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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Ix, 7 Zip, 3 Manik -- September 11, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to discuss! As you know, a great secret conflict between the dark cabal and our Earth allies is reaching fever pitch as it approaches resolution. At present, this clandestine battle is between the Earth allies who favor the upcoming changes and the dark cabalists in the highest levels of the financial world who do not. On top of this is an eleventh-hour trepidation among these powerful individuals as they try to come to terms with the enormous changes that are about to affect every aspect of their world. Our off-world advisers from the former Anchara Alliance predicted that this might happen at this time. They warned us about the likelihood of an attack of last-minute nerves among those in power once the immensity of what was happening really hit them. These advisers experienced something similar when pitched battles broke out among them after the general peace of Anchara was formally proclaimed over a decade ago. In your case, they are confident that this present panic will quickly shake out into a harmonious new reality for Mother Earth's children!

The present global conditions are indeed fragile and need sensitive handling. Enormously powerful groups and individuals are in all-out conflict here, making it essential that only very carefully considered moves are put into play. We can report that the panic is transforming into actions where the old realities are being brilliantly used to firm out the new reality. It is like watching a chess match played by masters where position and strategy are everything. A vital component of the "game" is to lure your opponent into believing that he is winning right up to the end. This is what is transpiring behind the scenes now. The dark cabal is being allowed to do things that, considering the high ground occupied by our Earth allies, should be impossible. The intention is to set up the dark for a total defeat and, at the same time, to weed out the few moles still remaining in the mix. The objective is not only total victory but also to ensure conditions that make backsliding impossible, as implementing the new systems will require a great deal of local, regional, and international cooperation.

The new banking system is based upon a number of prime hard-backed currencies. These form the pillars upon which the global currency system is to rest. Unlike the present system, which is primarily based on the supremacy of the Federal Reserve controlled US dollar, the new one is to have over six major currencies. The apparatus for moving between currencies is in place, as is a detailed method for calculating the relative values of each one. However, this system is a transitional stage, intended to prepare the planet for universal prosperity and the end of value based on the concept of supply and demand. The new technologies will create a milieu in which all possible needs are met swiftly and easily. Pandemic want will be banished and be replaced by a cornucopia of possibility. This means that humanity's core perceptions regarding wealth and attendant issues need instant revision. Prosperity is a state of mind, and the experience of abundance needs to be understood as a means of effecting a profound change in one's current beliefs.

When abundance hits, it would be wise to move beyond the desire merely to amass a vast collection of new "toys." Your new technologies are by way of being a divine genie that grants your wishes based on true intention; that is, recognizing those things that make you feel and act abundant. Divine service does not imply poverty; rather, it is an irresistible urge to share your big-heartedness and prosperity equally with your fellows. This new reality is about all being equally served, and this includes you. When full consciousness is achieved, you can then experience directly how connected you are to everyone and everything in Creation. No one need starve, or lack clothing or adequate shelter. The Divine is more than capable of providing everything that is needed for fulfilling the goals of each lifetime. Heaven sees this next phase as your transition from the dark-created, fraudulent belief in poverty to one in which your inner and outer natural state of prosperity is rightfully restored to you!

Prosperity is a state of mind made manifest. These resources at your command are to ensure that your deep desires materialize! This wealth and the smorgasbord of astonishing technologies will plunge you into a joyous learning curve, and each of you has a part to play in this divine, magical production. As all this shortly unfolds, you can then see that what we have been telling you is indeed true. Abundance is a tool that can be used to sweep away the old inequities and inequalities. The world around you is literally a "mirror world" where everything is back to front and where the cunning constructs of the dark have manipulated all aspects of your lives for 13 millennia. This mirror world is to be shattered by what is now happening. And so it is important that you be prepared with a firm intent in your mind about what changes you would like to make happen.

Abundance is the underpinning of your amazing new world. Although presently kept from you, the technology already exists for cleaning your air, water, and ground. Also available is the means to cleanly power your houses, transport you almost instantly around the world, and provide meals, clothes, and household décor. Further, there are devices that allow you to converse in person with friends and family right in your living room! Yet all of these wonders are merely tools to prepare you for what you yourself are capable of when you achieve full consciousness. We come, as we have stated many times, to be your Loving mentors. First contact is the main event on your road to full consciousness. What comes before our arrival are these necessary preliminaries for establishing and perpetuating global abundance.

The many transitional governments and the greatly reformed UN are some of the changes that will be instrumental in creating unfettered cooperation between nations. Included in this is an end to the crippling debt that most nations have been forced to endure. This worldwide creation of debt was the "mother's milk" to a parasitic, global banking system, which together with its corporate allies ruthlessly ruled your world. The enormous power they accrued was used to create the wars, the endemic violence, and myriad assorted hardships that have long plagued your world. These divisive tactics are to cease, thereby allowing all peoples to see how connected they truly are to each other. This revelation will be the birth of great respect and appreciation for each other's sovereignty among the nations of the world.

This acknowledgement of universal sovereignty can lead to the rise of networks that inform their fellow citizens about what is happening locally, nationally, and globally. Forums will spring up which discuss all issues and permit everyone to make their voices heard. These developments can be the first glimmerings of Mother Earth's galactic society, and it is this prospect that gives us to believe that what is now happening on your world can be the precursor to a formal acknowledgement of our benevolent presence. The events now taking place behind closed doors are the work of those of the Light who, as in the days of the American Revolution, set the stage for a radical reordering of your reality. Never forget that Together, We are truly Victorious!

Today, we brought you up to date as much as we are able. Many developments are secretly preparing your world for incredible new realities! It is these realities that are most ably setting the stage for our mass arrival on your blessed shores. Be well! Be ready, and above all, know that Heaven is putting together a most wondrous show! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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