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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Cauac, 17 Ceh, 2 Ik -- March 20, 2007

Greetings! We welcome you to another discussion of your world's happenings and the progress toward first contact. Our Earth allies continue "gutting it out" and so each day brings us closer to victory. As this undeclared covert war between the Light and the last dark cabal reaches its denouement, forces within major international financial and legal organizations have seized the day and are working feverishly to ensure that the promised deliveries go off as planned. Added to this is the rising discontent among a number of major trading nations concerning the cabal's American allies' handling of daily monetary transfers from one nation to another. The growing bottlenecks are raising doubts about the viability of the US regime, which further undermines its present position. Amid these grave challenges our Earth allies' approaches to the last cabal fall, as ever, on deaf ears, and thus the day for carrying out our "quiet revolution" draws near. Now the dark is beginning to see the inevitability of its doom.

This movement toward a new reality progresses at its own divine pace, accompanied by a vast upward shift in consciousness. On a personal level most of you are now very aware of this aspect of things. But the reality of the corresponding global changes still escapes many of you, and yet these two aspects are inextricably related. Heaven set up a broad-based program of change that affects both the macro- and the microcosms that constitute your present reality. It is indeed hard to bear witness every day to the amount of pain and suffering that the dark and its numerous minions can still meter out. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know, as you observe this mayhem that just beneath the surface is an unprecedented series of huge changes on the point of breaking through. Once a critical mass in these affairs is reached, the aforementioned quiet revolution can wreak its damage upon the dark. This promised day is getting close, as the strength of the dark to hold things at bay is weakening rapidly. In fact, the time has come when the Light has only to choose its appointed moment, and then charge!

The conditions on your planet make the current situation most interesting to our liaison personnel. On one hand, the moment for the Earth allies to spring their vise on the dark seems immediate. On the other, the way the Divine is working this procedure appears to delay this moment unduly. Our position is to watch and wait. However, we sincerely want you to be aware that in our hearts we dearly wish to get going, in full-throttle mode, with the charge of the Light. But we recognize that a carefully formulated divine strategy lies behind all of this, and those truly in charge have the final word. And so we commend your gracious patience and ask you to envision your imminent victory. For us, first contact is an integral step in a big leap in consciousness, which transforms how you view your reality. This also entails a complete reorientation of your worldview. For example, a fully prosperous world is a good start but leaving the present structures in place means that it is only a matter of time before the dark regains its lost ground. This makes it clear that a new way of doing things is essential for permanent success.

We are fully committed to implementing this dramatic change of direction on your planet. Despite the challenge of transforming the perceptions of an entire global populace, that is what the Earth allies and their associated organizations have set out to accomplish. These brave souls are pledged to a massive global reform of government; financial structures and monetary policies; currencies; and adjusting the vital role-played by the media in these affairs. It is essential that a safety net be thrown around your new abundance and your freedom. The media, also, must be able to report freely on what is truly happening. The corporation must be recast, so that it looks first at its societal and environmental obligations and not just at "the bottom line." As a sovereign individual you have rights that carry with them a duty to become active in your community. Sovereignty, on a mass basis, can only truly work when the focus changes from self to your divine connection to others.

This divine connection becomes a living reality as you move into awareness of who you really are: This great Being is a sacred, immortal Soul dedicated to helping others. In this act of community is born an ever-strengthening sense of self, which finds its joyous expression in working for the greater good. This relies on placing the essence of sovereignty at the center of all considerations: Each person is a divine charge of Heaven, invested lovingly by the Creator with many unalienable rights. The unrestricted use of these rights generates the resources that allow you to do wonderful things: as an obvious example, helping your fellows to accomplish their life purposes. Building structures around this natural impulse results in what we call galactic society, which operates using a procedure called "fluid group dynamics." This, in turn, is regulated by the Four Societal Laws given to us millions of years ago by the Creator and Heaven.

This rapidly approaching new world is a total about-face from the one you are now used to, and as such, a certain amount of retraining will be necessary. In this context, first contact can be seen increasingly as the divine instrument that completes the move into this new world that you have already begun. As we often mention, our role is to be your divinely guided instructors and your mentors in consciousness growth, and we have been preparing for this with relish. Happily, passion can often make quick work of a daunting task, but we also know that this passion of ours needs to be tempered by the Divine. It is being given its proper place in the sacred equations mustered forth so efficaciously by Heaven. We must always remember that what is being done is driven by the sacred, and that this carries with it only forgiveness and graciousness.

The coming time will completely change how your world operates. Besides the new structural elements mentioned above, a huge amount of data is to become available to you to help you move your new world down the divine path laid out by Heaven and the Creator. You are to be both monitors and participants in this process. We cannot emphasize this enough: The key element in all of this is each one of you. As your awareness grows, vital new insights come to you, which you need share among you. To this end, practical local and global forums need to be used, which can spawn watchdog groups to safeguard your freedom and sovereignty. You can see how this throws new light on our oft-quoted mantra "Together, We are indeed Victorious!" Only by honoring each other's rights and empowering each other's gifts can you hope to be triumphant.

First contact comes at the end of your journey as a limited conscious Being living in a desolate world of darkness. This event is a catalyst morphing you into a fully conscious Being living in a galactic world. As one caught at the center of this transformation, your impression is that your world is plunging ever deeper into chaos and heading for some form of global extinction. In fact, your perception is based on the biased data so vividly reiterated by your media. Those who defend the so-called realities of your world often fail to make the link between what is happening and how it is presented to you. Our aim is to provide a more balanced view of your affairs by including what your media leaves out. Those who intend to change this reality need to have a comprehensive overview and focus on their positive visions in order to hasten the advent of what is now inevitable. Remember that what you put your energy on grows.

Today, we continued our discourse on current events and their relationship to first contact. The world we all wish for is divinely real and ready to roll. As you watch it unfold, you can help the process by maintaining your joyous anticipation and feeding your collective and individual heartfelt, detailed visions. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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