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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

1 Eb, 10 Tzec, 2 Ik -- October 24, 2006

Selamat Bakir! (Welcome!) We return, dear Hearts, with more to say about the global goings-on. As you know, our Earth allies continue to work assiduously toward a most successful conclusion. Their final projects include a number of events whose purpose is to ensure that the abundance "goodies" and all that comes with them accomplish their intended goals. As you also know, these disbursements experienced some delays but these are now in the latter stages of being resolved. What is imperative is the trouncing from power of the current US regime. In its stead, a proper procedure to restore the American Constitution and re-establish common law is to be put in place. This transitional governance will have a very full schedule and is to last around eight months in order to make sure that a new and fairly elected government has the tools to maintain the myriad reforms that are to be announced during this time. This means that a new set of rules is to be implemented in the months following the regime change. Also, a comprehensive review of all personnel now involved in the present US political and legal systems is to be carried out.

These reviewing procedures along with the restored American constitutional system are to be the crux of a process that is to actively engage the American citizenry. The present crisis in American governance is due in large part to the abandonment of those participatory principles that long were the hallmark of early American governance. The prevalence of town-hall-style meetings on important issues dwindled in the face of the post-industrialized society developed over the last century. Now the moment has come to reinstate these traditions and to guarantee that the doctrines behind them again become a living, central component of American democracy. Those involved in the present countercoup firmly support this view. America is a great vision whose vitality is being drained by the pillaging of a powerful elite acting hand-in-glove with their multinational cohorts. The transitional regime's first task is to end this iniquity and explain that the sudden new direction is a restoration of the original tenets of American democracy, which were so eloquently articulated in The American Declaration of Independence.

The direct involvement of the people in the operation of government first requires the successful spread of economic prosperity. Banishing the present survival-mode lifestyle will allow everyone the opportunity to call for and attend meetings to debate issues of concern. These assemblies will also fully explain, explore, and adjudicate any and all potential ordinances of local and national implication. An understanding of the true big picture will at all times be kept in mind. Participatory democracy is essential to the development of the greater good while simultaneously ensuring the protection of each person's unalienable rights. In this way, the citizenry are an ever-vigilant watchdog committee, monitoring all components of government to make sure that those they elect enact their true interests into law. Also, a more direct interaction between legislatures and constituents is to be ordained initially by the interim regime. To quote one of your axioms: The cost of effective democracy is eternal vigilance by the citizenry.

This increased degree of participation is a prelude to understanding the basic principles of galactic society, which is founded upon local actions positively affecting the larger whole. This ongoing interaction between the local and the larger whole of society is pivotal to the success of galactic society. The challenge here is to act locally and think globally. A galactic society fully recognizes the interdependence of its parts and, more to the point, the way in which this fundamental linkage creates a motivation to solve any problem it encounters quickly and effectively. This "life pulse" of society gets its strength from the desire of the people to be involved in the governance of their society. In fact, a legislature of the whole and of the many parts is always in session. In this way, the sovereignty and the inherent rights of each citizen are carefully respected. These rights are nurtured by an enculturation process each goes through from child- to adulthood. The same process can flower in a prosperity-based, highly participatory democracy.

You will be surprised to see how quickly it becomes second nature for all to want to solve any and all problems that come up. Working together produces a knowing of the way different cultures are linked together by common interest. It is this desire to sustain one another while working for the common good that is one of the basic principles of democracy. "Unity from diversity" is the first stage in learning about and sharing each other's common bonds, the most obvious of which is that you are all residents of a fragile living entity called Mother Earth. It is your respect for her ecosystem and your sincere intent to work together in harmony toward the common good that enables her to sustain you. Looking about you now, this vision may seem an absurdly optimistic view of any likely future, but as you begin to work together, nurtured by an abundant realm geared to a genuine drive for global cooperation, the sky will be no limit for you!

One of the aims of first contact is to assist you in harnessing these potentials for the greater good. However, spreading global abundance without the immediate removal from power of those who seek to perpetuate the old dark ways would indeed be fruitless! Our desire and that of our Earth allies is to carry out the vital steps that will deliver you from the burdensome yoke of the old guard, and to do this rapidly. It is speed that will put you into a new reality in which the posturing of tin-pot dictators and the psychotic schemes of the power-grabbers are relegated to the history books. Then at last you will experience leaders who are truly "on the same page" as the electorate. We look forward to guiding you toward this vision and helping you set up new doctrines for your world's leaders. The time comes to put an end to mayhem and to begin legitimate spiritual reform!

Your world has suffered for nearly 13 millennia under the harsh rule of the dark ones. These miscreants poisoned your minds with the fear and dread needed to usurp your natural powers of creation. In this distorted reality, you bought into a self-image of limitation and forgot about your unbounded natures given to you by the Creator. Now your task is to reverse this nonsense and, through spiritual growth, to reclaim your heritage and transform your world. The present differences in culture and belief systems are facets of an underlying oneness that unites you all. Our role is to help you perceive this and to act as a catalyst for the birth of your new reality. Seen in this context, first contact becomes a step in a dance that is to swirl you onwards and upwards into new concepts and visions of yourself and your place in the universe.

This transformation is taking place on many levels at once. The most gripping aspect for you so far seems to be the pending legal ouster of the present US regime. But for us it is the accelerating shift in your spiritual awareness. The most significant developments in history go unnoticed at the start; then over time they gather the momentum needed to reveal their importance. We see this syndrome in operation on your world today. Most of you regard the surface events in your reality as valid hints of what is to come. We, however, take the ebb and flow of consciousness shifts to be the true watersheds of any age. Today, on your world, a consciousness shift of vast proportions is happening. This one fact alone guarantees that a blessed and wholly new world is inevitable and, moreover, that it is just around the corner. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we again reviewed the events of your day. We ask you to bear in mind that they are mere window-dressings for change. A deep transformation is upon you, which is to bring in a glorious new reality, and we ask you to stand firm within this viewpoint. As you do this, you will see and know in your innermost Being that a new day is dawning around you. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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