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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Cauac, 12 Pop, 3 Manik -- August 7, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! The ongoing struggle between Light and dark in this realm is approaching its final point of contention. Many things occurred in the past few weeks that created an opening for the Light, and indeed, the grand strategy is starting to give our Earth allies some much-needed benefits. These include being able to begin taking over many of the covert networks formally controlled by the dark, which are used to funnel huge unaccounted-for funds that are stolen or rerouted by members of the dark cabal in positions of high authority. These sums are used primarily to fund the development of a great many exotic weapons systems that are intended to be used against us or to create the spectacle of a supposed invasion by off-worlders that would validate the imposition of global martial law. These threats have now been neutralized. In addition, our Earth allies now possess the names of many key trusted individuals who had been sabotaging their efforts and in so doing, aiding the cause of the dark.

These minor victories help us all to move the goals of the Light forward. We dearly desire to intervene more directly. However, the position of Heaven is that some events close to manifestation need first to play out. This decision means that several alternatives to what we are currently doing cannot as yet be put into play. This somewhat limits our strategic options; nevertheless, we know that what we desire is inevitable because first contact is quite simply the natural outcome of what is taking place on your world. As you move higher in conscious awareness, you reach trigger points, which open up the possibility for direct contact. It is these trigger points that Heaven sees as essential for a successful first contact. Bear in mind that contact is an immense jolt to your global society and that such a jolt is critical for your world in order to counteract the immense destruction that your society has perpetrated upon Mother Earth over the millennia. This jolt has to be administered as positively as divinely possible. It is this prime scenario that governs first contact.

First contact is not a rescue mission! Rather, it is the final step in your evolution back to full consciousness. This is re-emphasized here to make a point: We come not just to observe you or warn you indirectly of your past follies; we voyage here as loving mentors to help you complete the journey that Heaven set you upon long ago. This voyage now reaches a pivotal juncture. Growth in consciousness is not merely about meditating a lot, let alone clinging to mindless concepts about being alone in a vast universe! Becoming conscious is about connecting with who you really are, and recognizing the fact that you share infinite Creation with a vast spiritual family. This swiftly becomes obvious as you grow beyond your ego-self and learn about Creation. All life is connected and responsible for maintaining this connection; our connection with you over the eons is as a way-shower and divine nurturer. This led us from time to time to disguise ourselves, with Heaven's blessings, as divine messengers or prophets in order to progress you to where you are now.

Our awe for the beauty of consciousness means that far from judging you, we perceive you as courageous and beautiful, and evolving rapidly back to who you truly are. This process entails reconnecting you to a vast consciousness network and awakening your desire to become fully united again with the ocean of the Divine that unfolds Creation. It means that we must defer to the "right" time whilst also seeking to make this happen sooner rather than later. This latter aspect relates to the fear of us instilled in you by your world's secret rulers. We have watched as they used your planet's entertainment media to implant in you largely scary images of us, and today they daily manipulate this prejudice to keep you apprehensive about the nature of consciousness and also us. Growth in consciousness means harmonizing and uniting with the whole, and this makes first contact unavoidable. An appropriate adage here is, All roads lead to Rome.

The more you scrutinize the implications of first contact, the more you appreciate its immense complexity. This syndrome describes the nature of our quest here from the start. The overall purpose of this mission is to find a way to bring this not-yet-created star nation into the fold of the Galactic Federation, and so a huge education project became an essential first step for contact with you. Also, contact requires that the mandate long honored by the Inner-Earth realm of Agartha be extended to the surface world of Mother Earth. These are two of many components that make up first contact, each of which defines a clear course of action. We also need to set up a way to end the tyranny of the dark and simultaneously to reunite the peoples of Mother Earth in a way that carries the original intent of ancient Lemuria back to the surface worlds. Your solar system is to return to its original constitution and revive divine decrees given to our first colonists some two million years ago.

The authority for this first contact is divine decree. Lord Surea gave us very detailed provisos before the first colony of Hybornea was settled two million years ago. These points were re-stressed when we again set up colonies on your world around 900,000 years ago. All of you are genetic progeny of these first Lemurian colonists. The present situation requires us to take the original decrees and blend them with new rulings issued to Heaven by Lord Surea over the past decade. These give us the divine legitimacy to carry out the present first contact mission. How to resolve the current impasses on your world is likewise guided by recent updates given us by Heaven. This is why we can say first contact is close and inevitable. Based on this, we used the staff given us by Agartha to serve as the core of a well-appointed first-contact team.

This team has learned much in the past two weeks about what their divine limits are. The dark knows this too and tries arrogantly to goad us into taking indiscrete action. We are unmoved by these spiteful approaches by the dark and instead maintain our focus of preparing our Earth allies for victory. The present time is thus filled with great anticipation! It has not been easy at times to guide you into accepting new realities as the ways of the dark are carved deep into your worldview and what you suppose to be real. This paralysis equally affects our Earth allies. Hence, we continue to expand the process of educating you in the need for new perceptions about what is "real." This is succeeding, and allowing our Earth allies to think anew. It is yet another reason why we can state unequivocally that first contact is indeed near!

The physical process for instituting massive change on your world is a rather challenging proposition when we are not allowed to avail ourselves of our technological advantage. We operate under the aegis of Heaven and before we are given the divine order to start the mass contact, we have to direct proceedings from afar. This is what we meant by "divine limits." Once we are released from these strictures, we can carry out a swift and orderly first contact. Until this point, the process is somewhat hit and miss. We tell you this now to prepare you for the need to see this present situation in a new light: It is not a deadlock, nor is it not being settled. Those persons on the ground are working very hard and very well to see that the goals of the dark are thwarted, thus leading to your divine triumph over the dark! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we have reported on what is going on and what our perspective is. We fully believe that what our Earth allies are doing can bear fruit and can do so quite shortly, as the dark's basic strategies are profoundly flawed. Then, all that remains is to watch the dark's stratagems fall down around its ears. Never doubt that your great victory awaits! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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