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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Etznab, 1 Pax, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come before you, dear Hearts, at this most auspicious time in your history. Invisibly surrounding you is our enormous fleet representing the fifty human star-nations whose members are your ancestors. This fleet watches over their Earth-bound relatives with tender hearts and a great inner joy. Events on your world have reached a point where some truly historic developments can start to manifest. Our liaison officers and fleet emissaries update us daily on the matters still to be wrapped up before we prepare for imminent contact. The last milestones of this preparatory phase are rapidly approaching. We are also working with your planetary Elohim to prepare Mother Earth for her great transformation. This period in our mission excites us. The next actions by our Earth allies can bring all of us to a point we have longed for! Hence, it is necessary for us to tell you this much and, for now, to leave the exact details to history. Accordingly, we desire to inform you now about what we are doing to get ready for first contact and the events that are swiftly to follow.

First contact initially requires the global announcements of our existence from your major governments. With one stroke, more than fifty decades of cover-ups and preposterous lies are to end and be replaced with the momentous truth that you are not alone. The simultaneous revelation of our benevolence brings to an abrupt close decades of fear and distrust. With this, we can begin to appear in your skies and show ourselves to you. The huge variety of shape, design, and size of our craft will amaze you! The next move is to begin an education project about us. These worldwide broadcasts can prepare you for the big moment: our massive landing on your shores. Accompanying the landings will be your many Ascended Masters. Together we come to transform, liberate, and inform you. Our technologies can rapidly reverse your growing global pollution and raise your living standards. Food, shelter, clothing, and especially water are things that most of you in Europe and North America may take for granted. Our capabilities can bring these essentials to everyone residing on Mother Earth.

As pollution is diminished and abundance becomes the norm, you can begin to learn how much your former overlords, the Anunnaki, manipulated your culture and your beliefs. These twisted half truths need to be replaced with a full retelling of your true history. Then you can look anew at your different cultures and find out how this grand diversity can become one of your many strengths. Out of this you can forge the beginnings of global cooperation and world harmony. With attendant due diligence, this process need not take long. Also, the new focus of your governments can produce a recasting of the political, financial, and economic systems that currently rule your world. The goal is to move quickly toward setting up a society that is a true predecessor to your galactic one. To aid you, the peoples of inner Earth wish to come and offer guidelines for creating such a society. They are also most keen to introduce you to the part of your planet your former rulers denied you access to.

This realm of inner Earth, although in the main a continuation of the surface world, has some really amazing topography. It has mountains taller than Everest and oceans wider than the Pacific. There are rivers reminiscent of the Nile, Mississippi, and Yangtze as well as others that combine the features of these in unique ways. To navigate these immense waterways is to undergo a grand adventure. You see, animals and plants long considered extinct flourish here. The peoples of inner Earth have turned these myriad environments into especially cared-for habitats, and touring these places is something they would like you all to enjoy. It can demonstrate to you how the transformed exterior of the planet can also be lovingly nurtured. Mother Earth is an incubator for a huge variety of animals and plants. This multiplicity of ecosystems forms a unity that constitutes the very essence of Mother Earth.

As just noted, Mother Earth is a living entity supporting a vast regime of eco-systems. When the two layers of firmament once more surround the planet, the many environments of your world can begin to change. The deserts transform into broad savannas and the jungles into dense forests in which both temperate and more traditional tropical varieties of trees and shrubs flourish. The previous temperate and sub-tropical habitats will start to merge. Over time, the former tropics will become part of this renewed flora. The ice caps of the Arctic will melt, turning that land into a place of exquisite vistas where sweeping grasslands give way to forests and the sea. Once Mother Earth is enveloped by her newly raised firmaments, these can act much as the former Arctic and Antarctic to regulate the temperature of her outer surface, thus greatly balancing the current extremes of pole and equator.

The end of the current climate extremes changes everything for Mother Earth's ecosystems. Many new species can appear as these unique habitats take hold. The changing of the Mediterranean back into a river and the Sahara into a large inland sea can radically alter the appearance of Europe and North Africa on future maps. The topography of East Africa is to be affected by another large inland sea. These bodies of water together with immense climate change portend a new ecosystem for the whole of Africa. The mountains of Central Europe are to collapse into wide lowland forests, which link up with the great forests of Northern Europe to create even more novel types of flora and fauna. Our scientists are carefully anticipating all this as we prepare for the final steps before first contact.

These changes in Mother Earth's surface means she is shortly to look quite different. The magnitude of these changes also means that you will have to be evacuated from the surface before long. Hence, one of our projects involves this massive relocation of the surface populace to the inner Earth sanctums. Here, you can peacefully finish your own transformation into fully conscious Beings while Mother Earth prepares herself for you. These monumental changes are to be mirrored throughout the solar system. Until these adjustments are done, the only safe places for you are either aboard a mothership or in especially prepared places in inner Earth. As it now stands, the sequence of first contact is: the series of public announcements; first contact proper; the mass evacuation tied to the Earth changes; and finally, your transformation into fully conscious Beings.

What lies ahead for you is very close to happening. Our personnel are highly dedicated to making first contact come off as planned. To this end, we monitor your world assiduously. Because of this diligence, the operation is reaching a point in our timetable for some very important actions. Currently, our various liaisons and key fleet diplomats are preparing the ground for this. We look forward to completing first contact and gaining a most auspicious group as a new member of the Galactic Federation. We are also most interested to see you lay the foundation of your new star-nation. Remember to remain centered in joy during the times ahead as these will prove to be both exciting but also at times a little challenging. Always bear in mind that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is close to happening on your world. Never forget to look upon all this as a cosmic drama that is nearing it predestined finale. Soon you are to begin a new one filled with joy, compassion, and deep inner wisdom guided strongly by the Divine. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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