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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Etznab, 16 Zac, 2 Ik -- February 27, 2007

Selamat Bakir! We return, dear Ones, with more things to discuss with you! The final struggle between the last dark cabal and our Earth-ally stalwarts grinds on. It has reached a definitive point in which the conflict has been reduced to a legal and procedural duel. The dark cabal is using its remaining positions of power as leverage points in an effort to forestall the inevitable. Countless last-minute decrees and a whole slew of procedural continuances have kept our Earth allies' goals just out of reach. This includes ongoing contrivances, which keep you from receiving your promised deliveries. But these things are almost over. A diverse team of specialized and distinguished lawyers and jurists are currently disposing of the last legal hold-ups. Concurrently, those working to remove the present rogue US regime are implementing a secret operation long in the planning. The dark's objective to engulf your global society in chaos has arrived at a point, which threatens your world's long-term survival.

This realization has mobilized many nation states, which until now sat on the sidelines, to enter the fray on our side. This further seals the fate of the dark cabal and creates an unprecedented watershed in your history. Your power elite are polarized into two camps: One side intends to maintain the status quo, or in the event of defeat, to lay waste to the planet by way of revenge; the other, to bring in a new power-sharing agreement whereby the people of the planet are fully included in that process. These two positions have "hardened" over the last six months. As the number of nations moving to oppose the dark escalates, the disarray within the dark cabal soars. Its members are scrambling to somehow turn around what has become a fast-rising groundswell of discontent of global proportions. We maintain our role, as Heaven suggests, as monitors and intelligence analysts and advisors to the Light. Keeping all parties fully informed is paramount, as your world swiftly morphs into a living preamble for first contact.

This coming period in your history will be characterized by a general distancing from the power structure that has kept your world embroiled in contrived divisions, hatreds, and strife. Harmony, understanding, and a vast financial abundance will rise up to take their place. Already, a growing momentum to institutionalize global peace is beginning to affect the way the world works. Encouraged by this, those who champion beneficial change are forging ahead with governmental and fiscal mechanisms, which have the potential for becoming unified bedrock for your nascent global society. As we survey these trends, we try to spot those developments that might grow into features of your unique galactic society. For example, the new fiscal system, with its debt annulment and global prosperity, sets the stage for muscular environmental and political concords. In fact, your rising levels of consciousness are to awaken within you a passion for rehabilitating Mother Earth and her destitute humanity, which paves the way for our open arrival on your beautiful shores.

First contact draws closer with each passing day. These latest glitches are only temporary, and what you are witnessing are the deathbed twitches of the dark. The forces of the Light now have the wind at their backs and this is whipping up the dark ones' worst fears. Bordering on full-blown panic, they issue decrees intended to staunch the tide of rebellion, but all this does is to inflate the chaos, which severely distorts the public's perception of what is truly happening. At every turn, the denizens of the shadows confront the rays of a new dawn telling them that their time is up. And yet still they writhe and plot and are unable to accept what stares them in the face. Above all, they reel at the prospect of first contact. At a stroke, our arrival shatters the mental-emotional control grid that they constructed to keep you in ignorance and bondage, and opens windows to reveal not only a wholly new Creation, but also the truth about who and what you are.

The initial purpose of Heaven's mission to restore you to full consciousness is to introduce you to the wonders of this multidimensional Universe. We never tire of gazing in awe at the beauty of this magnificent experiment of the divine Creator. To watch stars, planets, and galaxies being created is awe-inspiring! The huge palette of colors and hues, many of them beyond your ken, is breathtaking. Of most absorbing interest is to discover the infinite forms, shapes, and sizes that life takes on, and one of our great joys is exploring this endlessly enthralling panorama. These things we speak of cannot begin to be put into words and can only truly start to reveal themselves once full consciousness is regained. The work of the Creator is something we long to share with you, and once you have been restored to your True Selves, you and the Creator are to combine to produce something exquisite.

The present phase of first contact is to ensure that the coming events swiftly materialize. Thereupon, the shackles and cover-ups of the past will be dismantled, unmasking a plethora of truths, which will lead naturally to the announcements that will pave the way for first contact. The implications of this event far outstrip anything that has happened in five millennia of your recorded history. At last, we can come to you, not in "deep cover" as prophets and messengers, but as open representatives of your space family. The sacred Orders of your Ascended Masters, likewise, will come as ambassadors of your spiritual families. Together, we come to complete your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light. This is the Being that is to found your new and unique galactic society.

Deep within, each one of you can feel just how close the impending changes are! However, an effective first contact requires a certain preparedness, and in this, it must be pointed out your beliefs and level of technology have been artificially held back and are a bit behind what they should be for a normal first contact. The important point, here, is the divine purpose that lies behind these proceedings. We have been detailed by Heaven to assist in a singular task; namely, to prepare for first contact a world benumbed and traumatized by millennia of brainwashing by the dark. In the teeth of dogged obstruction by your last cabal, we first evaluated how to intercede in your global affairs. Then we drew up plans to complete a full-fledged contact scenario covering all contingencies. The last step, now underway, is the actual carrying out of a mass first contact. This phase is progressing well and we expect our Earth allies to complete their last tasks as planned, thus allowing us to complete our part of the schedule on time.

This timetable requires of us three distinct roles: first, as covert advisers to our Earth allies, thus also assuring ourselves that you are ready for our formal appearance. Second, as active players who come forward and, after a series of formal announcements, execute the mass-landing scenario. Finally, we are to assist you in your long overdue obligations to redress the damage done to Mother Earth. We also need to explain what full consciousness and galactic society are, and to run you through a number of preliminaries that will show you what comes next: You are to partially experience some aspects of the next step in your consciousness development. Then we will show you the places where your final metamorphosis can take place and where the miracle that is you can be manifested in its fullest divine measure!

Today, we continued with our discussion of what is happening on your world. We reviewed what our tasks are and how we intend to carry them out. You are on the verge of a divine miracle that is to return you to full consciousness and permit you to actualize those lifetime goals chosen by Heaven and you before your birth. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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