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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Batz, 9 Tzotz, 2 Ik - October 3, 2006

Selamat Bakir! (Welcome!) We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! As you know, much is secretly afoot on your world. Everywhere, this clandestine conflict has reached a point close to overt manifestation. This impending break-through is impelling the dark to create situations designed to prevent this from happening, or at least delay it. This soap opera is taking longer to reach its destined denouement than we would wish, but it is proceeding well at its own special pace. And it is in light of these circumstances that we ask for your patience in these matters. These present events are part and parcel of the great consciousness shift planned so long ago by Heaven. This is why this operation is bound to succeed. What we do not yet know is its exact outcome. These details have been left up to you, according to the various life contracts that you brought into this physical plane at birth. It is these vast interlocking possibilities that are to determine the precise timings of these events. Yet know that they are assured and that our role is simply to intervene beneficially in these matters when so divinely permitted.

While this cat-and-mouse game flows toward its conclusion, Mother Earth moves inexorably toward her own destination in time. As you know, the solar system is in the midst of huge changes, the most consequential of which is, of course, the shift in solar system consciousness. This movement to full consciousness is to transform the present "solarscape." To begin with, the return of Earth to a two-moon system is critical. Many astronomers are noticing anomalous changes in the Moon's surface features. These are the beginnings of a procedure to restore the Moon to its former glory and prepare him for his reinstatement as one of the primary moons of Bellona, the outermost of the Sun's four water planets. This huge water world is to re-form once again and take over the various orbits of the mini-worlds that presently make up the Asteroid Belt. In addition, the orbits of Neptune and Uranus need to be adjusted. Many of the smaller moons of those worlds are detritus left over from the massive explosion that blew Bellona to smithereens some 900,000 years ago. The resultant shock waves left these outer planets in chaos.

Pluto is another example of the disruptions that plague the outer planets. This frozen world is actually a former moon of Neptune, wrenched free by the explosion, which suddenly formed the great Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is important, here, to understand the extent of the sudden, wholesale disruption to the solar system's life-giving fields as a result of this colossal artificial event, perpetrated by the galactic wars of that period. These distortions are now being redressed by Galactic Federation of Light planetary engineers working closely with the Elohim. Returning your solar system to its state of balance of 900,000 years ago is pivotal to enabling the entire process of change to go forth as required by the divine plan. Thus, the oddities presently puzzling your astronomers are part of the undertaking to return your reality to its former points of balance. This "balance" is an intrinsic component in linking your reality to ours. It makes possible your destined role as an integral aspect of the vast multiple-star system of Sirius. Ultimately, it is this wondrous future that has brought us to your shores!

This grand reunion with us on both the physical and spiritual planes sits at the very core of what you are now going through. You have to remember that we Sirians occupy a very special place in your hidden history. It is we, along with the assigned legions of Heaven, who have carefully observed the dire workings of the Anunnaki and their celestial "friends." These evil personages are ending their nearly 13-millennia dominance of your world. Their ravaging of your societies and their plundering of Mother Earth's resources are to be remedied by the Light. All that is currently taking place on your planet is part of this return to the balanced state of your former reality. First contact, and all that that entails, is also all part of this divine procedure. Humanity is to take these last steps toward balance by dint of its own weight and wisdom and finish off what Heaven has so brilliantly begun. It is this responsibility we are to be caretakers of. We very much look forward to these next steps of our divine mission!

This changing-of-the-guard, so to speak, brought our Earth allies into existence long ago. The occupants of these much-heralded positions are working all out to resolve those issues that are pivotal to the overall objectives. We ask you again to remain patient. It is no simple task to redirect the ways of global governance and to reestablish a fair financial system so closely interwoven into the affairs of many different nations. We applaud what has been achieved at great personal cost to life, limb and to many private fortunes. This great work is close to success. Again, we ask you to listen to your inner knowing and to ignore the rumors constantly paraded before you as facts. The last part of this hitherto secret drive is to happen abruptly and without advanced public notice. Awareness of this one fact alone can bolster your intuitive knowing and help you to see through the gobs of disinformation that can so easily swamp your inner voice.

The path of Truth is not easily trod in your world. The mainstream media and the underground realm of the Internet are strewn with stories that are either propaganda and half-truths garbed as fact, or well-researched, well-intentioned articles trying to make sense of a world in chaos. The trick is to learn to trust your inner voice. It is there to help you discover what is valid as you sift through this incredible barrage of conflicting information. As you probably know from personal experience, this quiet voice is easily drowned out. The strident ways of your world tend to take center stage for most of you, and it is difficult but nonetheless essential to withdraw from the maelstrom so that you can again hear what your voice is trying to tell you. This attention also strengthens it, so that it can confidently guide you to what is real and help you identify what is not.

Until this ability is strong, we caution you to be wary about what you hear. Truth is rarely easy to spot. Amongst the continuous bombardment of falsehoods and obfuscating "spin," the most outrageous fibs can take on a degree of veracity. Thus your task of discernment is not a black and white affair. Many select pieces of information must be judiciously coiled together into yarn, which is then, in turn, woven into a whole tapestry. This usable database can then be used as a criterion for sorting out your bewildering environment. It is small wonder that so many are "turned off" and feel unable to figure out what is truly happening. This is of course deliberate on the part of the dark. It is one of its most successful strategies for controlling a society and keeping you apathetic, confused by the news of the day, and thus, "in the dark." Your civic duty is not to succumb to this ploy and to begin to separate the grains of truth from the chafe of misinformation.

As your ability for discernment grows, you can "read between the lines" of these messages and the truth of these missives will become clear. Once this light of discovery goes off in your head, you become confident and knowledgeable enough to pass these truths on to others in a clear, easily assimilated and comprehensive manner. Your air of confidence will allow you to be a natural teacher of your experience in developing your intuition and collating information gathered in this way. At this point, you are a bright Light that is no longer easily manipulated by the dark. Your task is then to find others of like mind and to form networks that, as they multiply and spread, are to become the basis for change and the bedrock of our mission once first contact begins.

Today, we have looked again at what is happening on your world. We ask you to understand that, despite the complexity and challenges, all is transpiring as planned. The important thing for you is to look within, and use your growing awareness to rediscover your inner voice. This is essential to becoming a meaningful contributor to the cause of change and to building your new reality. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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