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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Manik, 5 Kank'in, 2 Ik -- April 17, 2007

Selamat Balik! We return to discuss with you some auspicious developments on Planet Earth. At present your planet's secret cabal is in a tizzy over what is happening to their long-held plans to somehow stop us from arriving at our appointed time. We have duly informed their legal and diplomatic "hired hands" that we are preparing the means to back up our Earth allies and assure them that the ouster of the current US regime is close at hand. This latest initiative of ours is in response to the ignoble stance taken by these dark masters. You are in the midst of a great consciousness shift that cannot be forever ignored by those who still illegally control your world. Their perfidy is such that Heaven allows us now to instigate alternative ways to ensure that first contact goes off as planned. In accordance with this, we began at the end of the month of Ceh ( late March) a number of campaigns to make our messages to the dark ones more publicly known. As part of this operation, we are delivering this important message to you. The time for instituting a number of transitional governments on your world has come!

The series of documents, just released to the dark cabal, has a clearly defined, specific focus: Your world is on the edge of a divine window for first contact, and our task is now to expedite anything still outstanding to allow this grand event to manifest. Our goal and indeed the purpose of this sacred mission are to carry out first contact. To this end, we have supported our Earth allies and cajoled them into carrying out their mission. This supporting role allowed us to learn about and experience how your cabal and its opponents operate. We have gleaned new perspectives on your lives and on the way your various societies are circumscribed in their options to counter the arrogant manipulations of this dark cadre. We admire the way our Earth allies have been able to work around these limitations and thus come very close to a laudable, hard-fought victory. Our message today is also by way of being a resounding commendation for what they are accomplishing. Yet, we sit on the brink of all this potential manifestation with no dramatic results for you to sink your teeth into. We intend to see that these preparations now manifest, and do so quickly!

The way of this world is for you to wait for your infernal masters to lead you into believing that "whatever somehow comes about" is all for the best. This back-to-front logic needs a rewrite. The bounty of this world does not belong solely to the dark cabal; it is meant for everyone. And still you hang back, and whine only amongst yourselves to relieve your frustrations. Move beyond this, and intend en masse that the events you so deeply desire happen as divinely planned. Do not give in to the dark's insolence! We represent a powerful faction that is on your side, and as such, we wish all to know that this present reality is not acceptable to you any more. Make your own clear message ring out in unity with what we are doing to bring you to the verge of your new reality. First contact is to be a meeting of minds; it is the point at which your yen for abundance, freedom, and sovereignty melds with our own goal to alter you into fully conscious Beings of Light. The result, for you, is a new star nation and the fulfilling of your grand destiny. And this, in turn, leads to the unfurling of the divine plan for physicality.

What we are saying at this time is that a number of incidents have happened in the past few months that are testing our resolve to remain laid back and willing to tolerate behavior that normally is unacceptable to our general protocols. This easygoing period is coming to an end. We have watched many brave attempts to facilitate the advent of first contact being thwarted by the actions of your cabal, and our willingness to reign in our response to aggression against us has now run its course. Many years ago, a game of cat and mouse with your global military started up, in which we either refused to engage their hostile behavior toward our science scout ships or else had our defense ships disable these assault craft. Now, we have again been given the green light to give these primitive aircraft a brief taste of our capabilities. These encounters are prefaced with a warning to your governments, stating that these unnecessary and futile skirmishes are most distasteful to us.

Our new policy is to confront this cabal and its military when so required. We want your nations' air forces to know that we do this only to establish some basic precedents. These include your rights concerning the approach of first contact. We also wish to impress upon our Earth allies our desires on a number of important fronts. We are entering a "window of opportunity" for action and want to use our capabilities to ensure that action does indeed take place. First contact is such a monumental watershed for your planet that we intend to do whatever is required to make sure that it is carried out smoothly and correctly. The Divine decrees this, and in keeping with our sacred allegiance to Lord Surea, we intend to do what is divinely right both for you and for us. In short, we are informing you that the continuing interference and delaying tactics of the dark are to bring about their rapid end.

The present conditions truly favor our endeavors. Our Earth allies know how essential it is for them to succeed in what they are doing. Heaven gives them the divine go-ahead to move forward quickly and decisively, and this has really brought home to them the need to complete their assigned tasks and set the stage for first contact. We are seeing how all of us can work together to make first contact happen. This process has taken longer than originally hoped, but we are now in a time for something critically important to occur. This is to set in motion the sequence of events that leads to our arrival. Hence, we have asked our liaison and ambassadorial teams to stress the need for speed. Time is now of the essence! Many amazing things are getting ready to manifest upon Mother Earth.

As these events gather momentum, we are presented with conditions that prove the point we are making; namely, the time for action of a major kind has arrived. We are confident that this operation--to shift your reality and move you into full consciousness--is now turning down the home stretch. The dark ones' ability to mount effective opposition wanes by the day, but their arrogance and false bravado continue unabated. Their game is still on, but they see as clearly as we do that the end game is upon them. And yet despite their dwindling ability to maintain this bizarre reality of theirs, they are loath to throw in their hand. Their bullheadedness in persisting until "their goose is truly cooked" is sad. It would be so much easily for everyone if these rascals accepted the writing emblazoned on their walls.

The time for this first contact mission has come. We are determined to see that this present reality is gloriously transformed into one that is resplendent with freedom, abundance, and sovereignty. The world around you is dying; she is preparing her rebirth into an entity that is deeply involved in the business of bringing this galaxy together and forging new alliances with galaxies both near and far. This series of divine challenges is your destiny, and the only remaining obstacle is the trouncing of your dark secret rulers. Said obstacle, one way or another, is about to be overcome. We promise you that first contact draws close. The key is unity! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we advised you of the new policy adopted by the First Contact Board and supported by a number of divine decrees. The time for taking action has arrived. Therefore, we now intend to encourage and act as a catalyst for all remaining necessary actions. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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