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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Manik, 5 Yaxk'in, 2 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We humbly gather before you again, dear Souls! We arrive with a great Love to kindly offer you knowledge of what is transpiring among the mindful multitudes of Light vibrations that forge your blessed reality. Harken unto this, dear Traveler! This realm of yours is now primed for a great revolution in both mind and, most of all, Soul. For millennia, your realm was dominated by a dark energy that twisted your divine connection to your spiritual essence. Presently, this is being remedied by a massive reconstruction instituted by Heaven. As you are being rapidly reconnected, a rising level of awareness lessens the former immense power of the dark. This effect is being accompanied by a series of global procedures designed to make permanent a new, abundant, and more highly conscious reality. All of this is presently underway and preparing to manifest before you. The entire divine undertaking is under the direct supervision of Heaven and her sacred followers residing in the temporal Maya called physicality. We come today to discuss this with you and to bring you Peace and divine good news!

      In past messages, we touched on the complex, detailed procedures required to bring all this to fruition. These secret projects are aided by the immense energy shifts happening to you on a physical, mental, emotional and, of course, spiritual level. This operation is planned to manifest when your own inner revolution reaches a critical mass and is timed by Heaven to be accomplished when the outer revolution is very near to completion. Here, we are required to state the dual meaning of our use of the word "completion." First is the completion implied by the first-stage transformation of your present global economic, social, and political systems, which are to move you into a period of abundance, massive technological advances, and global intra-governmental cooperation. This is to be tied into the final playing-out of limited consciousness. The second meaning and highest level of completion involves first contact, accepting who you truly are, and starting you toward building your own galactic society. Completion thus comes in two linked stages: a finishing-off of this reality, and then its alteration into something new.

      Saying all this is one thing; doing it is truly something else! Heaven fully comprehends this saying and has from the start worked diligently with your life contracts to create the desired results. This meant bringing forth those individuals needed to achieve this change; properly educating them in what was technically feasible; and, finally, putting them in a position to carry out their assigned destiny. Persons so chosen became what we call "our Earth allies." At present, they are busy completing a number of tasks whose results can be used to forge a new political, economic, and social order for your global society. This movement is being helped by a newly developing science that is going beyond the age-old belief in logical positivism. Consequently, a new paradigm founded on an acceptance of the power of Spirit and upon the power of the mind is merging with a new ethic, one based on a strict adherence to global and personal responsibilities. These responsibilities have made it necessary to redefine government and the way it relates to the individual. Added to this is a need to institute a global abundance.

     This growing mechanism for change is incorporated into a forever-evolving dynamic. Doing this permits the process to adapt itself to any changes in the global web. This communion of people and events results in a moving mass of energy. The crucial point is to move all of this forward toward the prescribed divine goals. This ongoing project contains a nearly infinite set of human variables whose definitions of themselves are inherently changing, and so a great deal of mindful divine intercession is often necessary. This is effected in two main ways: either by way of vivid dreams and conscious inner suggestions to key individuals, or by the use of specific tasks carried out by Galactic Federation liaison teams assigned to this aspect of your consciousness evolution. These teams, along with their divine counterparts, work diligently to keep this entire operation on an even keel. This results in progress that can and will, ultimately, succeed!

      This requirement by Heaven to work this massive reality in a specific manner puts a huge amount of stress on the carrying-out of this particular first contact mission. First contact is normally a swift procedure, done according to accepted criteria. Like the model presented above, this mission required us to evolve and break free from our previous limits. This demands of us a quite novel approach. We have relished this challenge and learned much about your world as well as our own. Physicality is a strange illusion that possesses many odd twists and turns. It is where Spirit goes to learn new wisdom and express herself in infinite ways. Your reality is just such an example. Our interaction teaches both of us about our potential and, indeed, we are raised up by what we come to know of each other. This divine interaction promises much for our society and yours.

      The present concerns of first contact involve certain necessary governmental as well as economic transformations. These are linked to a number of strategies we have incorporated into the evolving first contact scenario. During the past decade, vital relationships were forged with many local peoples in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific islands. These contacts proved to us that the next step requires the evisceration of the present global UFO cover-up, followed by a massive contact. Anything less would be open to the standard reactions, which range from an implied fear of invasion to proclaimed assumptions of less-than-benevolent, unknown agendas. Only an enlightening appeasement of these innate fears can give rise to a beneficial and smoothly carried-out first contact.

      First contact continues to be a situation requiring a number of preconditions. Among these is a groundswell of official approval. Until then, the powers that be on your world can use their control of your major media outlets to limit the possibility that first contact actually happens. This sorry situation is the main roadblock to finishing up this undertaking. Accordingly, we utilized our best diplomatic and liaison teams to establish timelines and scenarios for us. This work produced the database that we employ to assess the most effective way to complete first contact. Be aware that all major governments know about our fleet and its galactic mission. Those scientists researching this field who deny our existence are simply expressing official positions given them by their superiors. Soon this farce can at last be put to rest.

      We are very grateful that this first contact mission is reaching a potential moment for completion. Our Earth allies have worked very hard to get all of us to this point. However, some things remain outstanding and we intend that these be done as planned. Around you are a vast sea of ships and a multitude of Earth-based individuals and groups. All of these are in addition to the powerful work of Heaven, which follows the nuances of the divine plan and the sacred decrees of Lord Surea. These sacred instruments are leading you to a glorious destiny, which is to transform your present reality into a new, fully conscious one. It is these gathering momentums that make first contact inevitable! Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious!

      Today, we continued our messages about your transforming reality. As always, we ask you to stay focused on your inevitable victory and to be ready to assist your communities when so required. Very soon, we shall all celebrate the coming of a new reality to your realm. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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