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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Akbal, 1 Kayab, 2 Ik -- June 12, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with another message about the secret happenings on your beautiful world. To begin with, the various factions that make up your world's secret power structure are wrapping up their current disputes. These are the vestiges of what has proven to be quite a long undertaking. Our Earth allies inform us that the new strategies and protocols we recently gave them are indeed becoming "the last straw that breaks the camel's back." We are looking for a speedy conclusion to these affairs and expect that the much-longed-for US regime change and accompanying announcements are not far off. In addition, a number of events occurred that indicate that the present economic order is at death's door. We have been hearing from our diplomatic corps and their liaisons that a series of important breakthroughs on a number of fronts took place in the past few days, which signal that the advice given to us by the former members of the now-defunct Anchara Alliance are starting to pay dividends.

The mounting panic of the dark cabal leads our Earth allies to surmise that the typical endgame strategies it is known for are being put into play. Hence, our Earth allies stepped up the next set of countermeasures suggested by us. These are to be what finally forces the dark to accept its defeat. Our intention is to watch what occurs next very carefully. The intricacies of the dark's plans need to be followed closely and then dissected very cautiously. We have given this task to a special group of liaisons assigned to both our diplomatic corps and to our Earth allies. We know well how crafty the dark's remaining minions are, and we intend to leave not one stone unturned during our ongoing investigations. In the past, we observed that this group can seemingly produce a solution out of thin air to cunningly extricate themselves from danger. Our way out is to use our new data to prevent this from happening again. We intend for this present scenario to force them to retire and permit our side the victory we have all sought.

This victory represents a great many things. It is the moment when a grand shift in your reality can begin to manifest openly. To most, a cogent sign of change is most welcome, making talk of a grand transformation seem quite real. Knowing this, we have made a point of requesting our Earth allies to treat this occasion with all due ceremony and fanfare. Moreover, those responsible for criminally delaying this change are to be brought to justice; and the process of this castigation is to be a public event throughout. Normally, we would not condone such things as the victory parades of ancient Rome and other bygone civilizations; but in this case, it is felt that an exception to our rules is called for: What our Earth allies are doing is bringing an end to 13 millennia of dark history, and some substantial event is needed to mark this auspicious occasion. Our Earth allies fully agree with our suggestion and have come up with a show that is to be made public at the appropriate time. The world is to witness a legal spectacle that leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that a fundamental change has taken place.

In this atmosphere, our Earth allies' many announcements take on the weight and significance that such matters deserve. These changes are to be fully legal, and openly and publicly witnessed. Once set upon a new path, your world can truly begin the task of transforming your reality. This also means that a great deal of responsibility is to fall on every Lightworker's shoulders. You need to make yourselves ready, both mentally and emotionally, to handle what is to be put before you. Your role is pivotal! This fledgling new world relies on those who can interpret its potential and demonstrate how to embody it. The transitional governments need informed supporters to clarify the implications of these changes, including the abundance, to neighbors and communities. Humanity is setting out upon a wholly novel and rapid journey to a destination that few can as yet accurately fathom. Accordingly, your mission is to assist in clearing away the cobwebs of confusion by replacing them with a clear and comprehensible framework.

The Galactic Federation is fully prepared to help you in these activities. Many important new policies are to be implemented by the new temporary governments. These policies, in many ways, represent a turnabout in the unlawful statutes imposed by your present forms of governance. These changes in direction can be bewildering to the uninformed and call for the lucid input of enlightened individuals who can come forward to use their communication skills on the Internet and the media. A coherent and inspiring exposition of current developments was never more essential than now! In this open climate, a broad-based public forum--the hallmark of democracy--can naturally emerge. These informal networks can keep you all informed and questioning anything that troubles you. The aim of a true democracy is the bridging of natural differences in order to reach a doable consensus, by means of thoughtful, clear, open discussion on all issues.

The new governments are to reinstate a degree of democracy that most have not seen before. The massive corruption now inherent in government is to be uprooted by the measures put into action by the transitional governments. Fear of change, inculcated into human nature by dire experience, needs to be addressed. One of the tasks of the interim governments, and indeed, one of the most critical responsibilities given to Lightworkers, is to demonstrate the procedures that can allay these fears; e.g., your government watchdog duties must be seen to be effective. You need to prove to the public that the new governments are nothing like the old ones. Furthermore, your world is to be prepared for the great consciousness shift, and this includes the necessary preparations for first contact.

First contact remains our primary concern. We are determined to carry out this operation as soon as we are so advised by Heaven. Your continuing spiritual progress demands that this complex process be done effectively and in line with what we have agreed upon with our Earth allies. Concerning this, we have given our Earth-bound friends a proper timeframe in which to carry out those things they have so graciously taken on. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to intervene in these affairs in the event that Heaven agrees that what they are doing strays from Lord Surea's divine edicts. We emphasize this to encourage you in those duties assigned to you, knowing that at all times "we have your back." What we do after first contact is accomplished depends heavily on what transpires once the present US regime and its friends are legally disposed of.

To repeat, the manner in which the first dominoes fall greatly influences the post-contact world. Our desire is for these transitional governments to achieve their goals and hand over to the citizens of Earth a most wondrous realm. This world, which is freeing itself from its polluting past and working to instill a true sense of democracy, is the one that we intend to make a first contact with. This Earth can easily accept us since our existence and benevolent reasons for coming are to be common knowledge. Moreover, we can be assured that the sudden appearance of Earth's Ascended Masters, who are to accompany us, can bring great cheer and much wisdom to you. This is the realm that we expect to find once Heaven gives us the go-ahead we have all been waiting for with such joyful anticipation!

Today, we have broached new aspects of what is about to happen on your world. We bring up these topics now so that you can sense that the grand events we all long for are truly not far off. We have also used this message to give you a better idea of what is expected of you by Heaven and by us. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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