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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Ben, 11 Xul, 2 Ik   --  November 14, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Ones, with new things to say about your world! About you swirl myriad currents in chaotic fashion. This huge rendering of Light into matter is rapidly transforming your world, including the fundamental grids and interlinked nodal points which, for 13 millennia, have been responsible for this present aspect of physicality. Prior to that, this reality was filled with special energy that poured into her from every part of the spiritual Universe. Suddenly, this energy was ruptured by a catastrophe that took down the dominant Empire of Atlantis and set this reality upon a course that put it under the full control of the dark. However, this so-called fall was in reality part of a divine journey to teach you about the devious ways of the dark. The cataclysm reduced the human population to barely 15 million. These Beings were utterly childlike in their outlook and very primitive in their technology. They knew little or nothing of why they were here and retained no knowledge of their true origins.

On top of this, they suffered from a devastating disconnect from their former laboratory-based support groups which had so wonderfully cared for them. This overwhelming "casting out into the wilderness" was utterly confusing and left them vulnerable to the wiles of passing malefactors. Starving and unable to protect themselves from the elements, humanity initially appeared doomed. At this ripe moment, the Anunnaki swooped in and presented themselves as saviors, teaching humans how to build shelters, and hunt for and cultivate food. Predictably this wisdom was not given freely; the cost was nothing less than the worship of the Anunnaki as their gods and goddesses. The rituals included ceremonial chants, which praised them as the creators of all humanity and the makers of physicality. These lies had the effect, in a few humans, of jarring the general amnesia and led to an open break from this one-sided agreement. The ensuing punishments taught humanity some harsh lessons. And yet, inadvertently, the new "divine rulers" set in motion a spark that was later to bring a memory of former times.

This spark was to be felt time and again as the Anunnaki vented their wrath by destroying one human society after another. These times are chronicled in the worldwide myths and legends that make up the basis of the religions of your indigenous peoples. Even the ancient tales of the European nations, which attempted to eradicate these myths in the last few centuries, are filled with similar notions. It is this "lost" history that holds a major key to the transformations now happening on your world. The stories of the destruction of Atlantis and the untimely demise of Lemuria are apt parables of what you see being played out in your modern world. Through its myriad guises, the dark has long sought complete global domination. They pledge to secure the peace, or ensure freedom or prosperity in exchange for your compliance with their latest devilry. As you know full well, freedom and prosperity derive from full individual sovereignty, but this runs counter to the philosophy of the dark. Slavery is their ultimate goal, and thus your history is one long catalogue of the unending struggle between unilateral control and individual rights.

This battle accelerates today, as the powerful try, none too subtly, to influence the powerless. Yet, despite the dark's many stratagems, the sheer multiplicity of Mother Earth's cultures, religions, and languages have curbed the expected rapidity of their success. Further, the number of those who oppose them grows daily. This defiance angers them and goads them into actions that, to us, are signs that they believe their window for success is closing rapidly. As in ancient Atlantis, they underestimated the response to their evil deeds. In fact, their global plan is currently undergoing something of a metamorphosis. The results of the recent American elections were a ruse to make the unwary believe that some degree of meaningful change was in the making. Nothing is further from the truth! The dark does not intend to lessen its stranglehold without a fight. So, like their Atlantean counterparts, they are headed for catastrophe!

This coming disaster is presaged by the many hidden faux pas that the dark cabal in America has already committed. These include leaving the most important monetary policy decisions to their European counterparts and basing their global security requirements upon the recommendations of supposed Asian and European allies. In doing so, gaping holes have appeared in their armor and this permits our Earth allies to finish off some crucial details pertaining to your joint victory. Like the Atlanteans, the hubris of the dark knows no bounds. Unbeknown to them, the new monetary and fiscal structures are now in place and awaiting the final command to come on line. And now the dark, like their Atlantean brethren who launched the ill-fated moon, have also signaled their imminent destruction. In this case, this newly launched "moon" is a specially encrypted set of programs designed to release and deliver the much-needed prosperity provisions.

Your society is to swiftly morph into one quite similar in most respects to that of Lemuria. This was a galactic society based upon the divine principles of freedom and individual sovereignty. In this milieu, each person's unalienable rights can flourish. By honoring these rights and the enormous potential of her inhabitants, galactic societies function as environments where every problem has a solution and all are empowered to create and manifest their true inner joys. In the case of the Atlanteans, the nefarious galactic empires they daily encountered warped these life-giving concepts until a new paradigm was born in them, a paradigm that reflected the beliefs of the dark-inclined empires. Thereupon, the Atlanteans decided to find out how a limited-conscious human society would react to having this new dark paradigm imposed on them.

It is these corrupted notions that produced the scheme to destroy Lemuria and the resulting morass that present Earth humanity has inherited. Your salvation is to return to the principles and lifestyle of Lemuria. She must be bought out of the cobwebs of mythology and her ethos duly studied; she is a pivotal part of your untold history and, thus, impacts your future. The past involves not just the connivances of the dark but also the proud example set by the Lemurians and their wondrous offspring, you! The Lemurian survivors who decided to remain on the surface and not move to new inner Earth homes were the subjects of the Atlantean experiments that produced present Earth humans. Thus, you are all descendants of Lemuria and carry within you the legacy of past lost glories.

As Lemuria prepares to resurface from the depths of the Pacific, you need to look closely at what transpired in the wake of the destruction of Atlantis. As the new humans left their homes in Asia, Africa, and Europe, they journeyed across the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans to found new societies that were tutored by the Anunnaki. Despite this lengthy brainwashing, the legacy of Lemuria has welled up and acts as a great Light to lead you back to your source. The lost continent of Lemuria thus becomes a parable for the Light and a reassurance that you are indeed destined to establish a new Lemuria. This new Lemuria is to become the start of your new star nation. The events we address in our messages are part of this magnificent operation, and first contact simply a step in your return to who you truly are! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we looked at the events of the coming day from a different angle. We call upon you to constantly bear the bigger picture in mind and, in so doing, to more clearly comprehend how this divine process for change operates. Use your intuition to grasp the full implications of this first contact mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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