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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Kan, 2 Chen, 7 Ik -- January 4th, 2011

Selamat Jarin! We come again with some very interesting things to tell you, as the new Gregorian year dawns. Surrounding you is an outworn world that is truly broken and, like Humpty Dumpty of the old nursery rhyme, truly beyond repair. Concealing these facts is a group of spin-doctors who come from many spheres of the mainstream media. They are outright lying to you when they brazenly declare that your economies are on the mend and on the upturn. In reality, a wide swath of converging factors, such as the huge unreported global debt, is about to collapse your world's financial system. We watch this grand chicanery play out and have taken note of just how callous these media types really are. A similar collapse awaits several governments which, far from helping their people, are actively contributing to the overtly corrupt activities pursued by the dark cabal as it flounders around in its death throes. All these diverse segments of your world's reality represent concepts that are past and gone, and our Earth allies are poised for the final putsch that will finally knock over this immense house of cards.

While we wait, on a moment-to-moment basis, for the end of what has been a long, drawn-out drama, we continue to advise our Earth allies and to meet with them regularly to sketch out the last details. We are in a special position insofar as we are the only factor in the mix that the cabal deeply fears. We possess the means and the technology to challenge them successfully at every turn, and this feeds their growing panic. At the appointed times we use this leverage to advance the cause of our Earth allies. We fully realize that the moment has now come for us to go beyond our 'containment' of the dark to the point where our Earth allies are firmly propelled toward a well-deserved victory over this cabal. These definitive moments are at hand, and we need to step up the pressure and blast through to the finish! To this end we have assigned several new liaison teams to finish up the delivery process and have sent others to assist in preparing the caretaker regimes to take up the reins of power. These operations are progressing swiftly. In addition, we are moving some key command ships into closer Earth orbit.

The past few months have seen an increase in secret government craft detailed to attack us. At first, we decided to ignore these silly attempts to harass us and to simply remove ourselves from the vicinity of these technologically inept craft. We reinstituted these non-engagement directives to demonstrate that these antics were not an issue for us. However, their increasing forays, which have lately included conventional fighter planes from regular air forces, have begun to get in the way of our daily scientific mission. Hence, we have detailed a contingent of our defense forces to neutralize the secret-government craft and to temporarily reinstate a more thorough cloaking procedure for all assigned craft, and this has substantially lessened the amount of interference encountered by them. As you can see, the dark cabalists remain defiant and their escalated aggressive measures speak to their unreasoning intransigence. Our recent countering of their strategy of aggression has thrown up new and unacceptable proposals on their part.

The dark cabal still feels it is the only acceptable group to govern your world. It is constantly out to prove to us the inadvisability of challenging its power. This power does indeed have its roots in an age before your present recorded history, and the notion of dismantling such a 'venerable' and ancient heritage is to them pure hubris. We responded to this dogma with the fact that several different methods for controlling humanity were tried by the Anunnaki before the present group was put in power. We pointed out that, above all, this time is no longer about control and manipulation, but freedom, sovereignty, and abundance. This makes them the proverbial dinosaurs that go extinct in the face of the incoming new reality. Understandably, this analogy upsets them. The thought that what they stand for is no longer appropriate throws them deeper into trepidation and despair. However, the fact is that the time has come for divinely decreed change.

This grand period in your history involves taking a huge leap that has been much delayed by the obduracy of the dark cabal. In the normal course, a world moves forward by leaps and bounds when electricity and magnetism are discovered, and excitement draws its global society into a friendly competition regarding which group or nation is to gain a temporary advantage. In your case, the Anunnaki and their Earth minions suspended this natural evolution as their goal was to monopolize and control this new technology. This is the reason why your societies have progressed by the equivalent of only one century over the course of the last two. You have a lot of catching up to do, and your new caretaker regimes intend to vault you forward very quickly. On top of this, we intend to use our technology to accelerate your progress, enabling you to create exciting new perceptions in spiritual consciousness and scientific realities.

As you expand rapidly into this new milieu, you can learn more about how your reality is put together. It will go a long way toward helping you understand the world that we occupy, and it is a world you are to be swiftly moved into. Your return to full consciousness is merely the start of many adventures. We view what we do as a joyous endeavor which helps many kindred souls realize their full potential. Indeed, doing this is our greatest 'high,' as the joy it brings to all involved is a most fulfilling pleasure! Our most welcome activity is to help others achieve their joy and bring more fully conscious Beings into the Galactic Federation of Light. We are, after all, an alliance of Light Beings who work with the decrees of Heaven to turn this galaxy into a great place of Light.

Your world has hovered between Light and dark since the start of your 19th century. The two world wars were a prime example of how the Anunnaki and their minions have used calamity to move you along a certain time line. This time line, of course, served their beliefs and goals, and was to get you to a point where the dark intended to go against the divine decrees of Heaven, issued some 13 millennia ago. Heaven planned to counter these dark goals with our first contact mission, but the situation changed drastically in the mid-1990s with Anchara's (the dark lords) proclamation, which forced the Anunnaki to abandon their plans for dominating Earth and join the Light. Their minions then needed a new plan in order to complete their much-cherished goals for Earth, and these changes slightly altered the original intent of our first contact mission.

This intent was to change immensely how your reality was put together, and this dovetailed with the prime directive of our Earth allies. As you look around at your world, you can clearly see that it is set up to be a place of anguish, full of myriad frustrations and dashed hopes for the majority, and success only for a select few. This runs counter to Heaven's vision of a sacred place, where all can achieve their full potential in a land of abundance and joy. To accomplish this, our Earth allies knew that the world needed a total makeover! This new realm, where you can return to full consciousness and build a truly heavenly society, may seem at present to be complete pie-in-the-sky! In truth, your world contains the wherewithal to manifest all this and much, much more!

Today, we talked about developments happening on your world. You are ready to see great change come to Gaia! This will open up to you the realm that is Inner Earth and the joy of full consciousness. All this will take place as you come together to form your new star-nation. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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