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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Ik, 15 Tzotz, 3 Manik -- October 16, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Hearts, after a brief respite. The drama between the Light and the dark continues. What we are seeing is a strange process that is reaching a pivotal turning point. At present, the dark cabal controls the payout of monies via the world's banks and other related financial institutions. This grip is beginning to slip. In addition, the ability of the brave and diligent individuals working to oust the present US regime from power increases with each day. These covert operations are coming to term in a slow but meticulous manner. Each move of this undertaking is carefully designed to slot in consecutively to the next. However, because the dark is extremely suspicious of our every move, all our actions must appear to be normal and innocuous. This makes progress slow, and, indeed, at times can make one doubt whether such an enterprise can truly succeed! Our response is one of resounding affirmation! Our ways are the ways of the Divine, and this means that a triumphant outcome is inevitable!

This transition to a new reality has two principle aspects. The first is the one mentioned above; the second is the huge shift in consciousness that is affecting your society, your planet, and yourselves. This shift, like the first, progresses at its own divine clip. As with all things, consciousness lies at the core of all that is happening. A central ingredient of this consciousness procedure is the first contact operation. Each of you is sitting in a genetic structure (a physical body) limited in its interactions with your current reality. You move through this transition according to a divine schedule, which activates your cells' RNA/DNA. This, in turn, brings on line a new set of prospects for your entire genetic structure: What until recently was called "junk DNA" is starting to change the very essence of your physicality! The goal of this alteration is to return your physical body to a condition in which your full spiritual, mental, and emotional selves can easily be integrated. The resultant fully conscious Being can justly be called your true ET-self. At this point, it is appropriate to recall that your true origins lie among the stars!

This process of change is part of a huge operation that began in the post-alluvian world after the fall of Atlantis. Back then, the Anunnaki wanted to discover how they could best work with the strange human creatures left behind by Atlantis' sudden demise. The result of these experiments led to the second flood, the so-called biblical flood, some 5,000 years later. The Anunnaki's next experiments with humans led to another great failure and another global destruction, this time by fire, around 6,000 years ago. What the Anunnaki were trying to accomplish with all this was to manipulate these limited-conscious humans into forgetting their previous abilities, allegiances, and origins. In the present go-round, you can see these attempts of theirs were largely successful: The traumatic trials by fire and water finally rendered the surface humans amenable to the mumbo jumbo concocted by the Anunnaki. These fictions and the distortions of the truth were tailored to secure the awe and unquestioning loyalty of their former unruly subjects. Thereafter, centuries of subtle manipulation ensured the Anunnaki's unbridled power over humanity.

Remnants of these past ages of surface humanity are to be found all over the world. These puzzling ruins and monuments indicate a history that is very different from the silly interpretations spoon-fed to you in school. The pyramids of Egypt are not tombs! Neither are those hidden in the jungles of the western Amazon, or those in the north of China. Many other such "inexplicable" structures testify to your origins among the stars. For some time now, your scientists have been carrying out highly detailed analyses of these many ancient sites, and this has furnished them with a lot of information about your true origins. These covert studies prove conclusively that you were never primitive ape-men, foraging in the jungles and savannahs of your world. You are the progeny of a humanity that unexpectedly fell from the grace of full consciousness and were abruptly cast, unprepared, into the world, following the fall of Atlantis nearly 13 millennia ago.

All of this assumes great importance as you move inexorably toward your destiny. The last earth minions of the Anunnaki make up the members of what we choose to call your last dark cabal. These recalcitrant ones continue to oppose the Light, despite their former masters heeding the joyous call of the Light over a decade ago. They see themselves now closing in upon the global control objectives that were drawn up just before the Anunnaki changed sides. They doggedly pursue and are close to accomplishing these goals in the face of their former masters' urgings to accept the "new galactic ball game." But this goal is now made impossible by the inflowing of the divine plan, and yet their greed, arrogance, and tunnel vision spur them on! Their dark vision holds your world in the grip of terror, hatred, and endless war that threatens to destroy the very fabric of your global society. Happily, a very different scenario is now coming on line.

This alternate reality is manifesting as the great changes happening behind the scenes reach the next crucial stage. A large group of visionaries around the world are dedicated to creating what can be called the "Ascension-First Contact" scenario. And it is this that we talk about each week in these messages because it is easy to see nothing but the vast destruction process so obviously underway around you. This includes the widespread extinction of animal and plant species, the biggest extinction to happen on this world since the disappearance of the dinosaurs; climate changes of possibly disastrous proportions; and a steep rise in tectonic plate movement. These indications seem to spell doom for Earth and her surface dwellers, but this is where the ancient evidence, buried within and upon the Earth, and the changes happening to your RNA/DNA come into play. These factors suggest that something very different is brewing!

This alternate reality includes first contact. As you put yourselves back together again, it is necessary for your rebirth to occur within the nurturing presence of your family. As your true brothers and sisters, we gladly desire to be part of this process. As you come into your maturity as a society, you will have a great many vital questions. Heaven and the Galactic Federation intend to be there to answer them. Your return to a fully integrated global society that includes both surface and inner worlds is an intrinsic part of your journey. The people of Agartha have watched your long trek toward full consciousness with much anticipation. Reuniting with you is one of their most heart-felt desires. We, likewise, look forward to completing the last steps prior to the grand reunion that is first contact.

First contact is one of the final steps in your full integration process. Our presence in your skies is to become progressively more overt during the transition of your society from its present state of chaos to an interregnum of eight to nine months before our official mass landing. This period is to give you a time to redress the indignities Mother Earth suffered at your hands, and at those of your erstwhile rulers, the Anunnaki. During this time, you can show your worthiness to interact with the Cetaceans as you take up once more the mantle of Earth guardians, or stewards, of this beautiful world and her hugely varied ecosystems. Thereafter we are scheduled to come and mentor you through the last parts of this amazing procedure. We are also there to ensure that what is divinely planned comes to pass. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we addressed the importance of what is happening on your world. Each part of this operation is meant to slot in consecutively according to a prescribed timeframe. If events do not adhere to the main timeline, we are fully prepared to accelerate the moment of our arrival and thus ensure your divinely promised success. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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