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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Lamat, 6 Moan, 2 Ik -- May 8, 2007

Selamat Balik! We return, dear Ones, with more to tell you! Everywhere, your world is progressing toward the great transformation that we have been talking about. This need for change has created a massive interest among you in spiritual matters. These pursuits are just the beginnings of a journey that all of you have in some way begun in earnest. This search for new spiritual identity is moving Earth's peoples through huge upheavals, which are leading to a state of affairs where the spiritual revolution we have long described can actually become feasible. We watch your last dark cabal maneuvering to make the most of this burgeoning situation. Our Earth allies, likewise, gather strength from this development. Presently, your world is going through a period of enormous distress. It is also the time when the dark's machinations are, at long last, to backfire on them, thus leaving an opening for the Light. Grabbing the opportunity, our Earth allies can finally challenge the dark ones head on and defeat them and their global minions.

This ongoing time of change is linked to the primal struggle happening in the secret places where Spirit and the dark have fought one another for eons. As this confrontation reaches its crescendo, the amount of pre-change chaos likewise rises. These conditions are at a point where something has to give. The pressure upon Mother Earth, the dark, and the Light to manifest a new reality is unrelenting. Thus the immediate future is pregnant with the potential for the emergence of a series of critical events. Among these is the absolute requirement that the present US regime be replaced; another is the need to reform the current creaking global economic and banking system. Without these reforms, a great economic collapse with devastating consequences in financial, political, and cultural arenas looms on your horizon. To prevent this, we have put into operation a number of projects designed to support and accelerate the changes that can forestall this impending calamity.

This catastrophe does not only concern the various institutions that hold together your global society; they also involve Mother Earth and your present spiritual and consciousness shift. To look at what is taking place on your planet and then to give mundane "climate-change" reasons to explain away the immensity of what is happening is quite ludicrous. You and Mother Earth are a single, entwined entity that together make up this reality, and yet your philosophies have long ignored this connection. This is not only a fact of science; it is also a matter of the heart and of consciousness. Your reality is transforming, and doing so at a rate unheard of in recent natural history. Despite knowing about this, your political leaders have conspired to keep the lid on the momentous changes now afoot and their implications for each one of you and your global society. Because of what is happening here, we have stationed a Science & Exploration fleet in your solar system for some decades now. However, as you know, our purpose is not mere observation, but also involves a full-fledged first contact mission.

First contact with your planet has at times seemed an unlikely proposition, as the state of your world would not normally qualify you for such a transformative event. Nevertheless, Heaven made it clear that this is an exceptional case and a wholly divine undertaking. As we began our initial diplomatic approaches here, we came in contact with beings who, despite their positions of authority on your world, were as reliable as the Anchara Alliance diplomats whom we had dealt with over the millennia. This was most disconcerting. Nevertheless, we persevered, gathering and applying wisdom from these encounters, until now we stand on the very brink of open first contact with you. Along the way, we also met a number of most enlightening groups and individuals who were very willing to aid us in our mission. All of this brings us to the present, and the final stage of what we are here to do. You are now facing an event of great consequence, one that brings an end of your present realities and introduces you to great new challenges and responsibilities.

Our experiences with your world have taught us that a simple uncloaking of our fleet followed by an impromptu mass landing would be most unwise. Thus began the first of many projects to educate ourselves about your unique cultures with the purpose of eventually being able to carry out our divine task. We detailed a large crew of volunteers from our fleet to gather information from many places around the globe over the past two decades. Their reports, together with those of our liaison and diplomatic corps, have given us a working template of the way your society operates and an idea of how to proceed to accomplish our mission. Our evolving cooperation with your enlightened groups has forged the present joint game plan that is now moving quite swiftly forward. We are in contact with many on your world who desire our free and open presence among you. They are at the core of what we are now engaged upon.

Most of these individuals are very powerful figures indeed. Their willingness to cooperate with our mission is most encouraging. First contact requires that certain arrangements be in place, and this is now done. The next series of objectives is also in progress. Then, we can begin a massive operation to secure the essential ingredients that make first contact inevitable. Generally speaking, we are pleased with how things are going, but the speed of accomplishing each successive step leaves much to be desired. Your last dark cabal seems bent on resistance to the end, and yet, despite this, we can see how our projects are weaving together to obtain the victory that we long to embrace.

As our various projects progress, we closely watch our Earth allies work to remove, within the due process of law, the present US regime. This particular operation, because of the many legal requirements and nuances, as well as the perfidy of the current administration, is going slowly. Many plans have already been attempted, but failed. The current strategy now underway is one the Earth allies have full confidence in, and they insist it is to yield the results we all seek. Meanwhile, the dangerous direction your world is headed in persists. Against this background, our Earth allies maintain their course and wait anxiously for what is shortly to transpire. And so the grand push to remove the present US regime is indeed underway!

As you can see, much is happening behind the scenes and in secret on your world. Concurrently, your continuing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation is getting to a point where the collective prerogatives of this reality force a new one to manifest. It is this certainty that also drives our efforts to carry out an open first contact with you. Heaven has forged a master plan, which is intended to reveal the divine plan. This divine plan decrees that you are destined to return to your natural state of full consciousness. The last part of this process involves not decades, but a much shorter timeframe. To this end, we see clearly how Heaven is moving you at her designated speed down a path that is to result both in your return to full consciousness and, along the way, in our accomplishing our equally divinely prescribed first contact mission with you. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion of first contact and what is being done to ensure that it happens. Our efforts and those of our Earth allies are destined to be successful. Your contribution in this is to maintain your positive focus and to prepare yourself for what Heaven and the Creator have in store for you; namely, full consciousness and reunion with your spiritual and space families! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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