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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Etznab, 11 Uo, 3 Manik -- August 28, 2007

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return to sit beside you again. The great changes that you have longed for are moving forward at a divine and accelerated pace. Many things have been done by the dark in the past few days to try to slow the pace of our success. They have failed! The work of our Earth allies continues to move in a most positive direction. The new banking system is ready, as is the new currency distribution system. Deliveries are approaching a time for dispersal and the sums promise to be even greater than believed a few weeks ago. All this is very heartening to us. The resignations of the present US regime and a number of its allies are on the horizon. Our first contact personnel watch these developments very closely. The importance of these things makes it imperative that all continues to go well. To see this through, we appointed a number of special liaisons to guide these events to a successful conclusion. Further, we assigned many well-qualified negotiators to assist our other liaison and diplomatic teams.

This progress is only one of the signs that a divine moment in your history is finally being reached. As you have seen, Mother Earth is quickening the pace of her own transition to full consciousness. Climatic changes and an increase in the intensity of seaquakes and other seismic events are portents of even bigger episodes. This is another sign that the social changes expected by the Divine need to happen now as your global society can no longer go on as before. We have watched as your leaders continue to ignore what has been set before them. Fortunately, worldwide coalitions of groups and individuals of great wealth and power have come together to carry out the divine decrees of Heaven. Our part in this, currently, is to encourage, mentor, and suggest ways to carry out this truly enormous amount of change. We fully comprehend that what they are doing can only impact your world and the approach of first contact in a most positive way. Around this are the many announcements that are to lead to our arrival on your magnificent shores.

The present times are thus most encouraging. In the meantime, the US regime continues to insist on maintaining its failed policies right up to the moment of its demise. The transitional regime slated to replace this illegal government knows the immensity of its task. The many things they are to announce are only the beginning. A great deal of this government is either corrupt or beholden to a whole slew of special interest. These individuals need to be weeded out swiftly and replaced by officials sworn to defend the common welfare and ensure domestic freedom and tranquility. This task is to be concurrent with the various programs for creating mass abundance and for instituting the new banking and currency system. Also, an enormous retraining program designed to move the American judicial system from the present statutory mode back to Common and Constitutional Law is to be carried out in the first 90-120 days in office. This great duty sits at the heart of everything.

Not only is there a need to redress a whole mountain of past grievances, it is also necessary to make sure that the various new technologies are smoothly and successfully introduced. This means that the present world economy must be entirely reordered. The abundance programs, global debt annulment, and a new financial and monetary system are a good start. However, the end of the monopolistic age of oil means that a new way of doing business is most definitely required. Our Earth allies have addressed this issue by coming up with a business model more fitted to the new reality. The traditional global corporation and its allied system of partnerships are to end and will be replaced by socially and ecologically responsible unions. These organizations will operate under a set of rules that encourages a coming-together of groups representing the common interest and focusing on essential tasks. These organizations are to be modified as needed by your global society.

The world that is to swiftly take shape will be very different from the one you are used to. The success of this new realm requires a steady flow of information into the public domain from those whose task it is to bring this new reality into being. Knowing this, our Earth allies have allocated a lot of television, Internet, and radio time to this purpose. The huge quantity of information to be spread worldwide means a huge amount of relevant media programming. Until now, you have lived in a world filled with many kinds of lack, and deliberate obstacles separate the wealthy and the education oligarchies from the masses. This separation is perpetuated by certain "unofficial" rules about how society and big business are run. These rules are now to cease and be replaced by "conventional wisdoms" founded on freedom, individual sovereignty, and universal equality. This is to include ways to properly acknowledge an individual's contributions to society. This alone can greatly ease the daily tensions of the present system.

In this new era of peace and prosperity, exciting new technologies can see the light of day and the long age of suppression can be ended. These technologies will prepare your society for what we have to offer. In many ways, technology is a herald of the next phase of a society's growth in consciousness and reflects the area where there is to be rapid inner expansion of awareness and motivation. Thus the rise of the electronic age was a precursor to the vast rise in consciousness of the past two decades. The boom in communications technology mirrored humanity's desire to discover and spread information, including spiritual truths, all around the world. Previously forbidden and hidden knowledge is now unveiled, discussed, and integrated into your worldview. As an example, your growth in awareness of many things leads also to much greater public acceptance of our benevolent presence.

Consciousness is a universal web of divine wisdom. In its fullest form, it becomes one with the Creator. At this point, the interconnectedness of all life is fully apparent, and you perceive life, whether spiritual or physical, truly as one. You revel in the fact that this grand consciousness has such multiplicity of form and you love all aspects of it because you are Consciousness and Consciousness is you. This one, great, divine Soul has many houses and many ways to live in each of them. The separation you currently experience is an illusion foisted upon you by your state of limited consciousness. You now realize this and are searching intensely for a way to return to wholeness. This brings us to the present and its potential for positive change in all areas. It is also the time when the creators of the old ways fall out of grace.

Life and her creator, Love, are forever bathed in the eternal Light of Creation. Divine Light is the ultimate energy and this prime mover is what we use to produce our technology. In effect, we are using ourselves to forge our reality and carry out our particular life mission. In this, we are supported by all. Your world is readying herself to make a great shift to the one we describe to you, one filled with exciting revelations and a degree of collective awareness that provides a supportiveness you cannot imagine! Here, the pursuit of Light, Love, and wisdom extends your learning about the secrets of Creation and you are enveloped in support on all levels for what you are doing to fulfill your life's mission as you help to unfold Creation.

Today, we talked about what is happening and about its implications both for ourselves and for you. You are very close to some truly astounding developments, all of which lead to first contact and your return to full consciousness. It can indeed be said that Together, We are truly Victorious! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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