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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Imix, 4 Kayab, 5 Caban -- June 15, 2010

Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again! Much has happened, and the time for new beginnings is upon us. Our Earth allies have worked diligently to change your reality from one that is run along lines of chaos and confusion to one based on divine order. These great works are bearing fruit. The last dark cabal watches in horror as its final schemes are sloughed off into the proverbial dustbin of history. Your work to alter your reality is supported by Heaven and by the deep desires of Mother Earth. Your home world is under great environmental duress, which is additionally, gravely exacerbated by the immense oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that threatens to wipe out most of the flora and fauna of that region. Our marine ecologists observe what is happening and dearly wish to intervene directly; however, Heaven has ruled otherwise. Thus, the time comes for you, as individuals and groups, to work on Heaven's behalf. So far, you have done much: your public protests and the initial attempts to introduce some ecological devices are welcomed.

What is now called for is for all of you to step up your public protests. Mother Earth needs the application of technologies that have previously been proved efficacious to safely and thoroughly clean the shore areas of the Gulf that are being despoiled by the oil and by the toxic chemicals used to disperse it. This is a project that requires a great deal of your time and abilities: it is one thing to learn about what can be done; it is quite another to actually get a reluctant government to enforce the application of these technologies to the many places that need it in order to recover rapidly from such decimation. Use your skills to organize and inform. Put pressure on those who have a say in whether these technologies are used. And once the decision to do so is made, form networks to monitor their swift deployment every step of the way and to ensure continued surveillance of the operation. Once the new governments are in place, we fully intend to assist you by introducing our technology to plug the various seabed leaks that have formed.

Our technology is needed in order to plug the holes in the Gulf and return the seabed to a more normal condition. It is wise to ban any further drilling in the Gulf's seabed, as the Gulf of Mexico contains a number of potentially dangerous fault zones that do not need to be disturbed further by drilling. These zones are capable of creating earthquakes that can affect the major cities that extend from the coast of eastern Mexico to southern Florida. There are also several volcanic ranges on the seabed that could easily exacerbate the damage already done by the oil spill. The main focus has to be containment. There are now activities on this seabed, and on an adjacent one in the Atlantic, which are being set in motion due to the fact that the remains of Atlantis are found there. The kind of great uplifting happening in the Coral Sea near Australia is also about to be discovered in this region of the Atlantic. In general, the seabeds of the world's oceans are becoming unstable, and a new series of landmasses is preparing to rise to the surface. Similar activities are found in your lower atmosphere where increasing toxicity threatens all life.

Your atmosphere is under attack as your secret government is covertly spraying more and more toxic metals worldwide. Electronic ionization is likewise affecting the very nature of this life-giving mixture of common and rare gases. We have neutralized enough of this to irritate the dark cabal and prevent more than the occasional death caused by these noxious compounds. We badly want to do more. This has on occasion led to some atmospheric showdowns with their ships, and our victories are sad occasions for us. The dark is relentless and quite immoral. If they cared about you at all, they would have resigned long ago. Instead, these ones maintain a dogged, never-wavering arrogance that cannot accept the inevitable. Your coming-together in defiance of the dark is a very courageous and necessary act and we applaud those of you who have made this commitment! As you move forward, know that you are not alone. Our Earth allies and a growing team of groups and individuals are determined to set you all free from your dark oppressors.

The sudden evolution of a global society is usually preceded by an inspirational moment and the present series of events is one such moment. Humanity has committed itself spiritually to transformation, and this is to alter your reality from a limited, dark essence to one filled with Light and full consciousness. In this new reality we are to be reunited, and knowledge that you are not now privy to is to become known to all. And so, as you work to free your world from the shackles put there by the dark, be aware that a plan to transform your world is at a turning point. Our Earth allies have in place agreements and commitments that are able to deliver you from the dark. These abrupt turnabouts are quite imminent. We are ready to appear and give our help openly when Heaven so directs. The dark is now faltering; its economic and governmental charades are failing, and desperation is setting in.

This desperation is heightened by the seizing of the dark's assets by our Earth allies. It is clear to these ones that they cannot now stop your divine transformation from limited to full consciousness. They also know that the timeframe set up for their seizing control of the world is almost up. They have used time-travel technology to distort your timeline, and this project, while not without some success, has nevertheless blown up in their faces. Yet, they are ever hopeful of discovering ways to keep you at bay while they ponder what to do next. Each such deliberation has yet to yield an answer to their problem. We have the perfect solution: resign! Of course this is the avenue they want to avoid above all. Nevertheless, our liaisons working with our Earth allies have made a number of agreements with them to do just that: resign!

These agreements can only come into play once the dark sees that all hope is lost. Only then will these rapscallions give up. Until then, they will act as though these agreements don't exist. For our part, we see that our Earth allies make sure that the tomfoolery perpetrated by these rogues does not cause too much mischief. Nonetheless, the incident in the gulf is a dozy! We have worked with Mother Earth's Hierarchy to ensure that this massive ecological disaster has boundaries, and we intend to fully rectify this situation once a new regime is installed in America. The present regime is severely limited by those in the government who are deeply indebted to their corporate partners in crime, and these scalawags cannot even come close to solving these enormous ecological problems. The only course is to legally put a new regime in charge.

Our task is to work behind the scenes and manifest a new regime and global change. This new reality can quickly end the debt crises and usher in new governments dedicated to ending the UFO cover-up and permitting us to be publicly disclosed. Then we can openly use our ships, together with your assistance, to solve a number of problems, including the massive Gulf oil spill. These spills and other ecological disasters are a by-product of a dark cabal gone completely loopy! There is no way that these things are not part of a massive program designed to force you and this sacred globe to surrender to their wildest visions of power and control. But Heaven has other plans! You are destined for the Light, and the time to realize this has come at last!

Today, we discussed current and imminent events, while emphasizing all along the importance and urgency of first contact. We lament how crazy your world has become in these final days of limited consciousness, and we can only quote this most apt and nicely turned phrase: "And these days too shall pass." Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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