is an outgrowth of freedom and sovereignty. It is based upon common sense and the unalienable rights given to each of us. In this context, the Right to the pursuit of Happiness is analogous to the realizing of the inner joy known to a Galactic Human. This joy comes from being able to display your creative potential and employ it to solve your own and your community's problems. This drive toward happiness, once fully instituted, can bring together a community and simultaneously give you a wonderful sense of purpose and accomplishment. This can then build into something that encourages such activity and can expand as the definition of community exponentially grows. This process can positively remake the environment that a community lives in. This new set of perceptions, when combined with the coming new abundance, can wonderfully renew the way societies function on your world. It is this possibility that is most feared by the dark and its last earthly minions.

Our Earth allies comprehend what we are currently discussing with you. The Light has in hand a procedure whose design is to recast your world completely. As noted in many past messages to you, this task is one that requires stealth and extensive knowledge of how the dark produced the world you now live in. Your world is being seized from you by a powerful few who, by deception and ruthless guile, have made you believe a number of colossal lies. Currently, the mess perpetrated by these lies is being amended by a series of stratagems whose purpose is to oust the dark by using its natural weaknesses against it. This ruse, however, takes time. The goal is to transform the dark's distortions into something wonderful: the original intentions of the Light, namely, the return to "natural law" and to true fiscal realities. A welcome bonus is to be the completion of first contact!

First contact is, above all, a massive leap in your perception of yourselves and the vast Creation that you live in. This leap in mass perception transforms your current beliefs about who you are and where you evolved. It corrects the "whoppers" daily drummed into you about the origins of life; the meanings contemporary clergy give to the messages of the ancient prophets and seers that form the basis of current religions; and most of all, about why you are here on planet Earth. First contact is thus a historic, socio-religious experience of unprecedented proportions. Heaven knows this and has appropriately permitted the Earth's Ascended Masters to participate fully in the planning and final carrying-out of this first contact mission. As we frequently remind you, this operation has huge implications for you and is not taken lightly by us.

The legal means and resources we mentioned are equally vital. Remember that this mission is to return you to a point last experienced by your ancestors nearly 15 millennia ago. This state of universal full consciousness was reduced step by step until the demise of the perpetrator's homeland (Atlantis) some 13 millennia ago. Since that time, you have been mired in the fictions and obfuscations of the Anunnaki and their earthly minions. The present time is when the power grab of their impious progeny is to be morphed into your victory. It is vital that you look at what is happening as a movement toward a new reality. This new reality is abundant, free, sovereign, and galactic in its perception of itself. Its inhabitants have progressed beyond the limitations of your contemporary society and taken on the responsibility for being a fully involved member of this galaxy.

This divine action by Heaven is hastening toward a triumphant conclusion. There are many fronts to this complex operation. It goes way beyond being a mere financial, legal, and political transformation. It is a consciousness shift of awe-inspiring spiritual implications. You are involved in a vast movement to break out of your present limitations and bring this planet back into alignment with its divine destiny. So far, many amazing achievements have been performed in your favor by a massive legion of men and women who are unknown to most of you. These individuals are dedicated to this mission and are aware of your present predicaments. They are performing their duties as fast as the current conditions set by the dark permit. The coming victory therefore has no publicly set timeline. What it does have is a sudden impact that everyone will feel when it is ready to be sprung!

Today, we have taken the time to pull back a little from the details and look more carefully at the bigger picture. Here, we see how tremendous are the implications of what is getting ready to take place. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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