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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Ben, 6 Uo, 3 Manik -- August 21, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, to discuss much with you! The events swirling around the creation of your new reality continue to move forward. Our Earth allies are busy working out the last legal details concerning the coming resignation of the present US regime. In addition, the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Bank and the introduction of the new global banking system are likewise nearing the final stages. Because of the vital importance of the US Federal Reserve in these matters, a system for changing over from the present financial system to the new one became essential. This new system is to be introduced in three stages: The first is to be part of the debt forgiveness process. Since the core of this debt involves a circuitous and complex procedure ultimately based on the use of US Federal Reserve debentures, it was thought best by all parties to rescind these instruments along with the retirement of the world's debt. The stage is then set for the introduction of the new American Treasury Bank and the new global banking system.

The new banking system comes on line with the formal announcement of a global currency overhaul featuring the reintroduction of hard currency. A great roundup of long-hidden gold reserves, as well as some new gold bullion supplied by the Galactic Federation, makes it possible to take your banking system off the present highly inflated fiat-money footing. Then follows a controlled, massive deflation of prices and other related matters to pre-inflation levels. Once these various price adjustments are completed, a new, more accurate pricing system can replace the old one. These changes will be softened by the delivery of the many prosperity programs. The sharing of these vast sums can permit Earth's many societies to survive this wholesale movement from one monetary order to another. With this done, the final part of step two is to explain how this banking system operates and to announce that it is available to everyone. This global system will highlight the major currencies of Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Naturally, this leads to the reissuing of the world's currencies.

The last of the three steps is to release new, strict guidelines for the use of credit. Because universal abundance is to go hand-in-hand with the setting-up of the new monetary and banking system, it is expected that issuance of credit will be greatly curtailed. This implies that comprehensive measures will be instituted to ensure that this abundance is both maintained and globally sustained. The concept of credit is to revert to its former meaning. The vast expansion of credit, especially in the last half of your twentieth century, is to be prevented from reoccurring by directives formulated by a global committee of old banking hands who intend that the sins of the past not be permitted to contaminate the future. Banks are to be holding houses for wealth and their power limited by strict and detailed regulations. These codes will limit banks to a number of precise services. Money will no longer be an agent separating humanity; indeed, global abundance will be a determining factor in creating the future world of global unity.

The abundance, which has literally taken centuries to amass, is the foundation for what our Earth allies intend to build. Since money, to date, has predominantly been used to acquire and maintain power, the first step of meaningful change is to end the huge monetary disparity that characterizes your societies. Moreover, this leveling of the playing field requires guidelines: It is not simply a matter of distributing vast sums among the poor; in other words, to those who have a very idealistic concept of what is involved in being immensely wealthy. The challenge is to set up a distribution scheme that shifts wealth in a practical manner from its former proprietors to those who are quite innocent of the responsibilities big money confers. To tackle this, a "distribution tree" was set up and the means to maintain the stability of this distribution apparatus put in place. A concomitant is the creation of programs to educate the first recipients of these enormous funds.

This critical process is dependent upon the new transitional governments, which are dedicated to establishing this prosperity-maintaining system. This system is also to be deeply instrumental in ending the roadblocks that were set up to prevent new technologies from coming forth. It will be responsible for encouraging invention in all quarters and supporting an explosion of information in all fields of scientific endeavor. The static condition of your present world is to be morphed into a dynamic environment that quickly makes up for lost time (see previous update). Naturally, this system includes policies tailored to uphold freedom, responsibility, and the individual sovereignty of all. Corporations are to be recast along the lines of "socially responsible partnerships" and the various statute codes that created them, voided. Your present, fractured societies are to be transformed by government edict, personal responsibility, and a new group dynamic into a global community that is motivated to be a hands-on partaker in government and determined to secure the general welfare and the blessings of Liberty for all.

The metamorphosis of your global society is an important aspect of what first contact is all about. Our coming is due in part to your huge innate potential and in part to the decrees of the divine plan. Inside your cellular nuclei is a genetic structure that is mostly lying dormant. Only in the past few decades have these structures begun to be activated--slowly at first, but now at an accelerating pace. These inner changes must now be reflected in your outer global reality, and this is where we come in: Our part in this is to assist our Earth allies in ensuring that these transformations happen according to divine decree. Much is planned and is swiftly nearing the point of manifestation. We are here to tell you that these good deeds are quite close to happening.

First contact is reaching a most exciting point. We mentioned in past messages how diligently our crews are preparing for this blessed event. In fact, the multitudinous hosts of Ascended Masters who are to accompany us have taken up a most sacred series of chants. This outpouring of "intent" signals the proximity of our arrival on your beloved shores. These continuous rituals further heighten our growing excitement over our coming mass reunion with you. The swift approach of these things means that your many body Angels and spiritual guardians are stepping up the pace of your multileveled body changes. The medical teams working on you inform us daily about the escalating demands made on them by Heaven!

Heaven deeply loves you and desires that your present world be transformed by divine action. This spiritual intervention sparked the events about to happen. We monitor all this and use our knowledge to prepare our personnel for what lies ahead. Your role is to allow yourself to undergo an enormous integration of your physical and spiritual bodies. This prepares you for our arrival. We see ourselves as your guides and mentors, and above all, as family. Your changes are likewise transforming your galaxy. We are moving silently, peacefully, and joyfully into a most magnificent aspect of galactic history. Your current history is a microcosm of this, and while not as joyous as ours, is nevertheless a period heralding great change. Above all, this is the glorious moment when you are destined to go from planetary to Galactic Beings.

Today, we discussed the many changes awaiting you. These coming events are precursors to first contact. Rejoice, and know that you are close to the time when truly amazing things are to happen. Be accepting and optimistic during these final waiting moments as you prepare to make your most loving intentions manifest. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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