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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Ahau, 18 Xul, 2 Ik   --  November 21, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return with more about the reality that surrounds you! Each day, the forces of Light come closer to manifesting a new reality. As we continually affirm, this reality is to be something truly wonderful. The final bricks of this new global edifice are being laid as we speak, and we therefore ask for your patience a little while longer. As you can imagine, this moment requires the strictest secrecy and certain details must be withheld until the fait accompli is a done deal. Until then, we are allowed to address only what has already happened. To begin with, the stranglehold of the last cabal had to be breached; this was done by successfully disguising a number of massive financial transactions as something they were not. This ploy permitted the erection of a temporary Trojan horse that has allowed a huge amount of money to flow into the coffers of our Earth allies. This money forms the basis for wiping out the debt of the poor nations of Africa, Asia, and the Americas that was incurred from illegal loans made to them by the so-called developed world.

      Another interesting development is the amount of recent positive movement among the European banking community. This is being encouraged by a series of secret rulings by the World Court and other major international legal institutions. This shift toward a new, more moral sense of law is due to the courageous maneuverings of key members of the major secret ruling families of Europe. These precedents promise that the laws to be promulgated after the removal of the dark cabal are to be an ethical about-face! This crying need for a more responsible and truly moral legal framework is coupled to a set of covert agreements between some of our Earth allies in Europe and various political and economic factions. The point here is to emphasize that crucial alliances are being formed which ensure that a sweeping reform of present European political, social, and economic structures be ready to roll. This reform is linked to the necessary removal of the present US regime, which in turn is hooked into a number of situations that are developing in Asia.

      Asia is quickly becoming a major theater of operations for our Earth allies. Here, the resources as well as the necessary secrecy for the last steps of this global procedure can be worked out and then applied. Asia has a long history of intrigue, and this has required an extra amount of security surrounding any dealings there. Our Earth allies are currently supplying the necessary expertise. To assist them, we have given these secret operatives a lot of much-needed information about this region. This data, when added to their own, has allowed them to put up the necessary smoke screens to keep key individuals and groups from harm. All this permits a series of international operations to move toward conclusion. The primary ones are various financial projects, which include the many prosperity programs. These are now being protected and guarded by the legal and intelligence groups referred to above. Their due diligence is also helping several intra-governmental groups to plan the removal of the rogue US regime.

      While these vital momentums proceed, a number of regimes, still controlled by remnants of the dark cabal, are busy recreating the elements that led to your "cold war." The intention is to lock your world once again into a series of potential catastrophes that can permit the dark to assure itself that their infrastructure for controlling and manipulating your reality remains intact. The key elements are fear, chaos, and the threat of war. Added to these are contrived medical emergencies like AIDS and the spread of famine. These abysmal conditions are the dark's bread and butter. It is these artificially created scourges, amongst others, that can be rooted out by the capabilities of your new reality. Poverty, war, injustice, and pestilence are the four horsemen of the dark. Eliminating them removes the power that the dark needs in order to maintain this reality. It is these that feed your inner fear, which in turn is the final measure of the dark's power over you.

      As this last bit of chaos and fear engulfs you, you need to see what is occurring as part of a larger struggle. The dark is desperate. All his tricks, which used to work so well in the past, are becoming ineffectual. Moreover, the drives working toward his downfall and transformation are flourishing. Suddenly the dark must re-evaluate matters that he had staunchly denied until now. The time is rapidly approaching when those who seek his downfall can achieve victory. This troubles him, and yet his haughtiness keeps him from properly assessing this threat. In fact, his arrogance is being used to great advantage by the Light: To the dark, all seems unchanged; but beneath the surface he is rapidly loosing the upper hand in a huge struggle. This hidden struggle is now global in scope and despite an enormous handicap is also now receiving the financial, social, and political resources needed for a final victory!

      These advances we are describing to you have allowed us to accelerate some of the requirements for first contact. First contact, as we have often noted, creates a definitive watershed for humanity. On one side are your former xenophobic selves; on the other, your new galactic selves. This enormous shift in consciousness is a reality revolution all by itself. Think of it! Your perceptions of yourselves as being unique and alone in the universe pass away in an instant. All of a sudden, the mysteries of this galaxy become comprehensible. With this, a vast revolution within your religious and scientific realms swiftly follows, triggering an urge to explore your realm with new eyes. An explosion of ideas that dwarfs the European Renaissance will sweep through your planet in the blink of an eye. And you are moving at the speed of consciousness into a new world of Light!

      Then, you are to be introduced to a literal "starburst" of new technologies to free you from the necessity to exploit Mother Earth for your survival needs. These will give you the capabilities to restore to Mother Earth what you had previously taken from her. These natural resources, such as metals, ores, gemstones, and petroleum, are part of what she needs to maintain herself. Now you have graduated from exploiter to preserver. You become her gentle and wise steward. In this capacity, you can assist her ecosystem, comprising both inner and outer Earth. This transition of yours endows you with a new perception of Creation and a new wisdom of the way physicality operates, preparing you rapidly to assume an even higher role, that of Physical Angel. You are merging into the ranks of the Ascended Masters and reconnecting with your Soul families.

      Seen in this light, first contact becomes more than an exercise in galactic diplomacy. It becomes one of the main instruments needed for your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light. As one of the primary catalysts for this enormous reality shift, we realize how important our role is becoming. First contact draws closer with each day. Tremendous events are very near to manifesting. A great deal of work and a great deal of detailed planning has gone into this. The current nature of your world requires that a large degree of secrecy be drawn over what is still left to do. What excites us is how all of this is happening. We respect those who have given so much to ensure that you can live in a wholly new reality. However, the greatest appreciation goes to each of you who maintain the Light without the reassurance of knowing fully what is going on around you.

      Today, we continued our discussion of the progress in your reality. At this time, we can do little more than ask for your continued patience. Your dedicated focus and your unfaltering acceptance of the Light's divine agenda are wondrous to behold! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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