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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Cimi, 4 Zac, 7 Ik -- February 15, 2011

Selamat Balik! We return once again with more to discuss with you. Currently, our Earth allies are engaged upon a series of moves which is to lead to victory! Meanwhile, the dark cabal is busy goading radicals and firebrands within the populist uprisings of the Middle East into confrontation and unrealistic demands in an effort to destabilize local economies. The goal here is to mess up the final stages of the Earth allies' new economic packages waiting in the wings. Another dark agenda is to generate desperately needed petrodollars for the cabal's now-empty coffers by driving the price of oil to record levels. To counter this, our Earth allies have stepped in covertly and are working with the regional leaders of both sides to secure agreements that not only preempt the sharp rise in chaos intended by the dark cabal but also prepare for a smoother transition to the new financial and economic systems. The allies' goal is to turn nationalist fervor into a force that can be used for peace, prosperity, and stability for every nation in the Middle East, and we have used our good offices to aid the efforts of our Earth allies.

In addition to the unrest in the Middle East are the pockets of instability in Sub-Saharan Africa and in East and Southeast Asia. These are caused by the economic difficulties produced by the mountain of debt that has accrued throughout these areas of the planet. In fact, the western-driven fiat-money economy is reaching a point of immense collapse. A number of elements are ready to force the issues of fiat money and virtual wealth which have brought your world to this breaking point. The primary remedy is the setting up of a true precious-metals-backed currency alternative to the dark cabal's broken monetary system. Our Earth allies have worked extensively on ways to introduce these new currencies to you, and now the time has come to begin to usher them in. We are told that the means to do this will be the deliveries of the various types of prosperity funding. The goal of our Earth allies is to start this now, and then use the legal situation created by the deliveries to bring the new governments into being. With their official decrees a new global monetary policy comes formally into operation.

Concurrent with the new monetary policy is a whole raft of new banking and corporate regulations which are to take effect immediately. These rules return your world to a state in which your unalienable, sovereign rights take precedence over the dictatorial nature of current government and corporate policies. The social leveling-action of the redistribution of the globe's wealth added to the rise of true de jure governance alters everything: the dark cabal loses access not only to its illegal wealth-building machine but also to worldwide governmental influence. The new governments are to be people-oriented. Their first concern is to enact a number of policies reinforcing the wealth and well being of their people. Further, these policies will enable them to introduce several technologies that can greatly enhance your daily life. However, for us the most important action is to end the current UFO cover-up. This act alone transforms your world! You are to move beyond your present xenophobia and learn that you are not alone and that your origins are indeed off world.

As we await the actual moment when first contact becomes possible, we watch your world and see the change that is accelerating around you. Gaia intends to alter her surface world and desires to speed up the steps to this end. Meanwhile, your power structure is rapidly transforming. Those in power are only now realizing that the world that has existed for nearly 13 millennia is crumbling at their feet. The various factors that kept them in power are no longer as reliable as before, and the excesses of the dark cabal can no longer be covered up easily. These elements conjoin with the fact that we are here and that we are acting as your defenders. What we require from you is a firm belief in what is happening and some positive action on your part in whatever form comes naturally to you. Support those who openly espouse change. Use your skills to educate your communities and have your views made public. It is time to be an activist for change! This simply means that in some major way you become part of this movement.

As more and more of you adapt to these new realities, you make it possible for a grand transformation to come into your lives much more easily. It is this that excites us about you: you are admirably adaptable, and when the Truth becomes known you can alter your core beliefs quickly. Our part in this is to put before you the necessary amount of evidence which can demonstrate new concepts about your reality. You have, for the most part, submitted passively to the monumental atrocities that the dark cabals have perpetrated upon you in the past, and the present is a good time to change the way you respond to what the dark is once more trying to do. Use your communications technologies and your sheer numbers to help the Earth allies. Show your global society that what was done in the past to stifle you can no longer work. Times have changed. A new attitude is afoot, and it cannot tolerate what the dark is intent on doing. You can no longer be deceived or enslaved!

We are here, as we have said, to provide a galactic option. This option proclaims to your oppressors that there exist ways to terminate their dominance and compel them to concede power and wealth back to you. This gives you a moral responsibility to ensure a meaningful transformation and it is this process which paves the way for your rise in consciousness back to your fully conscious state. Our mission is to work with you to accomplish this. We come not to prevail over you but to welcome our family back. We come to give you the freedom and liberty to return to your natural state of Beingness. This benefits all of us! Your newly garnered wisdom and your special place in this galaxy provide you with special sacred compensations, which are to end permanently the galactic wars that have torn apart this galaxy for millions of years.

You form a vital cog in the Treaty of Anchara. These documents ended the galactic wars nearly a decade and a half ago and now our first-contact mission is to bring you back into the Galactic Federation as a full-fledged and fully conscious member. As you do this, you are to interact freely with the Agarthans and, together, forge a new solar system and star-nation. This star-nation is to consist of the four water planets of your inner solar system and the spirit Beings making up the higher realms who are an important part of your new interdimensional reality. Your new star-nation is to welcome both the former dark ones of this galaxy and those who have been a part of the Galactic Federation for literally millions of years. You are to be a special Beacon of Light that welcomes all of us, as well as those who come from myriad neighboring galaxies.

This sector of the universe has an important role to play in unfolding physical Creation. We know this and rejoice in all that we are about to do. This brings us back to the present: you are on the verge of a unique journey. Our role is to mentor you through the final stages and then to welcome you as the wonderful Beings that you truly are. First contact, as a process, is in its final phase. We can at last emerge openly from the shadows to which the dark and its major governmental allies had consigned us and bask in the Light that is natural to us. We can introduce our technology to you and reveal the discoveries long hidden from you by your governments. The Agarthans and you can then help Gaia to achieve her full-conscious Self.

Today, we continued our discussion of what lies ahead for you and for Gaia. It is to be a time of wonder and joy! A most marvelous journey is ready to unfold, which reunites you with your Spirit and Space families. A grand celebration for us all is about to begin! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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