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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Imix, 19 Yaxk'in, 2 Ik  --  December 12, 2006

Greetings! We return with many things to discuss with you! As you know, our Earth allies are busy finishing up final details. These include mainly outstanding paperwork but also a few last matters that require their full attention. It seems that your reality can transform only after huge amounts of piddling details are properly dealt with! Therefore, bear with us, keep your wits about you, and focus on envisioning your impending victory. The dark cabal understands how to stave off its looming defeat, and yet both sides of this face-off know what the inevitable outcome will be. It is important to remember that an immense amount of work has gone into manifesting an end product that is to release you from the wretched slavery that the dark fully intended to impose on you. Now they are being forced to recognize that a new course, which guarantees your freedom, sovereignty, and abundance, is shortly to be unleashed by us. This new reality requires you to be prepared for things that are very unfamiliar to you. And yet they come to you from Heaven.

      Our recent activities in support of this cause have been in the main to observe and advise when necessary. The rapport developing between our Earth allies and us is most encouraging and has allowed the uneasiness that marked our initial encounters to fully evaporate. This new era of cooperation permits us to plan a program that includes our participation in the policies that are to be carried out once the present US regime is removed. What we now know is that first contact is to be a simple yet dramatic moment. Global official announcements are to swiftly end a decades-old cover-up and provide you with a framework that will allow you to accept our pre-first-contact broadcasts. Thereafter, the initial flyovers of your major cities and other preliminary events can be carried out without misinformed speculation about who and what we are. This is essential for alleviating any potential negativity during our actual mass-landing maneuvers. We intend to carry out this massive proceeding as smoothly and perfectly as divinely possible.

      The magnitude and extent of these worldwide landings requires the full cooperation of your major governments. In the beginning, we believed our use of advanced technology to affect a first contact with the people of this planet made governmental cooperation unnecessary. Since then, we discovered just how important to you, from a mass psychological viewpoint, governmental approval actually is. Your former overloads, the Anunnaki, wielded the ploy of governmental authority to great effect. Today, you are deeply in thrall to this control devise. Government is meant to be a divine instrument reflecting the collective will. Safeguarding your sacred unalienable sovereignty and your divine rights confers upon any government its legitimacy, not the other way around! Usurping powers not originally given to them, government took upon itself the role of nurturing the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of you the people. Out of this back-to-front arrangement arose the UFO cover-up of the late 1940s. Both our Earth allies and we are equally set on putting an end to this silliness and to restoring the proper structure and purpose of your global governments.

     Completing first contact is both a simple and a complex task. The unique aspects of this mission taught us much about you as a people and about the very nature of limited consciousness. Your abrupt separation from your spiritual selves left you susceptible to wide varieties of manipulation. This process of management was first applied by the Anunnaki who then, over millennia, taught it to their on-planet chosen ones. This Earth-bound group learnt quickly how to use their Masters' methods to take control of the many societies set up by the Anunnaki around the world. Discord and war were two essential components of this format for control, as the Anunnaki had learnt the hard way during the first post-Atlantean civilizations that a too-prolonged period of harmony created rebellion against their rule. So now our task is to help you release this divisive programming and return you to your naturally peace-loving natures.

      The challenge here is the multiple religions and philosophies that the Anunnaki use to manipulate you. In their hands, these became instruments that fostered regional hatred and stoked perpetual wars and strife. This toxic situation persists today. Now, however, rising consciousness is allowing many to perceive the obvious insanity of this. Among these are our Earth allies. Besides this, they are also aware of the secret histories buried long ago by the Anunnaki. What survived was a series of revealing and enlightening documents available exclusively to the elite and their faithful allies. The children of this power elite who read these texts and learned the rituals associated with them began to hunger for a new world where these could be made public. This knowledge ends all speculation about Creation and your true origins. These texts also enumerate your true inherent powers and fully describe who you really are.

      It is this knowledge that we intend to make public. Hidden away in many places of power is the incontrovertible proof of your true identity. These texts fully explain your extraterrestrial origin and tell the saga of how your divine ancestors reached and populated Mother Earth. They further detail your past histories and your glorious destiny. The dark ones dread the power of these revelations and buried this knowledge deep, under stringent lock and key. One of the signs of full acceptance into the higher levels of the dark's secret hierarchy is the revealing of this arcana. Rumors of these texts and their unique subject matter were circulated by the dark to make their initiates feel special, thus reinforcing loyalty to their depraved crusade. Once you are informed of these basics, you can more readily accept what we need to tell you.

      The ring of truth can help you to accept things that now may seem preposterous to you. Your planet is a living entity whom your present global society has continuously raped. Technology and its destructive applications have been used to bring this globe to a point of near extinction. Our Earth allies are aware of this. They are also aware of the huge varieties of secret technology that can quickly bring this unconscionable plunder to an end. They also understand how we fit into this bigger picture. The prime consideration is the interconnectivity of all life everywhere. It is essential that you graduate to a new series of perceptions about yourselves and the universe you share with us, your spiritual and space families. This acceptance paves the way for the completion of your return to full consciousness and the fulfillment of your divine heritage.

      Thus, first contact becomes a great watershed in your consciousness history. Your world is preparing to leap into the new reality we try to prepare you for in our messages. She is now primed for a new vision, one which puts to flight the outworn notions fed to you by the Anunnaki and their minions. This new vision can only take root in you once the old ways are swept aside by the unveiling of the truths long kept hidden from you. This is a core ingredient of our mission. Recounting your true history, backed up by the proof provided by those ancient documents, is to birth a wholly new system of understanding that can become the underpinnings of a new global society. Then, healing Mother Earth and spreading abundance to all can at last set Earth's humanity free!

      Today, we pursued our discussion of your true history and the way it ties into what is now covertly happening in global terms. You are nearing the point where many things can now take place which are to free you and allow a new reality to take hold. Indeed, this is both the best and the worst of times! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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