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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

1 Ix, 12 Kank'in, 2 Ik -- April 24, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to tell you. Your world remains in flux. Many things are happening that alter the way the daily goals turn out. This constant change makes it difficult at times to give a substantive analysis of what actually occurred. Such volatility can become quite an obstacle; nevertheless, the movement of our Earth allies has been only forward. We anticipate that you are quite close to receiving your much-deserved prosperity. In addition, those in charge of ousting the present US regime are moving ever closer to achieving their hard-won victory. This seemingly unending struggle is nearly over due to the large numbers of key administrative personnel who daily join the ranks of the Earth allies. This operation is the resolution to everything else that is happening on a global basis. We are monitoring all this very carefully and are happy at the progress being made. The battle to overthrow the last dark cabal is getting to a stage where the final signed documents required sweeping away this miserable government can be procured.

This particular struggle is only one of many that are being waged across your planet. Do remember that what is occurring is a grand war to end this regime's control of you in a legal and benign manner. In effect, our Earth allies are both legislating and adjudicating a new path for America and the world. During the course of this operation, a new, true financial and currency system was salvaged from the fiat, virtual world of the dark. Moreover, an immense debt annulment mechanism was created as well as an end to the present global illegal fractional banking system, which is to be replaced by a true local and national system. These things transform banking from an important political asset to a more proper economic resource. These reforms required a great many careful negotiations and the alignment of important global governmental authority on the side of our Earth allies. All this is now done, and what remains is a final chess game with the dark, in which this last cabal and its minions keep falling in and out of our checkmate. The fall of the dark, a most welcome event, can come at any moment!

This point brings us to what we are currently up to. At present, we are engaged in a broad-scale mission to garner the last pieces needed to end the chicanery that is the present US regime. We have watched for years, as these poor fools somehow remain able to stay just a little ahead of our Earth allies. The general feeling is that this advantage is now swiftly crumbling. We have been able to narrow this gap and put our Earth allies in a position to end the madness that fully pervades this illegal government. Moreover, we have used our good offices to help our friends follow the movements of secret funds, which this last cabal is always moving around the planet. Tracking these funds has enormously increased the ability of our side to stop these illegal movements in their tracks and keep the dark from succeeding in the many dire shenanigans that they cook up from time to time. These actions keep the pressure on them and permit our Earth allies to stay in a near-checkmate situation with them.

On other fronts, we monitor Mother Earth and assist her by seeing that the mounting pressures between tectonic plates are properly relieved. This procedure has greatly increased the number of six-plus-magnitude earthquakes measured by your world's seismologists. We are equally active in your planet's upper atmosphere: Here, we are "balancing" the stability of a number of layers that affect the amount of radiation leaking into your planet's surface area. This work is maintaining a degree of stability for your world as you move quickly to the brink of first contact. To us, first contact is the grand watershed that begins your actual transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This divine moment is something that the dark dearly wishes to delay, and it is our divine purpose to see that this magnificent moment goes off as planned. Hence, we are involved in a number of contingency plans, which unabashedly ensure your success!

The main contingency plan concerns how to rid this world of the pestilence that is the dark cabal. We have informed our Earth allies of these strategies and have received a number of "thumbs-up" indications from some members of this diverse coalition. These positive comments moved our planners to draw up a series of more detailed plans based on the highly instructive intelligence that we possess. Armed with this, we began, some weeks ago; to set up the steps required to carry out these plans. This led, in turn, to our starting this process in earnest. So far we have stayed "below the radar" and allowed the scenarios of our Earth allies to come to fruition. Our objective is simply to see that those things happen that result in bringing down the dark's puppet show. We have at our disposal a choice of strategies for accomplishing this end; the critical element is to wait for the right moment to deploy the winning move.

We wish to point out that your success is quite close at hand. Only a few last factors remain before the doors to your riches and your new, fully conscious reality is unlocked. We are proud of your ability to stay focused in a world where unusual, devilish distractions are commonplace. We applaud you, especially given your frustration at how long this much-promised transformation has taken to manifest. Today we can tell you that the many things being done by our Earth allies, and now also by us, make the extraordinary changes very close to happening. It is easy to proclaim this from a place far removed from your everyday world, but we say to you that, one way or another, your reality is very close to an immense change for the better. This change is to bring us to your shores.

First contact is something that we are fully committed to. We intend to bring it about shortly, either as a result of our own efforts or those of our Earth allies. The question is simply which party is to be primarily responsible for its completion. Either way, the goal is to achieve first contact as quickly as possible. We have set aside some time for you to put your various issues in order before our arrival, while nevertheless bearing in mind the prime imperative of the hour; namely, that first contact is inevitable. Our fleet is working diligently within certain restrictions laid down by us regarding what is to be done to "force" this event into occurring. Our intent is to transform this present reality into one that is more prepared to accept our coming. This is now our major objective. As noted, we are currently doing whatever is necessary to bring about this wondrous event.

Everywhere, your planet demonstrates that she is in the throes of a grand transition into the Light. This operation has brought us to your shores in great numbers. We are not here merely to observe you but to intervene formally under the aegis of the Divine. This commitment has now reached the point where we need to do what is necessary to stage a mass first contact. Your planet cannot for much longer stay within the chaos into which the dark has thrown her. The time arrives for something different, which shifts your world and this entire solar system to the Light. Traversing great galactic distances to assemble our fleet here was not done on a whim; we came to bring enormous change and the time for this has arrived. In accordance with this pledge, we are doing much that we can only hint at. Just know that a divine action for first contact has begun!

Today, we continued our discussion about the great changes going on here on planet Earth and the closeness of first contact. The dark does not have much longer to mess around with its delaying tactics and display its arrogance and total distain for its fate. Rather, the time comes for the Divine to transform this reality. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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