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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Lamat, 6 Mol, 2 Ik -- December 19, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Ones! Much is happening on your world that is positive! Secretly, the Great War between the dark ones and our Earth allies is reaching a critical stage. The final rounds of this struggle are being played out even as we speak. Many millennia ago, as the Anunnaki started to enforce their strict covenant with their Earth-bound minions, a bright Light of hope descended from the Heavens and deposited itself in the reaches of the former continent of Lemuria. Here in the Pacific, legends and myths grew of humanity's deliverance in a far-off future time. These were duly transmitted around the globe and, behold, the time for this deliverance now beckons. We arrive with this message to inform you of this and to educate you about what is covertly happening upon your blessed orb. For far too long you have scratched out a living, barely knowing why this was your fate. Now this is to end, and your reality transformed by a massive abundance and the beginning of new governance across your world. The way was set by a divine intervention by the holy ones of Heaven!

      According to the decrees of Lord Surea, the time came in this present era to bring forth a new way. Part of this sacred way is to be a shower of wealth upon your world. This wealth is to end suffering and despair, and bring happiness and fulfillment to all. To do this, a great holy force was unleashed whose purpose is to transform this reality. Applying this sacred edict, our Earth allies began a formal program many decades ago to free you from the dark yoke imposed by the Anunnaki and their many minions. This resolved into a financial and monetary war centered on the ways the dark multiplies its wealth. The idea was to expose these practices to more open scrutiny while simultaneously using these methods to disempower them. Steadily these maneuvers gained momentum as the dark moved more of its wealth from the Americas into the Far East. These transfers were initially carried out in hopes that they would expand the dark's inner circle of power. Preventing a possible coup from inside America or even Europe was seen as vital by the Anunnaki and their minions' power councils.

      Following the end of WWII, a new financial and monetary system was put into place. Upon this rock was laid the present post-war world. Those who opposed this unjust system worked hard to forge an alternative. This was founded upon the resurgence of Europe and the restoration of a modern traditional distribution of regional power around the planet. In the past two decades, this alternative began to manifest. Then, the post-war system started in the 1940s needed to be reviewed. This opening was the moment that those desiring drastic change had long awaited. A new system was to be discussed and then implemented by those in power. This process began in the early 1990s but was soon waylaid by the Anunnaki's change of direction. The ensuing struggle between the varying factions was aided by a series of legal maneuvers that laid bare the gross illegitimacy of the entire US government. The great rock upon which the entire post-war world is based was rapidly crumbling. Chaos was everywhere. The world was in need of a wholly new reality.

      Meantime, the Light was calmly moving forward with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual makeover. Mother Earth, likewise, was in the midst of her own transformation. Added to this were our arrival and our first contact mission. Amid this upheaval, your reality churns on, pretending that nothing is amiss. And nothing could be further from the Truth! Everywhere, the chaos and despair brought on by the inadequacies of this post-war structure are glaringly evident. This brings us to the monumental financial war presently being waged. This secret war has brought many aspects of the financial world to a near standstill, creating a multitude of difficulties, which are passed off as fallout from the global "war on terror." In fact, these problems are produced by the increasing panic of the dark and their power-hungry cohorts. They see their grip slipping inexorably away from them and there appears to be nothing that can be done to stop it.

      The dark's trepidation is the first sign of a strategy that is just beginning to bear fruit; namely, the loosening of their stranglehold on the planet's financial transactions. This involves terminating and returning to the US Treasury the power of the Federal Reserve. Concurrent with this is the removal of the present US regime and the upending of many likeminded allies. This is being done by releasing the first ripples of the abundance funds followed by the means to topple the Federal Reserve along with its string of cronies in the banking world. This provides a legal opening to bring down the present US regime and install a vastly different financial reality. In this new environment, it becomes possible to scrutinize and then recharter the world's major corporations and to produce a new economic system. It is high time that you were able to realize fully your "pursuit of happiness."

      This rapidly approaching world is built around two intrinsic concepts: first, the need to end your struggle for survival, which can permit you all to pursue your inner Joy! Second, to return you to your natural responsibilities as guardians of Mother Earth and of the integrity of your society and governments. This future holds great promise as well as great responsibilities. Our role in fulfilling first contact is to be your advisers, confidants, and teachers. We welcome this opportunity and intend to help you better comprehend what is expected of you by Heaven. Mother Earth plans to accelerate her changes once you reach the point of your own destined metamorphoses. The post-first-contact world is something you can now barely imagine: a world where strife and want simply vanish! And yet even this is merely the beginning of what lies ahead for you.

      Ahead of you is the entire length and breadth of physical Creation. Remember, you are special. And it is for this reason that you need to seriously prepare yourselves for this coming world. You must be ready to handle successfully and to safeguard huge sums of money. Those so chosen have the daunting responsibility of distributing this abundance among their fellows and putting it to work for the greater good. Setting up a new system to monitor government is also your responsibility. Do not take this lightly! Much is expected of you. This includes the now desperate need to redress the damage you have perpetrated upon Mother Earth and to incorporate new technologies to rehabilitate endangered ecosystems. Above all, you need to ensure the everyone benefits fully from the prosperity handed to you by Heaven.

      This new world is the steppingstone to your readmission into the vastness of the universe. You and your prodigy are to traverse this great expanse and use your wisdom to assist in the unfolding of Creation. This sacred task is something that we have just begun as well, and we look forward to adding your wisdom to ours. As you carry out this divine mission, you are to explore the incredible power and beauty of the galaxies of this universe, which are like a living tapestry magnificently woven by the Creator. You are to understand how the science of consciousness truly operates, and finally to comprehend that these wonders and the energy that produces them are found within you, and indeed within every conscious aspect of the Creator's grand plan! Remember, dear Ones, Together We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we added another chapter to your understanding. We sincerely ask you to prepare yourselves for the grand changes that are ready to manifest. This requires an inner serenity and a firm centeredness, which we have described to you in many past messages. Be in your Joy, and be ready to accept the great responsibilities that are shortly to be handed to you. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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