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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Ahau, 18 Mac, 2 Ik -- April 10, 2007

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts, with more interesting things to tell you! In our last message, we began to describe the timetable for first contact. We intimated that we currently intend to wait about 6 to 8 months after the fall of the present US regime before making ourselves public. We are doing this for two reasons: First, we want to be the hidden hand that ensures that your unalienable rights and your massive abundance be delivered to you as promised. The Divine desires us to act as Heaven's true enforcers; this means, we are to make sure that the various programs we are deliberately telling you about come into abundant fruition. These things are given to let you to carry out the tasks given to you by Mother Earth. Your world is in a very sad way! All over, the profanity of your power structure's unclean hands is evident. Undoing this desecration is one of your top priorities. Another is to make your society and global governments truly "green." This will be the start of your mission to help your ailing planet.

The second reason for this delay is to give us time to prepare you for our arrival. At the right moment, we expect your governments to divulge our existence to you and to shower you with the release of documents that prove their involvement with various ETs even before the start of WWII. We did not appear out of the blue from 1945 onward; our relations with your governments and our observations of you go way back into the twilight of your history, and this needs to be unveiled. Documents held by many governments reveal this in detail. Next in the line-up of revelations is the fact that your governments acquired esoteric technology via illegal covert treaties with the ETs and back-engineered from downed space vehicles. They now possess quite an inventory of advanced technologies that is being carefully hidden from the public by special secret operatives. All these disclosures are to become the foundation for the immense amount of data that we wish to impart to you during the first phase of first contact.

This bringing-you-up-to-speed can be a big help in preparing you for our arrival. Moreover, these technologies, when taken together with others long suppressed because of "national security," can greatly help you in cleaning up your planet. These initial revelations can stimulate a curiosity in you about how and why you are in the midst of a great consciousness shift. Your adage "ignorance is bliss" is one that our galactic societies have never subscribed to. We prefer " the truth shall set you free." So, in accordance with this, all possible data is to be made freely available to you. We sincerely want you to fully understand your duties to Mother Earth, to be in possession of the means to fulfill these tasks, and finally, to comprehend our role in all this. We feel that this can clear the air and allow for no-holds-barred, interactive discussion between us. We want you to get to know us and permit yourselves to open the way to a new paradigm that sets the stage for you to create your own galactic society.

We do not consider first contact to be a "rescue mission"; we see it as a means to complete your journey back to full consciousness. The issue is how this is to be accomplished. A lot of specialized communication with your nations in the last decade produced a range of flexible options for achieving first contact. The one we are presently outlining to you is the result of lengthy discussions with our Earth allies. Naturally, we wish the operation to go over as easily and safely as possible, which means that your awakening to our presence must be done as seamlessly as is practical in the time allowed. The main challenge for us all is the negative press we have received at the hands of your governments and your media. Many untrue religious pronouncements about us also need to be set straight. These errors of perception arise from a variety of unfounded inner fears and prejudices, including an earth-centric xenophobia. Converting this false indoctrination about divine Creation in general into a more spiritually mature outlook is essential.

This undertaking can be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion: our task involves chipping away at layer after layer of untruths, which is why we decided, upon conferring deeply with Heaven, to delay somewhat the date of our open introduction to your world. An enormous amount of energy and detailed theatricals on the part of many compartmented intelligence agencies have gone into supplying your UFO researchers with mountains of bogus data concerning our activities and our intentions for first contact. These government agencies are given carte blanche to use their esoteric technologies to stage abduction scenarios and other atrocities with the intent of instilling great fear and distrust of off-worlders. These operations have been most successful in diverting ufologists from the truth. As a result, UFO literature is filled with fantastical and confusing claims about our nature and intention. Such tomfoolery must end.

The whirlwind of data released from sequestered documents, which we mentioned last week, will start the process of peeling back the onion layers. The ludicrous misconceptions about us that your public accepts as commonplace will quickly melt once the truth of many things comes out. In effect, a vast education project will be underway, preparing you for our capabilities and our role in the special divine procedure that you are currently going through. You will learn that most of your genetic code is extraterrestrial in nature, and that your various teachings on the subject quite misrepresent how you came into being. As you absorb the truth in myriad areas, your fearful worldview will be soothed. The technology now used to unstill fear, like "flying saucers," will take on a new light. We want you to regard us as your extended family, and indeed that is how we intend to welcome you.

Once what has been kept from you is absorbed, you can accept us quite naturally as humans Beings who represent what you are about to become; in short, we are your destiny. Such is the healthy state of mind of a people on the brink of first contact. Such a society possesses the prerequisite technology and has a grasp of the changes it is going through. This society is ready for our arrival and gladly anticipates the responsibilities we require. The currently agreed-upon plan aims to move you into this prepared state by instigating a global education project that is to remove the above-mentioned liabilities. Because your governments held back your natural evolution to such a degree, you must, in a sense, make up for lost time. You need to dig deep into your divine inner resources and bravely know and engage with a whole new world of truth as it becomes revealed to you from your secret archives. This is the challenge now before you.

The transformative process now underway can be seen as two "giant leaps for mankind." The first is the about-face in your current planetary direction and this moves you to the level of planetary human. This begins immediately upon the fall of the last dark cabal. Here, you focus on harmonizing your global society so that you can work together and assume responsibility for the well being of your home world. The second leap involves the acceleration of this direction via first contact, in which you are opened to the world of galactic consciousness. This world, and our open arrival, will begin to interface with yours at the time specified by Heaven and Lord Surea. It is an integral step in the divine plan. At this point, we are to bring you the expertise needed to turn you into galactic humans. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we concentrated on the preconditions for first contact. All of this hinges on the removal of the present, dark US regime and its many dark cabal allies. Know that this plan is under the aegis of Heaven, and if any prerequisite element does not play out as planned, we are charged with manifesting the shortfall. We ask you to persevere as graciously and Lovingly as you are now, in the knowledge that the time for first contact approaches! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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