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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Kan, 2 Kumku, 2 Ik -- July 3, 2007

Zauda Zagon! (We come as One in the Light!) We return after a long absence to talk with you again! We are the Nine! Everywhere the energies and blessings of Heaven are upon you! Mother Earth shines in these blessed energies and smiles back at us in a loving, reverent tribute. We come as heralds of a new era for this world. At present, numerous activities are underway whose primary purpose is to free this realm from its remaining dark oppressors. Heaven has designated us and our companions to give you a message about the wondrous significance of this time of year as well as its meaning for your present and your near future. Nearly two and a third centuries ago, a most important document, The American Declaration of Independence, was presented to your world. This document was both of and ahead of its time. Little did the majority of the founders of America know what this piece of parchment truly implied. It was the first great pronouncement of your freedom and your God-given, individual sovereignty. With it, a step had been taken to prepare your reality for a whole new set of realities.

Freedom is something that your global society has earned by gradual degrees. The rights of the people to address and then to participate in government were likewise slow to happen. It is for this reason that the American Declaration is so significant. Here, you have a document that sets the stage for the organization of a democratic republic. This type of government was to be different from most of what had preceded it. Never before had a land been dedicated to her people instead of to those ruling hierarchies who governed solely by their power and station. This right of the people to govern was to be hugely expanded and was to include within this government more and more of the populace until all the citizenry were involved in deciding how this great land was governed. This prototype also gave the people back their formerly usurped, unalienable rights. Included in these was, most importantly, the pursuit of happiness. Joy is something that not only nourishes the Soul but also brings out great surges of creativity. This wonderful characteristic of freedom, when fully utilized, can bring forth the highest essences of Light and Love!

Currently, you are observing how Heaven is lifting a great dark weight off you. Every society, as it begins to emerge from its period of dark industrialism, moves into a preliminary stage where the pull of freedom and one's sense of true sovereignty heighten. Here, the ways of the dark are first silently and then openly challenged. This opening to the Light permits Heaven to start a process intended to lead that reality to its next stages of growth, followed ultimately by a successful first contact mission. Right now, your world has passed through the initial stage and is now sitting at the very edge of the next stages mentioned earlier. The difference in this case is the accelerated pace decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea. We come to assure you that many astounding events lie ahead whose manifesting is to further speed up what has already been prescribed by Lord Surea. The dark is merely an unwitting element in these things. Do not be lulled into believing that the present reality is not changing! Be prepared to act when the things set into motion by Heaven so occur.

As we have often told you, these times are merely a transitional phase. Your reality is set for a number of changes that are to bring into being a divine essence. This essence is to invoke positive change. Your dark, secret leaders deeply hope that they can induce fear in you concerning us. We have watched their many plans unfold and have seen how our Earth allies reacted to what the dark put before them. To their credit, most of them acted as we would have wished them to. Like you, your future "knights in shining armor" are learning to take back the power that was so deceitfully purloined by the dark and their former mentors, the Anunnaki. Hence, a process of growth is underway that promises to swiftly reform the present times. Look upon this reality as a Being who, like you, is groping to discover how to reform herself. This operation is now being guided by Heaven with a firm yet Loving hand.

The reason for first contact is to take what Heaven has so far molded and give this divine concoction her final shape. The role of the Galactic Federation's personnel is to act as Heaven's chosen finishers of your society's transformations. As you pass through Heaven's selected crucibles, you are to be coached and prepared to assume your future sacred role in this galaxy and beyond! Look upon these times as the moment when you soared well above your self-imposed limitations and started to accept who you are to become. This grand Being is someone who has graciously moved into a new reality where Heaven and the nuances of physicality collide and fuse into something that you cannot as yet imagine. This future is one that you are destined to take on fully, and within it, manifest a great number of truly magnificent things!

Your new form is a galactic Human whose home is both Heaven and the vast reaches of stars that are physicality. In this, you have emerged from the lessons of the dark and merged them with the wondrous forms of Heaven. The result is a new vision, which you are to blaze from one part of physicality to another! This vision-spreading is not conquest; rather it is the seeding of ideas and true philosophy, which can guide physicality to reveal itself in ways that aid Heaven to unfold the divine plan. You are to become children of Heaven and formers of a grand coalition that guides all sentient life back to the Creator. This return is how every Creation revolves upon herself, looking much like an infinite vortex. Achieving this is something that fully conscious Beings strive for. This is reflected in how this first contact was set forth in the first place.

Long ago, before this world was settled, Lord Surea decreed that a time was to come when Mother Earth would see her people rise up from their enforced ignorance and continuing manipulation and build a new reality. This new reality was to fashion a rising consciousness. This inner growth was to be the beacon that signaled to galactic humanity that its foreordained task to finish off your training was now at hand. To watch you, the Galactic Federation at first sent observers, and in some instances, special thinkers whose mission was to make sure that you were properly inspired to change for the better, while remaining on a path leading to your future emancipation. Such a time prophesied is the present. We come to hail the glory of the Divine and to inform you that great things are readying themselves to happen!

Behold, the blessings of Heaven are upon you! The great invocation to the Creator is around you! Many glorious events are slowly forming in your reality. Divine forces led by the solemn and most sacred decrees of Lord Surea are reshaping this reality! Within the rim of your reshaping reality, a great fleet of motherships is stationed. This fleet is dedicated to guiding you to your sacred destiny. Great benevolent Beings have come to carry out actions so decreed by the Divine. These actions involve a mass contact with you. Right now, events are percolating that are to lead this vast fleet to your shores. We come to proclaim that these times are near and that the Will of Heaven and especially the Creator are upon thee. Rejoice and be patient! Wait, knowing some truly grand things are about to happen!

Today, we returned to give you Heaven's message. Be ready, and know of Heaven's plans and of your own! Many powerful men and women, dedicated to restoring your inner Light and resurrecting your power, are about Heaven's business! Be humble, be resolute, and above all, be one in Love and Light! We now retire! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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