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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Eb, 10 Ceh, 2 Ik -- March 13, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come once again, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! The operation to oust the present American regime from power is now ready to spring its carefully prepared trap. Accomplishing this feat is to be the first link in a chain of events that is to profoundly change your world in the twinkling of an eye. The other elements in this global action are also ready to go once this first essential step is complete. Thereafter and at long last, the divine plan for planet Earth and all her inhabitants can begin to be sketched in, starting with the cessation of the contrived and illusory "war on terror." Then follow comprehensive debt annulment, true worldwide prosperity, and most importantly, the formal acknowledgment of your unalienable rights and your God-given sovereignty. Also, governments will now be beholden to the people and not to those special power elites that have long governed your world. These quintessential changes are to usher in a new golden period for all humanity and to spark off the start of great cooperation on a number of vital issues.

As noted many times before, the bedrock of these changes is world peace and addressing the escalating threat from your global pollution crisis. The first of these tasks is being spurred on by a number of serious diplomatic overtures to your world's nations that we began a few years ago. The focus of these initiatives is to get them to redesign the UN charter to enable it, finally, to act as a true forum for world peace. The second task entails releasing a large number of sequestered technologies and demonstrating how they can solve your myriad pollution problems. Among these are a range of inventions that are to end the petroleum age and usher in an age of "consciousness energy." These devices are not only to power your current electrical appliances, but can also allow you to use special energy fields to boost the levels of your fast-growing consciousness. The access to this new energy can permit your scientists to move into a new field--the exploration of the living, conscious universe. These studies are to be an exciting introduction to the technology we intend to share with you.

As you move into this next period of your history, the integration of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies is to enter a new phase. The tremendous energies now bombarding the Earth are to be greatly amplified: This means that you may experience higher levels of stress in your various energy bodies as you bring in other aspects of "self" and begin to embody the fully conscious you. This process is reaching a point where your heart, throat, solar plexus, and "third eye" chakras are to be refined and then integrated into the new, 13-chakra system. Such an integration needs an increased absorption of higher energies and this can at times feel quite strange, even alarming. Just remember that you are being prepared for the coming-on-line of three new chakras: the "well of dreams" in the back of your head; the thymus, located in the upper chest above the heart; and the diaphragm just above the solar plexus. These new chakras may come in with a bit of discomfort and a potential for flu-like symptoms, accompanied by nausea and, possibly, even vomiting.

This alteration to your physical body is to prepare you for our arrival. Heaven informed us that once we land, we are not to lower our own frequency as much as we planned on doing, but instead, your populace is to be adjusted upward to the point where you can handle the greater energies that we possess. This arrangement can help you to bring on line your natural telepathic abilities, which makes it much easier for us to interact with you. We can then impart to you much greater amounts of information much more quickly. We want our instructional and medical teams, upon landing, to rapidly assess how best to begin our educational procedures and technology transfers. The immediate post-landing period is primarily for getting acquainted whilst also transferring much-needed information and vital technology to you. But these things are a prelude to our main task of educating you in how to access and use your many wonderful, natural abilities.

When we welcome you to membership in the Galactic Federation, you are to reunite with your brethren in inner Earth. The Ruling Council of Agharta has long carried out this representation on your behalf on our councils. Agharta's return to the surface world signals that the operation to reconstitute a global galactic society together has begun, and hence, Agharta's main concern is to teach you the protocols and procedures used to implement and maintain a galactic society. You will learn about the true history of your origins and the special role played by Lemuria and ourselves in this history. It is for this reason that those among you who know this true history revere this special role and await our return with much joy. Many windows to enlightenment are to be thrown open to you, bringing much pleasure to you and to us, as we once again freely interact with you. This time is to be filled with great celebration and feelings of relief and delight.

Once we begin to transfer our technology, we need to educate your scientists and technicians in its use, and this will require an understanding of the science of consciousness. This science goes well beyond a mere collection of theories, facts, and equations; it is predicated on a comprehension of a collection of divine truths given to us by Heaven and taught by our great teachers for millions of your Earth years. This knowledge is kept in a huge library that we call "The Book of Understanding." This work comprises chants, rituals, histories, and genealogies of humanity, as well as the above-mentioned science of consciousness. This compilation is of truly immense proportions and it will be our most joyful duty to introduce it to you. With this in mind, we translated this great body of wisdom into the many languages of your world.

Learning who you are is central to understanding where you are going, which is why galactic humanity has always kept records of our histories and ancestral lineage wherever we went. These gave rise to the epic songs that are used during our rituals of guardianship by our priests and priestesses. We stage huge pageants to demonstrate not only our dedication to sustaining physicality, but also to serve as opportunities to remind us of who we are as a people and of our role as conscious participants in Creation. At certain times in our calendar, many far-flung branches of galactic humanity come together to celebrate these tales in dance and song. In this way, we share mutual histories binding us together as a people that have spread out across the vastness of the Milky Way Galaxy. Soon, we can hail you as a gracious part of these annual festivities.

A transformation of your world approaches fast. It is coming because the Divine has decreed it so. Closely monitored by us, many covert events are moving rapidly to a point where they can finally appear before you. This huge, complex operation has taken on the secret, dark rulers of your world in a behind-the-scenes conflict that now promises a triumph for the forces of the Light in the very near future. Our role in this grows each day, albeit still within the parameters given us by the Divine. These guidelines define a very special role for us: We are here, not to rescue you, but to guide and teach you. And now this longed-for moment of mutual triumph draws close indeed!

Today, we gave you more details about the pre- and post-landing scenario. Furthermore, we want you to know that you are at a point where the first domino could fall at any moment. Stay focused, knowing that your heartfelt intentions are now fully disposed to happen. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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