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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Ix, 12 Yaxk'in, 2 Ik  - December 5, 2006

Selamat Bakir! We return with more to discuss with you. Much is afoot which guarantees that you are approaching the moment when the longed-for abundance promised you by the Divine can finally be delivered to your door! The rising chaos surrounding the US regime is indicative of big shifts in the balance of power taking place behind closed doors. Our Earth allies fully anticipated this last minute, desperate scurrying about. The last cabal is seeing some of its most cherished plans for staying in power being dashed. Its members are meeting in secret around the globe trying to come up with some way to escape their increasing obvious fate. Soon, the final pincer movements are to start. Recognizing this, many senior members of this dark cadre are covertly negotiating with us to intervene on their behalf with the Earth allies. They wish at this eleventh hour to "cut a deal" giving them immunity in exchange for handing over the reigns of power which they have stubbornly held on to well past the agreed date.

      The incoming power structure contains programs that promise great relief for the multitudes. These include essential regime changes, which are needed to complete first contact, and abundance and debt-relief procedures designed to swiftly end the wealth monopoly of your secret and once-powerful rulers. These provisions have taken time to establish, and now they are near completion. Thus, we call for your patience and ask you to remain within the peaceful and joyous Spirit that traditionally characterizes this time of the year. Many things are happening in many places that promise much for each of you. Draw on your spiritual wealth and exhibit the non-judgment of the great Masters that you honor. Use the example of their wisdom to rise above anger and undue negative thoughts. This moment in your history brings a divinely directed transformation in your reality and has been long in coming. Now, inevitably, it has arrived. This time calls for your due diligence and inherent optimism in order to fall into place as so blessedly envisioned by the Creator.

      Remember that this reality shift is a collective procedure that requires everyone to remain confident and able to visualize your magnificent rewards. For our part, we contribute by planning for your richly deserved victory and by preparing our craft and personnel for what is needed to move you from your present world to your abundant new one. This means that our responsibilities do not end with a formal first contact; this is only the beginning. Much technology is to be transferred and an enormous education project is to get underway. You, as a people, need to be moved to a point where your expanding consciousness can truly blossom. You also need an objective new way of looking at this marvelous living universe that we all live in. All this, as well as preparing you for full consciousness, is a full schedule for our first contact counselors. The post-contact environment is to introduce you to a plethora of sentient life forms who all share this beautiful galaxy with you. Also, one of the events we intend to sponsor is a guided media tour of the Milky Way Galaxy.

      The solar systems of this galaxy run the gamut from ones quite similar to your own, to ones that are different in number and size of planets, and types of sun at their core. The sheer beauty of the multicolored dust clouds, nebulas, and star clusters that make up this galaxy adds to this diversity. Everywhere, the glories of conscious creation are evident. One of the things that every exploration fleet enjoys is making detailed studies of these magnificent celestial phenomena, and we wish very much to share this with you so that you can see at first hand how exquisite all of this is. Preparing you to become full galactic citizens means that you need a complete run-down on the composition of this galaxy and the sentient Beings who are your neighbors. So, once the initial formalities of first contact are over, you are to become acquainted with the many Beings who are ready to receive you in Love and to help you dispel any reservations concerning them that you may have.

      As your consciousness grows, it becomes quite natural for you to realize that you are not alone in this galaxy, and that you are being visited and watched over by Beings who have the capability to travel freely throughout the cosmos. You will quickly perceive the evidence of this all around you and, as your awareness as a species expands, you will feel comfortable, if not excited, at being chosen for first contact. Over a decade ago, we began this mission knowing that this unstoppable growth in your consciousness was reaching a critical mass. This is why we endured the discrediting of our motives by your ruling caciques. We understood that your awakening was soon to put a spoke in their well laid but malignant plans for your formal imprisonment. Freedom is your destiny, and Personal Sovereignty, your infallible prize. And no one can keep you from your decreed inheritance!

      Knowing this, we began to encourage a movement among you to fully actualize this grand heritage. The result is the content of this series of messages, each one designed to move you closer to accepting the inevitability of your destiny. This destiny has taken not only many millennia to get to this point, but also a great deal of courage and dogged tenacity to manifest. Fully manifested, it will be your divine gift from Lord Surea. Bless eternally the wonders of this awesome dispensation! Heaven turns her grand powers of grace and Love upon you and gives you all a sacred victory over the dark. The first proclamations of this victory, now so close to happening, are to be prosperity, debt annulment, and peace. These will be followed by our formal recognition and our mass arrival on your shores.

      The accelerating collapse of your present world structure is happening for a reason: Your world needs to shift. Those who seek personal wealth over global abundance, and power at the expense of the common good have unduly held back your society's natural progress. These secret rulers have run their course and now a new paradigm is imperative. This is why your world is swamped in chaos and your global ecosystems rent by skyrocketing extinctions. On one level your world is dying as she prepares to morph into something wholly different. This transformation is to be boosted by the event of first contact, which brings to a stunning end your too-long quarantine from your spiritual and space families. Thereupon, all efforts can focus on your return to full consciousness. This divine sequence of events is your true destiny.

      In this message, we focused our attention on certain facts for a reason. We wish you to see what is happening not only as a series of divinely decreed events, but also as a result of what you willed into being. Change happens for a number of reasons, the foremost being that it is the collective Will of a reality's inhabitants. You "willed" us here as necessary agents of intercession, and your collective intent coalesced into the vision that is now unfolding. The impending events are thus your joint responsibility. However, this responsibility does not end with you; it involves us--your galactic family. First contact is a natural response to what you have put forth. It reflects our respect for your decisions and, like a true family, we come to support you, to embrace you, and to help you through the final stages of your divine metamorphosis.

      Today, we honed in on yet another aspect of your ongoing reality and consciousness shift. This shift is to be honored by our first contact with you. We salute you for your patience, your Love, and above all, for your belief in your victory. All of this promises a most magnificent future for all of you. Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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