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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Cib, 14 Mol, 2 Ik -- December 26, 2006

Selamat Bakir! We come before you once again with more to discuss. The process to bring you your promised prosperity progresses well. Our Earth allies are fully engaged in procedures that must be completed according to guidelines set forth in special documents. These papers guarantee that, once these tasks are completed, your freedom is duly assured. Hence, it is vital that all goes as planned. The dark cabal is at its wit's end and knows that its demise is close at hand. Our part is to remain as the overall guide and adviser on these matters. A number of pivotal legal and political issues are presently being handled, but as these are of a highly sensitive nature, we can say no more at present. However, we can report that a great financial crisis hangs over your world if these matters are not properly directed to their most desirable conclusion. The urgency of these endeavors has somewhat delayed the deliveries long promised you; nevertheless, it is essential that you be centered and ready to go forward with your own plans once these remaining conditions are amply remedied.

Our own operations concerning first contact are likewise going forward as planned. It is necessary to garner the support of your major governments in order to ensure that all goes smoothly. Our arrival is to be massive and of global proportions. We wish to have assurances that any possible governmental or military difficulties have been quite resolved. This requirement can avoid unnecessary embarrassment and provides the means for spreading our message as quickly and directly as possible. At the same time, we are keeping our back-up options open and viable. Your world needs to transition from the present dark and limited-consciousness reality to a new one. This shift is presupposed by Heaven and hence, we have the required dispensations to intervene if necessary. Our desire is to affect the primary scenario agreed to by all responsible parties. We mention the dispensation to intervene merely to assure you of our dedication to the completing of this first contact mission with you as soon as divinely possible.

We look upon the efforts of our Earth allies as part of a means to free you from the fears and wants of limited consciousness. All societies pass through a transitional phase that can actually be quite perilous. Our duty is to move you safely through this period and allow the playing out of whatever lessons need to be imparted. This is what we are currently doing. And it has necessitated our permitting various things to occur that we would rather have kept from you. Yet, you needed these particular events to be registered on your consciousness for future reference. This done, we are now preparing to usher you into the next stage of your rising awareness. Each stage permits a greater number of people to awaken from their amnesia and become aware of what is truly happening on this world. This progressive education project is preparing your population for what lies ahead. After all, you are nearly at a point where many massive revelations concerning your most deeply held perceptions are to be proclaimed. These declarations are to end the many lies and innuendos that have long held you in check.

The raising of consciousness is a difficult task for the unwary: It requires moving beyond many beliefs held with deep conviction and supposedly historically based. This can be painful and often leads to conflict. To minimize these pitfalls we have enlisted your Ascended Masters to be mediators in possible conflict situations. Their mission is to smooth over these rough patches and permit your populace to grow toward the Truth which has been long hidden or twisted by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. We expect this situation to flower once the proclamations concerning your true history are made after the formal first contact begins. Remember that such a shift in consciousness normally takes place over a much longer period than this. The reason for this foreshortened time span is that the dark overstayed their welcome and must now be dealt with more rapidly. This requirement makes this first contact unique and promises an equally unique conclusion.

Because of these circumstances, we studied a variety of mission options and their respective outcomes. This exercise permitted us to choose the ones most conducive to your success and to guide you toward them. Around a hundred years ago, you began to move toward the petrochemical solution to your energy needs. On most worlds, the dangers of this path are discovered and acted upon before a global disaster threatens that world's existence. In your case, not only did this understanding elude you, but also you actively discouraged reasonable alternatives and allowed your corporate cabals to run roughshod over you. Now, a danger point is fast approaching. Mother Earth does not welcome this and we have had to directly intervene. As a result of what is to occur, you are to be moved away from this looming cataclysm. Your penchant for disaster is to be reversed by the events surrounding first contact.

An expansion in consciousness often requires qualified supervision and can quickly become quite intricate. As mentioned above, one of the challenges is allowing distasteful events to occur as part of the learning process. Each stage has its bumps and aberrations. Moreover, large sections of the global population remain "asleep," and it is your task as an overseer to awaken them in the right divine order. This volatile mix of operations means that the flow of the procedure can become quite turbulent. This adds to the confusion as well as the joy of those who must adjust the flow. Our Galactic Federation counselors and psychic physicians are finding these "jobs" quite interesting. Many of you are indulging in errors of belief that are illogical and often absurd and need to receive intimations on how to adjust them.

The mass psychological profile we are compiling on you is quite riveting to us. We are learning so much about how limited consciousness humans react to the call of change and to the situations thrown up by that change. Our studies help us comprehend the limitations blocking your mental and emotional abilities and how this potential is affected by your environment. The data we compiled was of considerable use in assisting the many former star nations of the Anchara Alliance to adapt to the new rules and conditions that come with membership in the Galactic Federation. These studies also made it possible to formulate a new methodology to evaluate each of you. This maximizes our ability to be of assistance to you during your upcoming mental, emotional, and physical metamorphoses.

First contact is an ongoing operation that is approaching its point of completion. Throughout this time, we have continuously learned about you and your reality. As the moment for our meeting draws near, we want you to know how much we appreciate what you are going though. Those who study you at close quarters by living among you are especially impressed: Just think of what you daily have to tolerate in order to simply live on your world! The variety of obstacles and challenges that you encounter are a true test of your resourcefulness and your ability to adapt creatively to stumbling blocks. This struggle toward full consciousness does not have much longer to go. The time for celebrating the transformation of your reality will be a time of rejoicing for all of us. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we have gone over what is happening on your world. The struggles you daily face is coming to an end. Soon, you can welcome our arrival and the start of a new phase of your existence. This new reality is to be filled with prosperity and is to be a time to prepare to become galactic citizens! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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