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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Chicchan, 3 Tzec, 2 Ik October 17, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We send you greetings of Love and Light! The time is fast approaching for a great change to your reality. Everywhere, the secret workings of our Earth allies are starting to coalesce. The different programs on banking and financial reform, global debt forgiveness, and enormous political change are reaching the point where they begin to intersect. This most welcome moment means that a series of profound events are nearing manifestation. Having these things in sight means that you need to prepare for the actual carrying-out of these events. It also indicates the need on your part to begin to envision the short-term implications for your reality. First on the agenda is the distribution of the various abundance programs to their recipients. Scattered across the globe, most of the selected beneficiaries of a vast wealth are largely unprepared for the huge responsibilities that are about to be thrust upon them. This wealth is not a gift: It is accompanied by a set of instructions to help them assist their communities by improving the health, wealth, and general overall happiness of its constituents.

Then there is the far-reaching matter of debt forgiveness and currency reform. Since the end of WWII, international and personal debt has skyrocketed. The result is that many nations created in the last sixty years are now deeply in debt to a number of international organizations and multinational corporations. Equally dysfunctional is the soaring personal debt especially in developed nations. This growing mountain of debt threatens international stability and increases the potential for global chaos and, ultimately, war. This ubiquitous condition of debt requires a drastic solution. The key to this lies in the very nature of the current banking and financial system, which is founded upon the "discounting," or rapid multiplication, of money. This money is not tied to any real value of wealth, but to the calculations of the bankers themselves. This produces a constant inflationary spiral that restricts true market value and prevents the type of economic growth your increasing populations need in order to become truly prosperous. Thus, the current system of global finance and its accompanying indebtedness needs redressing.

Debt forgiveness is to be tied to a program to end the inflationary nature of the present global currency system. Currencies are to be based upon true value as determined initially by a great increase in the world's supply of gold and silver. Extensive monetary deflation is then expected to follow. The dire effects of this are to be mitigated by the huge prosperity given to a select few whose instructions will specify the redistribution of most of this gifted wealth to the general public. Likewise, debt forgiveness for the many third world nations will be conditional on the immediate improvement of the lot of the given nation's citizenry. The purpose is to forge a temporary bridge between the present reality and the future conditions in which money is no longer a true indicator of value. Creativity and ideas, and one's ability to express them, are to become the index of one's worth. Your innate ability to work in harmony with each other and to contribute to the general welfare is to become predominant. This modus operandi needs to be developed in order to prepare yourselves for living in a galactic society.

Next comes the removal of the dark cabal's stranglehold on your world. The depth and extent of the political and governmental reform required is truly colossal. Chaos and strife rule every part of your globe. Using the US government as a base, the dark cabal has reached into every corner with its special brand of fear and hatred while also amping these up to unprecedented levels. Another anxiety is the apparent purposeful lack of will to in any way alleviate global discord. Overt endemic corruption adds to the proliferation of difficulties that seems to have overtaken the world in recent years. It is clearly essential to start with the ousting of the rogue US regime and to reset the American government from the top down. The true American Constitution is to be restored and America set firmly back on its common law roots. This means that the corruption and power mongering of the present US system is to be purged. In its place is to arise a new nation dedicated to the values that gave birth to it some 230 years ago.

This renewed world, released from the multiplicity of forces that produces her constant strife and misery, can rapidly move toward the Light. This upturn leads naturally to first contact and a return to full consciousness. It also promises the restoration of your former happier relationship with Mother Earth. These vital restorations are most important to us, for they signal that your world has moved out of her limitations and has joyfully taken on her new responsibilities. This journey of yours is just reaching this watershed. And this is why we have chosen to inform you today of the events now nearing completion. As ever, it is vital that you look at the larger picture in which it is clear that this change is now at a point where it is unstoppable. Nevertheless, a crucial component is you: Remember that you are part of a vast collective that has come to Mother Earth to experience both the dilemmas posed by the dark and the present period of transition.

Moreover, you came expressly to return this beautiful realm to the purview of the Light. It is this grand act alone that most of this galaxy currently wants to be a direct participant in; yet only a comparative few were chosen. You are the special spiritual Beings selected for this divine task by Heaven. Never lose sight of this awesome fact. Earth is now the special showcase of this galaxy. Talented individuals from many sentient species who occupy places of honor throughout the length and breadth of this galaxy are carefully watching your every move. A large star fleet, largely hidden from most of you, is your vast rooting party. We all want you to succeed, and to achieve a well-earned victory! To this end, we have detailed swelling numbers of observers to watch you up close and to report on your progress. Their reports continue to be most positive.

The same positive reports can likewise be given of our Earth allies. Their heroism and resolute due diligence to this great task cannot be overstated. Working with them has been both educational and eye opening. Your ways of doing things helped us to better accommodate the various necessities for making the former Anchara Alliance a full partner in the Galactic Federation of Light. Because of your input, we were able to set up and swiftly integrate 10 new Galactic Federation Councils into the Galactic Federation. These star nations are now watching you and gaining the strength to keep their new course gleaned from your efforts to throw off your ever-weakening dark masters. As you can see, much of this part of physicality and all of Heaven are behind you! We ask you to let go of your fear and frustration and to trust in what is so close to happening.

Your world is transforming in many as-yet-unseen ways. This amazing series of transformations to your global society is just below the surface. This movement has changed much in the last six years. We can remember how distraught its members were at the apparent setback of 9/11. We worked in practical and supportive ways to revitalize them and set them off once again on their journey to remake your world. Now, this operation has reached beyond its pre-9/11 pinnacle, and we stand again on the very brink of triumph! The remainder of this path is quite short; nevertheless, it must be trod with vigilance and with right due order. Know that much is happening and that what is to occur is close to surfacing. For this reason, and despite the fact that the exact timing of these events must be secret to keep it out of the ears of the dark, it is important for you to remain prepared.

Today, we talked about developments on your world. We intend for you to be as informed as is possible in the circumstances. It is crucial for you to remain ready on a day-by-day basis with a plan of action. Remember that it is Together that We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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