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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Men, 18 Ceh, 1 Caban

       Selamat Jarin! We return once again, dear Hearts! Around you is a reality that is transforming rapidly into something wonderful! It is changing subtly on a number of levels. In recent reports, we discussed how these changes are affecting your entire local reality and her many "compadres." This process is being reflected throughout this galaxy as the dark followers of Anchara (the dark lord) adjust to these same changes in their former homelands. The cessation of a galactic war and the animosities that accompanied this long period of strife has brought new opportunities for change. These various dark empires, which were unused to the degree of freedom offered them by the Light, see your world as a fitting example of what they are currently doing. Hence, you are being watched closely by a large number of newly formed star-nations and star leagues. These many groups form the vast ever-changing fleets that ring the outer regions of your solar system. It is their sincerest wish that you quickly succeed in your tasks and permit this first contact to be summarily completed.

      As you move toward your inevitable destiny, our fleet can observe how the time-space continuum that envelops your world is transforming. Each year, about 30 minutes of time is shaved off. At present, your day is actually just under 16 hours. This time change is not noticeable since your reality adjusts quickly to these changes. For example, your clocks and calendars function as before. Nevertheless, this modification has quickened your seasons causing odd changes in your weather and climate. Added to this are the environmental changes induced by worldwide pollution. These factors are joining forces with the ongoing reality shift that you are currently going through. In short, your world's reality is being acted upon by a number of immense global indicators. Many of the Earth's changes and even some of your most intense political and economic difficulties are partially due to the coalescing of these important factors. Our duty is to report this to you and prepare you for what lies ahead. Thus, you need to see Mother Earth and the Universe she is part of as a living, interconnected and highly conscious entity.

      When you view the Universe from this mindset, you start to see things that were hitherto obscured. Change, as previously noted, can be subtle and quite contextual. An automatic process based on your past perceptions filters your understanding of your environment. Thus, many current observations may not make sense to your mind at first; they are altered by past belief systems into the verisimilitude of the commonplace. The solution is to constantly question all you see and hear. The Universe is reflecting back different images that are often blocked by old notions of what is real. One example is looking at "stars" in the night sky that behave in a strange way; your mind tells you that the odd light patterns and apparent movements are caused by distortions in the Earth's atmosphere. If you spend enough time with this, you can see that this is not the case. Likewise, weird sounds and unaccountable feelings of uneasiness can signal that something is amiss in your reality. These are positive portents that your reality is indeed changing.

      What we are getting at is that your reality renders up her indicators when you are truly ready to see and hear them. This mode comes from showing your dedication and commitment to the Universe to perceive and accept her as a living presence. When this divine moment arrives, you begin to view the Universe in a more holistic way. Next, you can see consciousness behind every action. You live in a constant state of learning in which the "awe of the new" never leaves you. As a "child of Creation," you embody a never-ending learning mode. Even though you planned many parts of your life in detail before you were born, there are, nevertheless, opportunities in life for learning about new things and discovering more about how this wondrous Creation operates. You have come to Mother Earth in order to learn, and add your personal touch to this marvelous concoction-your living reality. In turn, this reality has many vital points of wisdom to share with you.

      Your reality is as much a part of you as you are of her. All living Beings are immersed in a great unity that ultimately becomes the Creator. Your greatest prophets and seers have expressed this truth. This living Universe is composed of a divine Light ordered by Love. Indeed, the mathematics we use is based upon the transintegral properties of all things. This calculus uses consciousness as its base and not the natural material distortions of physicality. One of our purposes is to teach you the principles of our science of consciousness and how to quantify her properties. Then, the many anomalies present in your observations can be easily accounted for. As you begin to integrate the various aspects of this science with your own, you can see how the process called enlightenment operates. You can begin to successfully quantify "miracles" and learn how the gracious acts of Creation relate to the divine plan.

      Consciousness is Life! Divine consciousness expresses herself in the multitudinous living forms that are a part of physicality. Physicality is just one aspect of these forms' manifestation; the endless dimensions and realities of the spiritual realms are yet another. Heaven and physicality are part of this greater whole called Creation. When you begin to find the wondrous connections between them, you can fully perceive Creation and behold the way the sacral has moved and manifested all life. Then you can intuitively and with great measure observe the innate beauty found here. This beauty brings incredible joy to one's Soul and shows you the greatness that lives within us. Your task is to absorb this beauty and apply it to your life mission. Our task is to guide you by showing you the path that can lead to your enlightenment.

      The Creator has lovingly given us the means to apply our consciousness and, by so doing, to unfold Creation. This task is part and parcel of an even grander assignment. That is, to use each life divinely granted us to gain enough wisdom to enable us to affect the way Creation continues to reveal herself to the Universe. These tasks define each of our lifetimes. As you rise in consciousness, the connections you have with each of your lifetimes grows in intensity. As this connection is further realized, it increases your abilities to bring forth the materializing of the divine plan. Likewise, as you become more empowered, you start to see how each life forges the great Heaven-birthed Life streams and leads you back to the triune Godhead. Indeed, enlightenment produces an unbelievable feeling of oneness, expressed by the ever-rising bliss that becomes You!

      This transformation into a fully conscious Being is a great joy that awaits you. We come to make this transformation possible and to prevent the dark from succeeding in any possible sabotage. The coming moments in your history are when the ridiculous can collide with the sublime and, in so doing, produce a new reality for your global society. This new reality moves you beyond the realm of your present planetary state and permits you to become galactic. In this mode of Being, you can swiftly achieve all that we have discussed with you today. Look upon your future with joy and know in your hearts that the new reality you seek is close at hand. Those on your world who seek to thwart you are now learning the futility of their dark ways. The crescendo of bells symbolizing your great victory is ready to peal forth!

      Today, we talked about consciousness. We told you about how this reality is inevitably changing. We asked you to continue to become more aware of how to perceive these subtle changes. We further ask you to apply your growing wisdom to allow your great abilities to manifest the new You! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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