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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Eb, 5 Pop, 3 Manik -- July 31, 2007

Greetings, dear Ones! We come again with more to talk to you about. The current situation is divinely destined to have a positive outcome. Those in power in the United States are a smattering of dark ones whose principle joy is derived from denying you your golden destiny. Heaven is presently dissolving this impasse! Measures are being covertly undertaken to bring you the monetary abundance prescribed in Lord Surea's decrees and put into effect by the actions of a number of your Ascended Masters, specifically Saint Germaine and Helarion. We fully expect to see these matters implemented quite shortly. In addition, secret plans are being executed that are to legally topple the present US regime. This positive development can be credited in large part to the actions of a group of individuals who have kept themselves scrupulously below everyone's radar. Although this latter undertaking has taken much longer than was first intended, this most longed for action is now ready to be rolled out once the monetary deliveries are in place.

Maintaining a position that enables us to complete these matters is not easy. Those in charge of your world's major governmental, financial, and corporate institutions are used to having their own way, but the escalating chaos on your planet is compelling them to change tactics and direction. Fundamental change is now essential to correct the mess your world is in; merely patching up the present system is no longer an option. Hence, all-out "course corrections" are embodied in the new financial and monetary systems we have long talked about. An understanding of the gravity of this global situation brought on board a host of shady characters and many large organizations, both public and private, in many different fields. The unique circumstances responsible for creating this most unusual coalition in the first place also forces these cohorts to work by use of camouflage. No one outside of their immediate need-to-know zone has even an inkling of what they are doing.

As this mission nears its several completion points, the need for total secrecy increases exponentially. This high level of blackout has caused some consternation among the many elements of this strange alliance; yet, forward movement continues, and a successful completion of this step of the mission is expected. Our many liaison teams have become most adept at setting up and maintaining this high degree of secrecy. We are again indebted to those of the former Anchara Alliance who are acting as key members of our advisory teams. Their talent for stealth is prodigious and with their help, covert networks are busy producing the framework for the new realities needed for the pre-first-contact world to manifest as planned. Their knowledge of sleight of hand is remarkable; indeed, only a handful truly know what is happening. These are the carefully chosen, Earth-based directors of the entire program. At the right time, all of this is to be sprung, and voila! The next major step on the road to first contact will become a reality!

While all this progresses, we are also busy working with the various levels of Earth Divas to prepare Mother Earth for her grand changes. The proliferating opportunities to assist in this operation is most educational for our large staff of planetologists, enabling them to obtain the special codes that allow Mother Earth to talk to Heaven and her myriad Divas. The data gleaned from this expanded understanding gives us added respect for the honored role that Mother Earth plays in the daily maintenance not only of this solar system but also of the entire galaxy. This new wisdom is rapidly becoming part of a whole new modus operandi in the field of Galactic Federation planetology. In addition, these new natural codes permit us greater insight into the data gathered from the other galaxies surrounding us in this sector of physicality. This knowledge further enhances our sense of wonder for all aspects of Creation. Mother Earth is indeed a most remarkable Being!

Mother Earth's codes have helped us become more astute about how the Creator intends to unfold this particular Creation and, more to the point, helped us learn more about how important you are to this process. All of you have come here not only to learn extraordinary lessons about limited consciousness, but also then to be guided in their application when you return to full consciousness. As we gather these nuggets of information, we get a fuller picture of why you were allowed to fall into the clutches of limited consciousness, and hence, what is required of us in our role as mentors to you as you are restored to your original state. We look forward to discussing this with you during our initial talks once the mass landings are concluded. These discussions will help us find the right mode and focus for preparing you for your final transformational journey in Inner Earth.

The training you need to prepare you for full consciousness revolves around your present mental and emotional perceptions. Currently, you live in a world drenched in myriad anxieties and swamped with false beliefs and misplaced fears. In this miasma of externally generated and imposed precepts, you have nevertheless endured. Now, however, you are growing in awareness and a network of higher consciousness has begun to reshape you. First contact is the vehicle that moves you into a reality that is able to accommodate what you are to become. And our role in this is to facilitate this change in the smoothest way possible. An innate part of this is your input. To an extent you are able to intuit full consciousness; what is needed now is a meeting of minds, yours, and ours so this heavenly state of being can be moved into crystal-clear view.

Consciousness is the name of the game in physicality. Each step of your spiritual evolution, including your recent "devolution," is part of an all-inclusive divine plan. This plan involves all sorts of Beings throughout this particular galaxy and indeed all of physical Creation. The shift you are currently going through is an example of the way eras of history are delimited and adjudicated. Eons ago, Heaven set up a plan to make this time in your history a most significant one. So bear this in mind when you feel frustrated and want to let it all go! Know that despite the appearance of present conditions, you are shortly, definitely, and absolutely going to experience the golden, luxuriant (and luxurious!) world we are constantly trying to tell you about. The intensifying forces for change are destined to triumph as directed by Heaven and us. First contact is a given and it is not very far off.

As we said before, first contact is an operation that constantly evolves. As we adapt and expand it, it appears as a tidal bore that inescapably sweeps your present reality along toward full consciousness. On the way, we greatly increased our degree of interaction with you. Many of you see us to be highly evolved, yet indifferent Beings who have great patience and are willing to wait as long as it takes to get you to a state suitable for contact. This cannot be further from the truth! We are filled with passion about you and we have an exact timetable that specifies a rapidly approaching contact point. We did not come to watch you destroy yourselves and this planet as the decades go merrily by. We are here for a sacred purpose, to affect a first contact with you according to a divinely guided, sooner-rather-than-later schedule. Know, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we focused on our growing knowledge about you and on the importance of first contact. We are all connected in the glorious unfolding of the Creator's divine Thought--i.e. Creation. This connection has brought us here, knowing that the Human Adventure has only just begun! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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