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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Chicchan, 3 Ceh, 2 Ik -- March 6, 2007

Selamat Balik! We return, dear Hearts, with more information for you! Our Earth allies continue with the wrapping up of those tasks that are to bring you your promised prosperity funds. Also, those elements of the American government covertly assigned the most difficult mission of ousting the present illicit administration are finally ready to carry out this task as soon as the necessary preliminaries are over. Moreover, we can report that the mechanisms are in place to move fiscal responsibilities from the Federal Reserve to the Treasury and that the new Treasury Bank is now actually operational, albeit "under camouflage." Indeed, the fiscal and currency policies of the American government have temporarily been bifurcated into an overt operation (the Federal Reserve) and a covert one (the Treasury Bank), the latter being secretly in charge of most "key" fiscal pronouncements. The exceptions to this new arrangement are the so-called anti-terrorist decrees coming directly from the White House. The ongoing secret struggle has reached a point where the removal of this US regime is the only workable option.

To accomplish this, this global mission set up special Earth-ally task forces outside of the US with headquarters in Europe and in East Asia. These three bases are linked by a high-tech communications system supplied by the Galactic Federation, which allows everyone to talk to each other, engage in conference calls, and send important data streams outside the interception range of the world's intelligence agencies. This assistance has greatly helped the mission to stay on course by being able to set up the code criteria needed to carry out this project successfully. We are confident that the first series of steps is very close to manifesting in your media. That this entire operation has remained both clandestine and efficient is an emphatic tribute to those brave souls who deeply believe in what they are doing. This will permit your world to alter, which will then allow us to be formally introduced to you. First contact becomes more viable every day because of their steadfast activities. We ask you to stay patient and in favor of their complex and difficult undertaking on behalf of the peoples of your world and us.

A key aspect of our mission so far involves support and encouragement. We gladly lend whatever experience and expertise our Earth allies may need. We also brief, on a weekly basis, selected representatives of your world's governments on those aspects influencing your readiness for first contact. First contact requires that those who rule your world become fully aware that this event is not only inevitable but also quite close. Further, your world requires a steady diet of serious warnings about the destructive use of nuclear energy, especially since the dangers of the present nuclear age can so easily be converted into peaceful use. Also, many suppressed technologies seized by various governments under the veil of national security can be returned to the world to end your current energy crisis. The continuing refusal of your governments to do so appalls us: If your governments so wished, your poverty and pollution problems could be permanently solved. This makes it essential to implement, as soon as possible, the splendid line-up of programs drawn up by our Earth allies to enable you to be ready for our arrival.

First contact is above all a psychosocial phenomenon. Closing the gap between where you are at present and where you need to be for this event is a continuing task for us. Preparing you for this new reality will require a great deal of preliminary training. You are on a path composed of mandatory, interrelated steps set out by Heaven and the divine plan. As your consciousness grows, your search for answers about the meaning of life spirals upward and opens you up to possibilities that previously would not have occurred to you, or that you would have considered illogical. Now, however, your expanded body of knowledge allows you to rethink many of your most cherished precepts. This has led to many of you accepting the fact that we exist and that we are here to complete a divine mission based on benevolence and the desire to tell you about the wonders of full consciousness. We thank the Divine for this wonderful plan!

This plan is proceeding at a pace designed to allow you, as a global population, to adjust to a great deal of change. The complex web of control and manipulation set up by the Anunnaki, and then reinforced by their on-planet minions, will require extensive recasting. It includes your history, philosophical and religious beliefs, and your myriad cultural conditionings. Such sweeping change in the short period allowed us is no easy matter, and yet the process already underway under the aegis of the Divine is wondrously preparing you for what lies ahead. We watch carefully as Heaven alters your RNA/DNA, introduces new charkas into your physical energy systems, and opens you up to new mental, emotional, and spiritual prospects. These things raise your ability to perceive us as your long-forgotten family in spite of the foolish propaganda spread by the world's mass entertainment media. The key is to keep focused on what you know is truly going on, rather than be distracted by erroneous offerings.

Our operation relies on your growing acceptance that a great change is underway. This inner knowing of yours enormously aids our cause. Your scrutiny of our presence reveals to you that our actions are not merely benevolent, but beneficial to Mother Earth and to you. This growing realization lies at the core of a proactive paradigm shift in favor of first contact. Each day, we see this movement gaining more adherents across your globe, and this evidence of your acceptance of us sincerely touches our personnel. First contact is to deliver you to the next level of your conscious existence, and it is in this state of Beingness that you will be able to interact with those sentient Beings who reside beneath you in inner Earth and in the untold vastness of the galaxy that surrounds you.

First contact, in short, represents a level of attainment in your growth in consciousness. It is a sign that you have graduated from your present reality's limitations to a higher and more expanded one. In accordance with this, we tailor our contributions to support, in all ways permitted to us, your current development which the Divine is now exponentially accelerating. This means that this next step is approaching rapidly. Your destiny is to soar over your present troubles and to forge a galactic society of some consequence. This society is destined to lead us to things that have long been prophesied by many of our more illustrious forbearers. And it is this, amongst other things, that inspired us to dispense with the usual protocols and to sanction this present, unique first contact mission.

Your first contact has reached the moment where it is to be manifested. Events are moving fast to free you from a series of overwhelming disasters most of you consider to be inevitable. But contrary to appearances, you, as a species, are not on the brink of dying, but on the point of your return to full consciousness. A crucial point here is to keep seeing your true and glorious future and not to lend any power to the dark's desire for your demise. Those now in power on your world know for a fact their game is up and are frantic for you not to discover this truth. Be aware that this next period can dispirit you if you let it; instead, be in joy in the knowledge the time comes to slip into the reality of your great potential now manifesting. As spring follows winter, you are fated to burst into the bloom of who you truly are. Know, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion of the present day and of those events ready to manifest before you. Always bear in mind that you are a truly powerful and magnificent Being cast temporarily into physicality by the divine plan of a most Loving Creator! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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