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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Muluc, 17 Chen, 2 Ik -- January 9, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Hearts, with more heartening things to tell you! The operation to transform your world gathers pace. The final stages of this clandestine undertaking involve a series of essential negotiations, which are bringing a long overdue resolution to your dying reality. This last bit of putting-everything-into-place is destined to lead to the disbursement of the prosperity funds, the affirming of global debt forgiveness, and major regime changes in America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. The result is to be a new world, one that formally declares its commitment to world peace, universal prosperity, and global cooperation. In this new environment, programs for transforming the present dangers of global warming, pollution, and disease can be started on a massive scale. Also, an essential education drive concerning the great consciousness shift can be fully explained and expounded upon by experts in this field. This clarification of the planet's spiritual status quo in conjunction with a series of peace conferences is central to bringing the world's myriad conflicts to a timely conclusion.

This new world is swiftly taking shape. Most of the negotiations and in-depth logistical discussions on forging this new reality are over. The new reality puts America on an even footing with Europe and the leading countries of Asia. This group is to possess the initial hard currencies to be used for trading goods and services throughout the globe. Below them come the remaining nation states. Next, the major regional unions in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific are to become more closely linked to the United Nations. The result is a multi-tiered system designed to encourage cooperation, peace, and cultural reciprocity. Each nation has a firm responsibility to provide its citizens with prosperity, food, shelter, clothing, health care, and a sustainable, pollution-free environment. But above all, each nation is charged with protecting the freedom and personal sovereignty of each citizen. In turn, each citizen is obligated to seek the highest level of education concerning these rights and to honor a life-long commitment to be effective watchdogs for these God-given rights.

The United Nations and a number of major organizations dealing with the world's financial community are to be restructured to enable them to carry out new missions. The UN is to be given the teeth necessary for transforming this globe into a truly peaceful community of nations. The critical key to this is the Security Council, the Secretariat, and the various independent agencies called for in the UN Charter. The UN is to become a moderator and a prototypical model for change, which means that a drastic redesigning is required. As yet, we cannot reveal details of this, as this overhaul is to be announced after the global regime changes are firmly in place. What we can say here is that the UN is to offload a vast baggage of personnel that has hindered its mission and is to streamline how it carries out its new mandate. This new world is to be very different from the one you know, and its operation and even appearance will seem strange at first. Nonetheless, this unprecedented comity of nations will produce the policies that foster global peace and global prosperity.

Another prime issue is environmental sustainability and the protection and enhancement of Mother Earth's multiple ecosystems. As these projects are a global endeavor, the new system of nation states is a vital ingredient. The pollution created by China and India is as dire as that of the Americas. Formal global policies need to be applied at once, and many long-suppressed free-energy technologies put into massive production and swiftly put to use. These simple measures can clean up lakes and waterways and bring back life to the arid regions of the planet. These withheld technologies can also restore the oceans to health and alleviate the disaster-in-the-making created by global warming. In this way, you can at last honor and show your love for Mother Earth, the beautiful and fragile living entity that is your home.

Mother Earth is currently in a slow transition mode. She knows she must restrain the changes that she longs to begin. Her ecosystems are under grave threat from the rising industrialization of the third world and from the failure of America to rein in its main polluters in the energy and transportation sectors. This contributes to the growing crisis on land and in the planetary atmosphere. The looming specter of global extinctions has reached the oceans, warning of the possibility that the original source of life on Earth could become barren. Draconian measures of global reach are urgent and compulsory here, as the life energy of the oceans is a necessary component for maintaining life on land. Indeed, all ecospheres are interdependent and intermeshed, forming a greater whole, which sustains Mother Earth and permits her to evolve.

Mother Earth evolves her many environments by bringing forth new life, new species, and new energy according to a rhythm of cycles. She is a living entity who works tirelessly to provide for her children. Each of her eco-environments supports its sister environment, and your role is to monitor these relationships and help them along. Sadly, you have unthinkingly laid waste to much of her surface and air. Now, however, your blossoming wisdom and rising consciousness have kicked in to make you aware of this and to give you the means to redress your previous activities. The next step is to jumpstart the policies agreed upon by our Earth allies as soon as the cabal-backed regimes are evicted from power.

This first contact mission is a natural response to the changes you are accomplishing on your planet. The subject matters we outline in our messages are either already realized or at least well underway. As a result of this, we can now dovetail our contributions with your own plans and help to expand them. We see ourselves as partners with you in this time of change rather than teachers. We want to walk by your side as you awaken to your divine potential. It is our wish that you take this awesome inheritance and fully realize it. Furthermore, the sacred orb that you call your home is a most special soul, and we are entrusted with the honor of helping you prepare her for her next leap in consciousness. And so we come, bearing the means to wrap up this odyssey and start off with you on another more joyous one, which is to take you to the very centers of Creation!

From our off-world perspective, we watch with great anticipation the swiftly mounting momentum on your world that heralds the imminent arrival of the great shift. Each day moves it closer to the brink. Each of you is progressing well toward the state of full consciousness. Some fine, albeit inconspicuous, examples of this are being demonstrated by our Earth allies' resolute progress toward their objectives. Meanwhile, the intransigence of your last dark cabal continues. And as we watch this final match pan out, it is clear that the work of the Divine is to teach, guide, and gather wisdom for its diverse offspring. We ponder over the mighty struggle taking place on your world and rejoice at the now-obvious turnaround that is to bring Earth humans such an auspicious victory! The ring of destiny is slipping from the grasp of the dark cabal to yours, my Friends, as surely and swiftly as dawn follows night.

Today, we expanded upon the events of the day. We ask you to be focused and confident in the knowledge that your victory is both inevitable and close at hand. It behooves each of you to prepare thoughtfully for your prosperity and for our arrival. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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