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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Cimi, 4 Xul, 2 Ik -- November 7, 2006

Selamat Bakir! We come before you once again, dear Hearts! This world continues its apparently unstoppable momentum toward disaster. Yet we know that this surface appearance belies what is covertly happening on other levels across the globe. In Europe, Asia, and above all America, a new day is preparing to dawn, which is to deeply affect the welfare of the poor, the oppressed, and the downtrodden. Nowhere is this to be more exemplified than in Africa. For decades, this land has been witness to the most severe calamities caused by both humanity and nature, and it is here that our Earth allies amassed humanitarian programs designed to reinstate an unending prosperity, which is to realize the vast potential of this amazing continent. Africa is heir to a proud history and home to many distinctive cultures whose promise has been smothered for centuries. Now, Africa is to become a shining example of how deep distress can be magnificently and rapidly turned around. In like manner, total reform of your world's economic, political, and social systems is to sweep across the whole of your beloved Earth.

Such profound reform is predicated on an equally in-depth transformation of your global banking and financial systems, starting with a redistribution of this planet's monetary resources and its conversion to a true-value currency system. To be effective, this operation requires that a massive increase in your world's supply of gold and silver be substantiated. Simultaneously, the inflation of the recent past must be annulled, accompanied by a major adjustment of the global pricing system to pre-inflation levels. All this is to be effected in a manner that minimizes the disruption that such drastic adjustments would normally justify. For once, these changes are not being used for personal gain; they are being resorted to as a means to swiftly level the world's economic and monetary playing fields. Once this is done, these revaluations set the stage for equally massive political reform and worldwide debt forgiveness. This unprecedented global prosperity can then release you to focus on redressing your dire pollution debacle and on integrating a plethora of exciting new technologies.

Your present transformation toward the Light greatly worries the dark. This consternation lies at the root of the schemes over the past six decades to counter, stall, and misdirect your growth toward the Light. This is why you live in a world that ignores the truth about all aspects of your transformation; instead, attention is focused on a series of bogus wars: e.g. the cold war and, recently, the war against terrorism. In each case, the "need" to go to war was contrived. Each coldly planned deception was designed to swamp you in fear and perpetuate a sense of imminent doom. The powers that be on your world are master manipulators. For millennia, they used every tool at their disposal to trick you and thereby keep you under their thumb. Today's rampant chaos, which seems to be leading yet again to unavoidable global conflagration, is basically the same old parlor trick to keep you in fear. Use your intuition as you watch their empty words and posturing. Our intention in these messages is to assist you in developing your discernment so that you can see clearly what is truly happening on your world.

As the consciousness grids that construct this reality shift upwards, the ability of any one group to manipulate a divinely prescribed outcome weakens significantly. This fact is not lost on the dark, but still these rapscallions work unflaggingly to delay the inevitable. As you know, this obstinacy makes the Earth allies' work more difficult to manifest. Yet, despite continuous obstacles and danger, the allies are now at the point of finishing off the final details of their immensely complex undertaking. Each component relies upon a rare degree of cooperation from all the others, making this group of individuals uniquely praiseworthy in the history of your planet. Mother Earth is most encouraged and, as a result, has agreed to continue her struggle to maintain her present degree of balance. However, her valiant pledge puts a great deal of pressure on our Earth allies to complete their goals as planned. To this end, our liaison personnel are applying their expertise in-group harmony to the smooth interaction of these myriad interlocking groups.

At this point in the proceedings, we know it is hard for you to take on trust the truly monumental complexity of this task. This first contact mission is far more than just a routine assignment to open up another star nation to membership in the Galactic Federation of Light. The process of spiritual and physical transformation on Mother Earth is becoming a bellwether for other such shifts and as such is a most welcome learning curve. This mission is providing us with experience and data that we need at this particular juncture in our history. It is not merely that your contribution has helped us to integrate the former Anchara Alliance into our ranks; or that your fears and impatience have helped us to better comprehend the effects and physical constructs of this part of physicality. What is most important here is that the goings-on in this reality have prepared, in a most positive manner, for the unfolding of this aspect of the divine plan.

This readiness of your realm to receive a glorious future is paramount. The coming abundance, as we often emphasize, is a relatively minor part of a much more consequential series of events. Plans are afoot to not only transform your planetary society but to permit you to completely reinvent yourselves. This is nothing short of extraordinary! Just think about it: a section of your ruling elite, in accordance with the Ascended Masters and Heaven, decides to break rank and put their resources into vanquishing their remaining all-powerful cohorts. Such was their resolve to rid the world of these unrepentant ones that they were, despite the odds, unsquashable. This odyssey became high adventure with our arrival on the scene. Now, we are nearing the happy point where you are to be included in the exploits in which many surprises and an exciting conclusion are about to be revealed!

This weaving of the Light into physicality is a most absorbing assignment. Those of us who manage various parts of physicality comprehend what an ambitious undertaking it is. You who are enmeshed in the depths of limited consciousness have in many ways a most perplexing realm to grapple with. From an early age, you are tossed into situations that can seem unfathomable. You do your best to survive in a world where the blind lead the blind, without even a semblance of a workable operations manual to guide you. The gumption you daily display evokes our admiration. We want you to know that the sometimes grueling changes you are coping with are laying the foundation for an exhilarating future. And in the short term, the changes that will sweep in with first contact are to bring a more gracious and blessed reality for all of Earth's humanity.

From our standpoint, this first contact mission is intrinsic to realizing a great dream of galactic humanity. Long ago, the ancient ancestors of humanity prophesied the seed world of this galaxy would be discovered. Here, a very special branch of the human family was one day to reside. Bearing this in mind, your inner Earth family and we observed your progress and aided you in your journey when necessary. Each bump in your history yielded advances in your march back to full consciousness. Now you are taking the last steps of this trek. The remnants of your collective shadow side are being mirrored in the global rise in chaos. Rejoice in all of this, for it is just the final divine challenge for you. As we tell you time and again, you are destined to pass through this and fulfill divine prophecy. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to look at it all as a triumphal march. You are a participant and aware in many ways of what is taking place while also being mostly lost in the amnesia that still blinds you to who you truly are. The time ahead promises to reveal all this to you. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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