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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Manik, 0 Zip, 3 Manik -- September 4, 2007

Selamat Balik! We come before you with interesting things to relay to you. The circumstances that must precede the actual manifestation of your new reality are practically complete. Our Earth allies continue to progress steadily toward their very ambitious goals. The delays brought on by the continuing nefarious activities of your last dark cabal are actually pushing these events forward. Because the ways of this cabal are now old hat to our Earth allies, their strategies are manifesting as planned. The present delays are due primarily to the need to tweak certain scenarios so that each stage can glide smoothly into the next one. Although we are pleased with the situation, we also regret that the extra time needed hinders your prosperity. Nonetheless, we can report that a great deal of progress is being made and the time for deposing a number of recalcitrant regimes is drawing near. We can also confirm that the timeframe we have chosen for the landings is on target and we are busy preparing to announce this great news to you shortly.

We continue to watch your dark cabal very closely. They have a number of psychic networks that monitor us constantly, but we only allow them to glean information from us that confirms them in their destructive illusions of grandeur. Because of this misinformation, your cabal has committed some major faux pas, which recently caused your global banking system to be greatly disrupted. As a result of this shemozzle, we gained some very unexpected friends. These newfound allies boosted our already strong probability of success to sure-fire levels. A further consequence is the many new, willing signatories to the agreements that form the basis of your new monetary and banking systems. As this support covertly swells, the decline of this global cabal picks up speed. We are witnessing a group that has been in charge of your world for millennia loosing their iron grip on the reins of power. At the same time, we are proud that our Earth allies remain faithful to the promises they made to Heaven and to us.

It is most bizarre for us to watch the dichotomy grow between what is put before you by your media barons and what is actually happening behind the scenes. In some instances, those responsible for reporting the news globally understand full well what is underway, but want to keep this momentous news story under wraps until the appropriate moment. But in most cases, it is simply a matter of needing to continue with the perspective so long promulgated by various factions of the global media. We are most interested to see how this all plays out. The socio-political conditions on your world are very similar to those on other worlds that we had deemed unsuitable for first contact in the past. The hierarchical structures and the violent divide-and-conquer ethos that run your societies mirror the civilizations of former members of the Anchara Alliance. Since these ones changed over to the Light, it has been captivating for us to watch them adapting to the daily realities of life in the Galactic Federation. We have learned that a very dark society can swiftly be turned around and embrace a whole new set of perceptions.

This brings us to what is happening below and on the surface of Mother Earth. She is going through a mass of subtle and at times very overt changes which are preparing her to take on a whole new look. Many of you have noticed that the usually slight precessional wobble has become quite pronounced in the past year. This is due to the immense changes occurring in the polar regions. These vast reservoirs of frozen water have undergone substantial melting and this rate is increasing. This loss of ice is temporarily destabilizing the polar regions, which emphasizes the tilt of Mother Earth. This exacerbated wobble affects the unstable weather patterns around the planet, causing even more pronounced flooding, heat waves, and droughts, all of which have been on the upturn in the past decade. This phenomenon is to continue until the mass landings. Remember that Mother Earth needs to go through the same amount of change that you are now experiencing.

The surface changes are affecting the inner realms of Mother Earth, too. Even the central Sun, or crystal core, of your planet is heating up. This increase of energy is in preparation for the coming move into full consciousness. These changes in the Earth's crystalline core are reflected in the ecological changes occurring in many parts of Inner Earth, and these are currently being addressed by its Governing Council and the people of Agartha. They decided to step up their rituals and to send specialized teams of scientists to propose suitable solutions. The outcome was a special program to protect these sites by providing a more equitable environment where so advised by Agartha's spiritual leaders and scientists. Those creatures at risk by the changes to the surface world have been moved to special habitats near the cavern cities of Agartha. This is expected to ease the current crisis until the new surface world is divinely sorted out.

Naturally, these changes to Mother Earth are affecting the marine environment. Huge crevasses of molten lava and steam have transformed many regions close to the seams of the tectonic plates. Out of these great collisions, the needed source energies for lifting up the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis are being forged. These furious interactions are also causing the tectonic plates to begin a sort of locking-up process. This is the reason behind the increase in large seaquakes that have affected nearby landmasses such as Sumatra, South America, and Eastern Asia. This, too, is to go on at a much-accelerated rate, and part of our mission here is to limit the potential repercussions of these seismic events by reducing the damage to human settlements. However, the immense potential energy behind these adjustments means that a great deal of damage can still occur.

The instability of your planet during this period of transition means that a massive amount of energy is being released on a daily basis by Mother Earth. This energy exchange needs to be monitored, and if we did not do this, the Sumatra disaster of December 2005 would now be known as the greatest mega-catastrophes of the past half-decade. This growing geophysical activity is prompting your geophysicists to alter their understanding of the planet's nature: To them, she is an enormous heat engine driven in large part by the Sun. In truth, she is a living entity bound by the need to sustain herself. This loving Being knows your plight and is operating within certain divine parameters to maintain her living ecosystems. In other words, she is determined that your global society should survive and that you, like her, be returned to your fully conscious selves.

As Mother Earth and her solar system move toward full consciousness, a lot of old, suppressed energies are being released which push everything to change. It is this need to change, which is driving the current increase in energy we alluded to. This everywhere imperative to change is noticed and wondered at by your astronomers. Places supposed "dead," like the planet Mercury, are showing dramatic signs of life. Your astronomers marvel at new objects being discovered in the expanse surrounding the outer edge of your solar system, which they once thought a mere comet birther. This proof of a living and growing solar system is the divine plan at work, and we come to do our part in this grand design to return you to the glory of your former selves. At the divine moment we are to reunite with you and help escort you to your glorious destiny!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. The preliminaries to first contact are going according to divine plan. We look forward in Light and Love to our mass landings on your beautiful shores. Then we can complete our mission and rejoice as you turn back into the marvelous Beings that you truly are! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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