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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Eb, 10 Yax, 7 Ik -- February 1, 2011

Dratzo! We come together to continue our discussion about the transformation of this reality and you. At present we are watching how your solar system is changing, including big changes to your Sun. All the seemingly anomalous occurrences noticed in your solar system concern the migration of your reality to the fifth dimension. This momentum is predicated on a divine plan that is to rearrange the appearance of your solar system. The most drastic of the changes presently happening is the mutation from bipolarity to monopolarity. This means that each of you and the ecosystems that surround you need to be completely realigned. Your electrical and magnetic systems are revivifying the parts of your body cells that control your electrical and magnetic selves. The restructuring of your RNA/DNA is just a small part of this process. Your base frequency is rising as more and more of this reality subtly alters, transforming the very nature of the density of your body. As this density lightens, you are able to take in ever more of the sacred-Light data packets that are changing your physical essence.

These body changes are concurrent with similar changes that are transforming the physical structure of each of the Sun's planets. Thus Mars is undergoing a type of 'global warming' similar to Gaia's. Venus is beginning to modify the nature of her unlivable, boiling atmosphere, and Mercury and the outer gas giants are experiencing a great deal of exuberant growth in volcanism, planet quakes, and odd changes to their north and south polar regions. The shifts in the solar electromagnetic and gravitational fields that bind your solar system together are also reflecting this mutation. Like Gaia, the Sun is moving its South Pole inward as its North Pole migrates south, creating vast depressions or 'holes' across its surface. This explains the release of huge coronal fields that are shooting enormous displays of solar particles toward its daughter planets, and these are acting as catalysts to further hasten the changes happening throughout the solar system.

This increasing activity in your solar system stimulates your own changes. The huge electrical fields generated by the Sun are pushing you onward and upward. When these fields encounter your energy fields they trigger the awakening of your latent 'junk' DNA, causing a series of cellular encoding episodes that are leading to the New You. This changes how you perceive your reality; in essence, you are becoming more spiritually oriented, prompting you to search for answers that your global society cannot readily provide. Whole movements are forming all over the world, with the objective of finding answers to these basic questions. This worldwide movement has reached the secular world, creating a network of organizations dedicated to change from the ground up and a rescaling of operational structures that emphasize the small over the large, and the local and regional over the global. You are starting to create the foundation for what is shortly to morph into a quasi-galactic society. Your global society is to become more coalescent as new technologies and new abundance provide it with additional reasons for existence.

The present is a period of transition. Those who monitor developments around your globe notice two primary trends: first, your global economy is on its last legs. The 'appearance' of a recovery is mostly hot air and smoke-and-mirrors. The amount of debt continues to grow, while the chorus advocating a new system based on a series of hard currencies and a more local approach swells by the day. The present power structure is reaching the end of its ability to maintain the fiction so loudly trumpeted in the world's mainstream media. The second trend is the growth of people-oriented and spiritually based power structures, which we are interlinking to the rising movement to end the UFO cover-up. Many nations, and even a large group of corporate directors, are advising their associates that the time to redirect their priorities on this issue has arrived. We have personally met with members of the global business community and some key leaders of interconnected global spiritual networks.

All these diverse groups give us the same fundamental reply: the time has come for a benevolent group of outsiders to intervene decisively in the affairs of your world. We have informed them of our first contact mission and of the role in this assigned to the Agarthans. They gladly welcome us and request that such a positive intervention happen in the very near future. The 'families' in charge on this world have grievously erred and humanity stands on a precipice; it can either continue on over the edge or go in a new direction and succeed spectacularly! The key factor in this outcome is for the 'benevolent outside force' to use its advanced technology to produce a situation compelling the dark cabal to resign. Those who operate at important gateways in your society cheer us on toward action during our recent encounters with them! We then tell them about our Earth allies and ask them to join us actively in achieving their passionately held goals.

Thus, a movement is rising up all across your world that is deeply desirous of change. This movement will not be assuaged with mere passing 'fixes' of the multiple ills that assail your societies; it demands a massive recasting of the operating structures and these must reflect new, more enlightened social contracts that are able to keep pace with the swiftly changing New You. Our task is to move all this through its final hoops and prepare you for the transformation of your consciousness. Those who persist in trying to obstruct the inevitable and who want to prolong the financially and spiritually bankrupt status quo are rapidly becoming the dinosaurs on the verge of another mass extinction! Our divine intercession among you intends no such tribulation; we come to shepherd all of you through the final steps of a gleeful journey back to full consciousness. This means we have a very specific mission to accomplish.

We come to expedite the removal of the dark cabal from power and to encourage the global détente that will ensure that the path forward is one of joy! To do this, we began over a year ago to meet regularly with representatives of major governments appointed by the dark cabal. These delegates filled these meetings with grim pronouncements, but lately it has been our turn to do likewise, as we need to make it clear that the furtherance of the dark agenda is now untenable. Moreover, we have the superior technology to back up what must be done. This is not a threat, merely a statement of fact. Our Earth allies, under our guidance, are ready to act and put into effect the truly long-overdue programs. The time for your universal abundance and the recognition of your unalienable rights and individual sovereignty has arrived!

First contact began for us as a very odd mission and was proclaimed by Heaven to be a divine intervention. At first we had no idea how to proceed. We have learned a lot during the interim, and now we understand that we have become a divine option whose grace and wisdom is to lead you back to full consciousness. This is not undertaken lightly. Now we need to intervene more directly and so have increased exponentially the ships in your skies. We have contained those secret technologies that threatened us and that were to be used to enslave you. The only possible future for your world is the one decreed by Heaven and by Lord Surea: the one that is abundant and free and that sweeps you up into the transformation ordained by the divine plan!

Today, we carried on with our discussion of current developments in your reality. Your abundance is at hand, along with a constellation of changes which constitute the next stage on your path to freedom and full consciousness. The moment to celebrate and rejoice in your victory is near! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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