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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Akbal, 1 Chen, 2 Ik -- January 2, 2007

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return at this auspicious time with more to discuss with you. Each day, our Earth allies draw closer to their goal, and the last few remaining obstacles are now being overcome. This struggle with the dark has demonstrated just how diabolical and untrustworthy this last cabal can be. Completing the final tasks has proved in many ways to be one of the more difficult things that our Earth allies have done. We constantly remind them that this last big push is removing nearly 13 millennia of darkness, and thus cannot be expected to be easy. Now, their steadfastness and faith are destined to pay immense dividends for themselves as well as for each and every one of you. We applaud them in the knowledge that this inevitable victory is indeed near. Our fleet personnel daily watch the growth of the panic that grips the dark's cohorts; they fully realize the implications of their approaching defeat and have hugely increased the number of last-ditch obstructions. But they know full well that these can only slightly delay the inevitable. Your future is to be a brilliant one and it is unstoppable.

The goal of this struggle is to wind up as well as to transform your present reality. This goes far beyond fiscal and economic aspects; it involves your graduation into freedom and personal sovereignty. This fact alone changes the way your reality is constructed. Once you are fully recognized as free and possessing innate sovereignty, the present global reality is immediately invalidated. The premise of the dark has always been that you are mere chattel, a form of goods and services that the "powers that be" can trade about as they see fit. This sort of nonsense doesn't "wash" with one who is sovereign. Such a one is free from any such encumbrances and entitled to be treated as an equal among equals. This means that the vast secret resources of your ruling elite would have to be shared with you, including the governance of this reality. This prospect is anathema to the dark cabal, which has instituted as many draconian restrictions on the global movement of money and wealth as possible (wealth being the foundation of worldly power).

Fully appreciating this premise, our Earth allies proceeded to focus on the logistics of the abundance programs and the creation of a new international financial and banking system. This system now has full legitimacy conferred by the major international legal organizations of your world. This then led to the necessary procedural approval of the world's leading financial institutions. Naturally this double whammy provoked the dark ones to turn on the screws as tightly as possible. Yet, despite their best efforts, this attempt to stall the inevitable is a complete bust. Slowly but surely the ways of the Light are gaining the ascendancy. World debt annulment is to apply to over 168 nations and to each individual. The tyranny of the dark's fractional banking system is to be terminated and the outrageous "profits" appropriated by these banks redistributed among its multitude of victims. And this is just the beginning. Corporations, currently operating as special partnerships lacking the quality of "fictionalized individuals," are to be rechartered, and common law is once again the predominant rule of the land.

This make over of your reality ends the supreme authority usurped by your secret rulers. Their forced abdication brings all of you into a position of immense responsibility. You are now be wealthy and debt-free, but you still need to change the way you look at money and, above all, how you view yourself. The end of the rule of the secret elite brings much into question. For example, how you regard and care for one another. A true ecumenical blueprint needs to be put into effect worldwide. People and nations need to learn to respect each other and share the resources of this world. This test, among many, is why first contact is to be slightly delayed. Heaven wants to see how you treat one another and how you use your innate talents to solve your numerous collective problems. Heaven also wishes to see how you initially react to our formally announced existence. First contact requires that you openly express your sincere desire for us to come forth.

Regardless of how these tests pan out, first contact remains a high priority on Heaven's agenda. Our coming is part of the divine plan's program for guiding you back into full consciousness. After the various dark regimes on your world are removed, it is necessary to introduce technologies and teachers who can quickly move you along. Your populace is saturated in ignorance promoted by the long period of amnesia that arose from your fall into limited consciousness. As you expand your awareness, you reach stages where you need a degree of formal hands-on guidance. This form of counseling comes most effectively from those who best understand you and where you are going spiritually. Heaven graciously charged us with this mission at the start of our first contact operation. We have trained for this and await our formal entry into your reality at the point of time selected for us by Heaven.

First contact is to us a most special moment. Long ago, the Atlanteans lost their way and separated you from who you really are. This soul experiment sent you on a terrible journey that is now coming to a conclusion. Our part was to monitor you, help where necessary, and intervene when you were ready to return to your former natural glory. It is this last part that we have continually emphasized in these messages. Our arrival, along with the re-emergence of your sister society of Inner Earth, is the means for completing this most challenging of journeys. Our point is this: We have long intended to celebrate this denouement with you, and so we welcome what is now happening on your world. The ending of this long dark episode cannot come too soon. Our fleet remains poised to intervene and begin your glorious new day!

Your coming moments are to be filled with possibilities, which are to end in success. Our Earth allies can and will succeed. Their ongoing operations are near completion and so it is essential for you to remain focused on your success. All that now truly remains is the magical moment when it all actually happens. Concentrate not so much on the timing of this moment as on its success, for it will happen in its own divine time. And yet, it is important to "feel" that it is already happening. The secret to creation is to live the event; it then manifests, because the spiritual path for the event has been set forth, in faith, by each of you. The Ascended Masters have oft expounded on this technique to those who would listen. Here, we too would like to remind you once again that our arrival is a given; all that is needed is for you to spiritually grease the way!

The new reality, which lies on the other side of your current dilemmas, is a golden one. It is a time when you come together again to form a collective oneness founded on mutual freedom and personal sovereignty. It is to be a world wholly dissimilar to this present one. This brings us to a familiar theme we harp on for a reason: You need to be very clear about the necessity for a hugely different set of prime perceptions to be introduced and employed as the governing principles of your realm. This involves each of you in considerable soul searching. Novel concepts and unfamiliar ways and attitudes need to swiftly become normal for you, and this must be accomplished alongside the upcoming integration of a vast abundance and proclaimed freedom and sovereignty for all. We know you can do this and emerge triumphant! By the time of our arrival, you can set some astonishing and creative new precedents. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we focused on some salient aspects of the upcoming changes. We ask, as always, that you remain centered and prepared for your victory. We, too, are ready for the grand celebration that marks our arrival. Soon, all of this can divinely fall into place, and the veil that still separates us finally be lifted. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones, know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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