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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Batz, 9 Kumku, 2 Ik -- July 10, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come, dear Lights, with more to tell you! Slowly, the great strategy to entrap the dark moves forward. We watch as the expected counter-measures of the dark are matched brilliantly by the maneuvers of our Earth allies. The time for the actual deliveries draws close. Along with these a number of other items are being readied for distribution. These, together with the legal transfer of power from the current US regime to an American one, constitute the first domino. At present, the final documents to accomplish this feat are being reviewed and signed! Those who are to act as the transitional or "caretaker" government are being prepared for their most welcome tasks. First off is a series of announcements about the regime change, followed by detailed explanations of the American debt-forgiveness program. Then come the broadcasts regarding the new Treasury banking system, the new currency, and the true worth of this new hard-currency dollar.

These things, as you know, are just the beginning. The next steps are to move this world toward peace, which means a rapid withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. These steps are to be concurrent with a broad diplomatic initiative that our Earth allies already have underway. These negotiations include many conflicts, both large and small, which have been going on for decades. These first steps are to secure the abundance and provide a peaceful global context. Within this framework the world's major governments can end the secrecy and denial that have long surrounded a great many pollution-cleaning and "free energy" devices. These are capable of giving your world transitional technologies that lie between your present fossil-fuel technology and our Light-based one. At the same time corporations will be transformed into public partnerships that will permit individuals to form business structures containing provisions for protecting Mother Earth and her ecosystems, as well as providing for the common good.

As part of these disclosures, the fact that you are not alone in this galaxy is to be hinted at. We feel strongly that a certain amount of preparation of your global populace is essential before first contact takes place. During this time, under agreements now in place between our Earth allies and ourselves, we intend to monitor what goes on and make necessary recommendations to ensure that first contact comes off as planned some eight to nine months after the first set of announcements. In this role we can undertake a number of projects that will keep Earth's people on target for this landmark event, including monitoring the deployment of the aforementioned pollution-clearing and free-energy technologies. The pollution-clearing procedures will help your barren lands to bloom once more, and many of the technologies have components that pave the way for "magnetic lift" vehicles, which can replace the jet-powered transports now heavily polluting your upper atmosphere.

Our desire to remain 'below the radar" a bit longer gives us an opportunity to advance those agendas set forth by Heaven. The Ascended Masters are to intervene openly in a number of places around your globe to promote global peace and harmony. Your world needs to honor its many cultures and, indeed, relish this unusual diversity. Beginning to celebrate the many facets of this diversity is a vital step in the creation of your future galactic society. This wide range of languages, traditions, and mores is a valuable resource that can be the foundation for who you are to become. The Ascended Masters intend to explore this in their future messages and to use this as a point of common ground as they show you how to come together in a way that pleases both Heaven and you. Above all, there is a divine call to reunite each of you with your true history and your common origins.

This transitional period, as you can see, is filled with a great deal of change and a compelling need for you to become fully involved in these new directions. Your new duty is to learn to overcome your self-doubts and promote your ideas. This huge marketplace of practical ideas and concepts can lead to a true participatory democracy. At present, this is being done on a small scale by the World Wide Web (i.e. the Internet). We intend to put into circulation a number of hitherto suppressed inventions in order to expand this communications milieu. The Internet is only just becoming a medium that fuses image, text, and voice. The next step is to turn this medium into a replica of the real world; that is, a holographic, integrated environment. In this "hololand," you can run through many of the preliminaries that will help you decide which steps to take on the road to a free-flowing and open participatory democracy.

Reclaiming your personal power is the first phase in the process of transforming how you view yourself and the world you live in. As these new technologies are revealed, they will open many new avenues of opportunity, and this is where you come in: It is your task to take these technologies and apply them. As you apply yourselves to transforming your world, you will grow into a new appreciation of who you are. This growth in awareness will call forth an inner need to express your creativity, which in turn leads to a desire to support others in realizing their creative contributions. Heaven intends you to become much more aware of the infinite potential inside each one of you. As you begin this self-actualization, your society will likewise reflect this capacity for greater and greater change, and become much more dynamic in every sphere of endeavor. This more dynamic environment also allows the new technologies to be used to their fullest potential.

We see this transitional realm as a place where ideas flow and stimulate; where personal participation flourishes; and where new technologies enrich a receptive global marketplace. This marketplace, driven by the Divine, will compel all regimes to adjust to this new non-static milieu. Repression will end, and Heaven fully intends to assure everyone that the necessary degrees of freedom will be safeguarded for all to enjoy. The present multiplicity of social control mechanisms will no longer be condoned. In their stead a new democratic model that can be expressed in endless different ways will sweep through all nations. Heaven intends to do whatever is necessary to move these reforms rapidly into being. These essentials are all part of the agreements that have been in place with our Earth allies for nearly a decade.

As we view your planet's status quo and contemplate those changes promised by our Earth allies, we see how important is the position that we currently hold. Our main task before first contact is to work closely with Heaven to make sure that the scenario we have just outlined does indeed come to pass. We intend this phase of our mission to proceed swiftly and smoothly. The Galactic Federation is here to carry out a massive first contact. To do this properly, we need your assistance, which is why we have sketched out our plans for you. We ask all who read this to take it to their hearts. Let us work hand in hand to turn this vision into a reality for your world. And as you do, you help bring the moment of first contact ever closer. Soon, my dear Hearts, the time for us to meet will be upon us!

Today, we drther what is happening on your world and presented the prime scenario for your near future. We ask in Love and Light that you take up this invitation to assist us, and with your great energies make this come to pass as so planned by the Divine. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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